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Just where did Buffy go after the movie events?

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Summary: Basically a series of alternate adventures movie Buffy has after she skips town after Merrick and Lothos

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HonorSkywalkerFR1824,952072,65728 Dec 1021 Dec 11No

A Charmed Encounter Part 1

I would just like to thank my world atlas for providing me with a decent map of America and helping me properly place Where Buffy could and will travel in this story.

And now on with the story:

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy, X-men, Roswell, nor Charmed or any other characters that you recognize that may pop up here and there!

~ Roswell: First Season

~ X-men: After the first movie (I admit that I have yet to see the others or whether I will just ignore them and do whatever comes to mind just yet. I also admit that I am a Wolverine fan and have a few of the Comics that I collected when in high school.)

~ Charmed: Before the series

~ Buffy: After the movie, that was on the telly again the other night and was just as good as I remember it being.

Chapter Summary: Buffy is asked by a Whitelighter to do him a favor. Buffy agrees.

Chapter title: A Charmed Encounter Part 1

The bus Buffy had been traveling with was on route out of New Mexico. The coach had stopped for a break in Clovis which was the last stop before they were to cross over the Texas state line.

Buffy was debating on whether she should get off there and try to get some work or to stay on into Texas. It was while she was taking a much needed walk around a nearby park to give her legs a much needed stretch that the stranger strode straight towards her.

Buffy was immediately on edge and took a defensive stance but she couldn’t sense any harm from the brown haired man so she didn’t attack him.

“Who and what are you and why are you here?” Buffy half asked, half demanded.

The rugged man kept a respectable distance away from her while he responded. “Hello Slayer Buffy Summers, I am Sam Wilder former Whitelighter and I have come to ask for your help.”

Buffy relaxed back into a less fight ready stance as the Whitelighter spoke, then asked, “What’s a Whitelighter and why do you need my help?”

“A Whitelighter is a former human mortal who is given a second chance at life in order to serve under an angelic group known as The Elders as guardian angels for good witches and other future White lighter's. We watch over our charges and intervene when necessary to help them along their path and keep them safe.” He suddenly looks depressed. “At least we are supposed to.” He takes a shuddering breath. “I clipped my wings when my charge, my love, died and I was unable to save her.” He pauses for a moment before continuing, “The reason I need your help is that my daughter is in danger. She was adopted out as a newborn and an acquaintance who had been keeping an eye on her for me has noted that she has been targeted by demons. They caused a car accident in which her adoptive parents were killed and the only reason that she wasn’t as well is that tapped into the Whitelighter powers that she inherited from me and orbed, as in teleported, out of the car just in time.” He took another needed breath. “My source tells me that a clan of demons has targeted her. I need your help in stopping them as I am unable to.”

Buffy thought about it for all of a second before declaring, “Of course I’ll help! But how will I get there in time?”

He pulled out a mobile phone (so sue me I’m Australian) and hit a speed dial number. When it picks up he says, “Melanie it’s me,” then hangs up.

A moment later a woman appears from a white orb in front of them.

And within moments of Buffy grabbing her back pack she and Sam’s friend were in San Francisco.

End of Part 1

Only 480 words, I’m sorry I will try to do better for the next chapter part.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Just where did Buffy go after the movie events?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Dec 11.

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