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One Song Glory

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Summary: The Novotny-Bruckners move to Lima, and Hunter begins to attend school at William McKinley.

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Chapter Four

Notes: This chapter is not intending to bash Finn. Finn sometimes does some abhorrent things, but he's also one of my favorite characters. I'm trying to keep him in character, but if my treatment of him seems unduly harsh, I apologize, and things should go up from here.

I'm putting this out there now. This fic does not currently have any sex in it, but I plan to eventually include Brittany/Hunter smut, Brittany/Hunter/Santana smut, and Kurt/Sam smut. And maybe some other stuff too, I don't know yet. I will put the appropriate warnings before the smutty chapters, I just thought I'd let people know in advance, in case some people don't like het fic or slash fic.


Thank you DemonChildeKyra for the lovely banner!

Chapter 4

Brittany sat on Hunter's lap at the beginning of glee club, Hunter's arms around her, one of his hands lightly rubbed her thigh occasionally dipping below her Cheerios skirt. They kissed, not making out too obscenely, but definitely enjoying each other. Everyone was starting to get used to Brittany and Hunter's constant PDAs, and the fact that they didn't keep the sexual nature of their relationship a secret. Hunter noticed, though, that sometimes Santana looked at them with a bit of longing in her eyes. Hunter knew that Brittany and Santana were often lovers when neither had a boyfriend. He even knew that they'd occasionally made out since he and Brittany had started dating. The first time it had happened, Brittany had run to him crying, wondering if she had cheated. They'd had a long talk, and set up some rules for their relationship, including a list of sexual things they were allowed to do with other people. So, it was, to a degree, an open relationship, except that they both agreed they would talk to each other before sleeping with anyone. Brittany had suggested the idea of a threesome with Santana, and Hunter was still thinking about it. In the gay community, at least the one in Pittsburgh, most guys would still have sex with him once he'd said he was positive. But girls were different. Well, Callie had been willing until she learned how he'd gotten it. And even though he knew Brittany didn't care, he wasn't sure about Santana. She was a big gossip, so he didn't know if telling her would be step number one to the whole school finding out what a slut he used to be. But still, he was a horny teenage boy, and the idea of two girls at once definitely had its appeal.

“Barbie, Ken, could you lay off the PDA? Some of us recently ate lunch, and watching the two of you mack is making me want to lose it.” Mercedes complained, and Hunter gave her the finger while he sucked on Brittany's tongue.

“They're just kissing,” Finn said. “Not really a big deal.”

But they stopped kissing when Mr. Schue entered the room, and Brittany spun around on Hunter's lap so that she was facing forward.

“Brittany, please find your own chair,” Mr. Schue said, and Hunter contemplated being embarrassed when Brittany got off him, because he was pretty sure his erection was fairly obvious, but honestly, he didn't care all that much.

“So, I've got some bad news. Puckerman's in juvie,” Mr. Schue said.

“It was only a matter of time,” Tina said, and everyone started to laugh, but they were all surprised by Hunter's reaction.

“Shit!” Hunter said loudly.

“Hunter, for the last time, watch your language!” Mr. Schue said.

“Do you know what detention center he's at? Where it is?” Hunter asked.

“Why do you care?” Quinn asked him.

“Because a pseudo-badass like Puckerman's not going to last a week in the system,” Hunter said.

“What did he do?” Quinn asked, ignoring Hunter.

“Well, he got drunk, drove his mom's car into a convenience store, and drove off with the ATM,” Mr. Schue explained.

“When's he getting out?” Rachel asked concerned.

“Nobody knows yet,” Will answered.

“He may be the dumbest person ever, and that's coming from me,” Brittany said.

“Shh, Britt, there's usually a reason why people do stupid things.”

“Yeah, because they're stupid,” Santana said, rolling her eyes.

“Come on, people, can we have a little sympathy please?” Mr. Schuester asked.

“Why? For a guy who puts himself ahead of the needs of his team? We need his voice and his bad-boy stage presence at Sectionals.”

“We still have thirteen people, with Sam and Hunter,” Quinn pointed out. “We're not below the minimum.”

“Exactly,” Will said, “So let's work on our plans for Sectionals. Who knows what a duet is?”

Mr. Schue launched into a long speech about the power of a duet, two voices coming together, and started talking about the duet competition he was setting up. And all Hunter could think was that Mr. Schue was an idiot, because he had literally just finished telling them that one of their teammates was out of school, meaning that they had an odd number of people. Hunter could kind of see where it was going. Rachel would sing with Finn, Mike and Tina would sing together, and Kurt and Sam would probably sing together. He'd sing with Brittany, and if Matt finally got the balls to ask out Mercedes—everyone knew they'd been staring at each other for months—they'd work together. That left Santana, Quinn and Artie on the outside, and Hunter couldn't figure imagine how that would end well. But Hunter didn't speak up, and everyone broke up looking for a partner to sing with. Brittany claimed him right away, and he was happy. He saw Kurt follow Sam out of the room and was happy for them too.

“Hey, Britt, can you do me a favor?” Hunter asked his girlfriend as they walked down the hall holding hands.

“Sure,” Britt said, “What kind of favor?”

“I need you to tell me everything you know about Puck. Then I think you should hang out with Santana after Cheerios, 'cause I think she's a little lonely,” Hunter suggested.

“Alright,” Brittany said, smiling. Her boyfriend was cool.


“So, most of the duets I know are romantic, but not all of them are,” Kurt said as he walked with Sam.

“I don't mind singing a romantic song with you,” Sam said, blushing slightly. “I mean, we're kind of dating, right?”

“Sam, making out in my car after football games doesn't constitute dating,” Kurt sighed. “But I would, most definitely like to sing a romantic song with you. It might out you to the glee club, though.”

“Just as long as nobody tells my dad, I think I can handle that,” Sam said. “I mean, they're our friends, right? And Hunter and Brittany already know, 'cause we doubled with them at Breadstix.”

“Cool,” Kurt said. “I know you're not ready for the whole world to know yet. Unlike me, you can pass for straight. But I don't think you have anything to worry about with our friends. We'll need to pick a song then.”

“Well, I know this one duet, that's really sad and beautiful, and I think you'd like it. It's on the Punisher soundtrack, and you're the only guy I know who I think could match Amy Lee vocally.”

“What's the song?” Kurt asked curiously.

“It's called 'Broken,' I'll email it to you when I get home.”


“I need go visit Puck in juvie,” Hunter said.

“Puck, is that the one with the terrifyingly un-punk Mohawk?” Ben asked, looking up from a book.

“Yeah,” Hunter said. “He got drunk and tried to steal an ATM. It was incredibly stupid, but he's not prepared for juvie, they're going to chew him up and spit him out.”

“You'll need to find out what facility he's in, then call and ask for their visitation policy,” Ben said, pointing at the phone and the yellow pages. “You take care of that, and I'll drive you.”

“Cool,” Hunter said, He was worried about Puck. Brittany had told him all sorts of things, like about Puck's 'pool cleaning' business, and how he used it as a cover to sleep with women twice his age. They still paid him, and Hunter wondered if Puck realized he was prostituting himself. They way Brittany told it Puck's family was pretty poor. His dad split years ago and his mom drank a lot. Hunter was starting to think that maybe he and Puck weren't as different as he'd originally thought. Hunter went about finding the information, and calling the detention center about visitors. They said he could visit tomorrow.


“You can't sing with Sam,” Finn insisted, cornering Kurt in the cafeteria.

“Sam wants to sing with me, Finn,” Kurt said. “Don't make it into a big deal.”

“No,” Finn said. “I've seen you with him, looking at him. I know how you get. If I did to a girl what you did to me last year, she'd take out a restraining order. You don't understand that no means no.”

Kurt stopped, shock on his face.

“What I did. What, wanting to spend time with you? Wanting to be your friend? I never propositioned you, Finn. I never tried to kiss you, or even touch you without your permission. No, wait, once when you were upset I put my hand on your back to comfort you. I guess that's the same as you grabbing a girl's boob, then, right? I liked you, Finn, because unlike the rest of the assholes in this school you let me take off my jacket before throwing me in the trash. I liked you because you were slightly nicer than the rest of the jerks here, and I thought, I hoped that if we were friends the bullies would leave me alone. I just wanted to spend time with you, Finn, not molest you. The only thing I forced on you were my interior design choices. And for the record, until you flipped out on me in my own room and told me how faggy I was, you didn't actually say no.”

“You followed me around like a puppy,” Finn supplied, trying to prove his point, but Kurt's driven a few holes in it.

“And so did Rachel Berry, four freshman girls, and Becky Jackson, and you never flipped out on them. Because they're girls. I just wanna sing with him Finn,” Kurt says.

“Then you don't give a damn about the rest of us,” Finn says, glaring at his—most likely—future stepbrother. “Because the second the rest of the jocks hear about Sam singing with you, they are going to amp up the bullying and the slushying so much that he's gonna quit glee club, and then we'll never see him again. And then we'll be down two guys.” Finn turned and walked out, not seeming to care that Kurt was on the verge of tears. He stood there, holding his tray, not sure what to do. Luckily, some of his friends saw him and guided him over to their table.

“What's wrong?” Rachel asked.

“Nothing,” Kurt lied.

“Bullshit,” Hunter said. “You and Finn were fighting about something, and now you look like you're going to cry. Was he being an asshole again?”

“Finn is not an asshole,” Rachel said.

“He can be sometimes,” Kurt said, “But he's probably right.”

“What did he say?” Hunter pressed.

“That if I sing a duet with Sam, the jocks will bully him so hard that he'll drop out of glee club and it'll be my fault. And if I give a damn about glee club, I'll break off my duet with Sam,” Kurt admitted.

“He didn't,” Rachel said, “Ooh, I'm going to give that boy a piece of my mind. I can't believe he'd say something so homophobic!”

“I can,” Hunter said. “But maybe you can talk some sense into him, Rachel. I certainly hope so, because otherwise I might have to beat some sense into him.”

“You know what would happen if you got into a fight,” Rachel lectured Hunter. “It's not worth it.”

“Yeah, I know,” Hunter said. He sighed, then they all went back to eating their lunches.


“So, dude, you work up the balls to ask out Mercedes yet?” Hunter asked. “Or at the very least, ask her to be your duet partner?”

“She's doing a duet with Santana,” Matt said quietly.

“You should invite her to homecoming,” Hunter suggested. They were in the locker room changing after gym class.

“Isn't she going with Kurt?” Matt asked.

“No, I don't think so,” Sam answered.

Hunter looked at Sam and raised an eyebrow, nodding at the taller blonde. Sam answered with a shrug, then mouthed probably at Hunter.

“You think I should?” Matt asked.

“Dude, the two of you have been making cow eyes at each other since last year,” Mike said. “Tina says the girls have been trying to convince Mercedes to make the first move, since everyone's convinced you won't make the first move. But Mercedes thinks you don't like her, according to Tina.”

“Ask her out,” Hunter said. “She likes you, you like her, it's perfect.”

“I think I will,” Matt said, smiling.

Hunter's watch beeped and he grabbed his bag, disappearing into a bathroom stall so he could take his pills. He heard somebody leave, and guessed it was Matt and Mike, since they'd been the most dressed. That left Sam and Finn.

“You can't sing that duet with Kurt,” Finn said to Sam.

“Why not?” Sam asked. “He's an awesome singer, and our voices work well together.”

“The other jocks, the ones that aren't in glee, will treat you like shit. Even worse than usual, if you sing with the gay guy,” Finn said.

Hunter felt his hand clench into a fist as he listened. He really wanted to punch Finn.

“I didn't realize you had a problem with gay dudes,” Sam said, a touch of bitterness in his voice. Hunter knew that Sam and Finn had started to be pretty good buds this fall, but Hunter guessed that Sam was jumping to the same conclusion that he was: Finn probably wouldn't want to be Sam's “buddy” if he knew Sam was gay.

“I don't have a problem with gay dudes,” Finn insisted, “Everyone else does. And we live in their world. When we come back from New York, we'll be rock stars, but until then you have to keep a low profile.”

“I actually want to sing with Kurt,” Sam said, pulling his shirt on.

“But everyone will think you're gay,” Finn protested.

“Finn, I am gay,” Sam said, and Hunter wanted to cheer. Go Sam.

“Wait, what?” Finn asked. “But you're all...manly, not like Kurt. I play football.”

“So does Drew Boyd,” Hunter said, stepping out of the bathroom stall. He couldn't leave Sam to deal with Finn by himself. “And Drew's one of the gayest guys ever. Trust me, he used to live with my grandparents, and he sucks a lot of cock.”

“What?” Finn asked, surprised at Hunter joining in the conversation. Finn's face looked like he'd been sucking on a lemon. “You're a regular dude, Sam. You play sports and play the guitar and wear jeans and t-shirts, and normal clothes.”

“I also really like making out with Kurt,” Sam replied, getting defensive.

“Finn, you need to check yourself. Not everyone is as afraid of people thinking they're gay as you are. And so what if people do think that? If somebody thought you were ugly, would that make you ugly? If somebody thought you were a redhead, would that make you a redhead? There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. And the fact that you're afraid of people calling you gay means you believe there is. You'd better come correct pretty quickly, because Rachel, you're incredibly awesome girlfriend with two gay dads—remember her?—she's not going to deal well with having a homophobic boyfriend. And she might love you, but I can guarantee that she loves her two queer daddies more than you. Come on, Sam, let's go find your boy-toy before glee club.”

“He's not my boy-toy,” Sam said, blushing, as he picked up his backpack. The two shorter guys grabbed their stuff and walked out, leaving a shocked Finn standing in the locker room.


Glee club was tense. Rachel wasn't currently speaking to Finn, and neither were Kurt and Sam. Hunter was ignoring Finn because he didn't want to cause a scene by losing his temper, and Brittany was following Hunter's lead. Mercedes and Santana did an amazing duet together, and everyone applauded. It really was an awesome performance. Afterward, Hunter knew he should leave it alone, but he couldn't help but get in Finn's face again.

“So, Finn, I noticed you didn't try to stop Santana and Mercedes from singing together, 'for the good of the club',” Hunter made air quote with his fingers. “You're clearly not worried that anyone might think they're lesbians for singing together.”

“Girls sing together all the time,” Finn insisted, looking slightly embarrassed.

“So it's okay for two girls, but not two dudes?” Sam asked, his eyebrow raised.

“It's just different,” Finn said.

“How is it different?” Mercedes asked.

“It just is,” Finn said. “Girls can do stuff like hold hands or hug or sing duets without seeming gay, but if two guys do it, it seems gay.”

“I can't believe how homophobic you've been acting lately, Finn,” Rachel said. “I'm not singing a duet with you. Somebody else can win this competition. I want no part in it.” She stormed out of the choir room, and Kurt was quick to run after her. Sam followed Kurt and Hunter and Brittany followed Sam.

“Rachel, are you okay?” Hunter asked friend when he caught up to her, resting his hand on her arm.

“I didn't realized how much internalized homophobia Finn had inside him,” Rachel said.

“I've been paying attention to him since you introduced us,” Hunter told his friend. “Finn's got some serious sexism and homophobia hiding under that 'nice guy' exterior. But I think he gets away with it because he's not being intentionally mean. I think he, like, seriously doesn't realize how wrong some of the things he says are.”

“That's one of the things I like about him,” Rachel admitted, “I like it when he's kind of clueless. I used to think it was endearing. But now I'm just mad.”

“We live in Ohio, Rachel, most of the people we know have some degree of internalized homophobia,” Kurt said.

“Which totally sucks because gay people are awesome,” Brittany said, nodding to emphasize her point.

“You guys should all go hang out today,” Hunter suggested. “I'm going to go visit Puckerman in juvie.”

“Why do you care so much?” Kurt asked.

“Because I've been there,” Hunter admitted. He knew that Rachel knew about most of his past, and Brittany knew a great deal as well. Kurt and Sam were his friends. The best friends he'd had since he lived on the street. Better, probably, since he didn't think there was any risk of Sam and Kurt stabbing him or jumping him for fifty bucks. “I've been arrested three times, and two of them I had short juvie time. It wasn't fun.”

“Oh,” Kurt said, not knowing what to say to that.

“Anyways, don't censor yourselves just to make Finn more comfortable. All we can really do is go about our lives and hope he comes around. And if anyone gets in your face, fuck 'em,” Hunter said.

“Do you mean actually fuck them, or are you just swearing?” Brittany asked, and her question broke the tension, making everyone laugh.

“Well, you could try actually fucking them if you thought it would make a difference,” Hunter mused thoughtfully. “But I think I actually meant ignore them.” He kissed Brittany goodbye, got on his bike and rode home.


The look of surprise was evident on Puck's face when he walked into the visitation room to see Hunter there. Hunter winced at the sight of Puck. The taller boy had a dark black eye and a bandage on his forehead. His tight t-shirt was also stretched over the outline of a bandage on Puck's chest, and Hunter wondered what kind on 'welcoming ceremony' they do at this particular facility that Puck was introduced to.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Puck asked. “I thought you hated me.”

“It turns out we have more in common than I thought,” Hunter answered. “I brought you some stuff I thought might help you here. I was worried the guards were going to confiscate the cigarettes, since we're both under eighteen, but they didn't, so there's a carton of cigarettes in there, along with some candy, some magazines, and some other stuff. If you're careful, and smart, you should be able to use them to keep yourself safe until they let you out.”

“Thanks,” Puck said, shocked at the gift. “What do you mean we have more in common than you thought?”

“I've been arrested three times, Puck. I've been to juvie twice. I come from a poor family, and I've spent a lot of time without any food to eat or a place to sleep. Hell, the time I was only held overnight, I'd actually gotten arrested on purpose, just so I'd have a warm place to sleep and food to eat,” Hunter admitted to the younger, yet larger, boy.

“What were you busted for?” Puck asked as he dug through the paper bag Hunter had handed him.

“Prostitution,” Hunter said quietly. “And once for shoplifting. But twice for prostitution.”

“You fucked people for money?” Puck asked in a guarded tone.

“Yeah. And before you come up with some answer about how we're different, Brittany told me all about your 'pool cleaning' business. It sounds pretty close to prostitution to me,” Hunter said gently. He saw fear in Puck's eyes and finally understood that most of Puck's badass, asshole exterior was a cover for a scared, broken child. Which Hunter totally understood, because he'd been there. And sometimes, after he'd woken up his dads with a particularly heinous nightmare, he felt like he was still there.

“Somebody's got to feed my little sister, and pay the bills,” Puck said bitterly. “Even with my mom working two jobs, it's not enough.”

“I get that,” Hunter said. “I'm an only child myself, but my mom used to make me help her pay for her drugs. So I talked to my dads. When you get out of here, my dad's going to give you a job at the comic shop. And any time your mom has to work nights, you and your sister are invited over for dinner.”

“Why would you do that?” Puck asks.

“Like I said, we're not that different,” Hunter sighed. “Some kids, like Rachel or Kurt or Mercedes get born to awesome parents who know exactly what they're doing, and love their kids the way they should. The rest of us have to work a bit harder.”

“Any advice on how not to get jumped again?” Puck asked.

“How good are you at sucking cock?” Hunter asked honestly. Puck's answering panicked look gave Hunter all the confirmation he needed. It wasn't something Puck wanted to do if he could avoid it. “Keep your head down. Don't make eye contact with anyone. You're pretty buff, so if you keep to yourself, most people should leave you alone. Use the chocolate and the cigarettes when you need to. If you're in here a while I'll bring you more. If you're cornered, offering head can be a last ditch effort to keep yourself alive and not beaten up, but try and keep it a last resort.”

Puck nodded. Hunter could see that the other guy had been pretty badly beaten up. He wanted to distract Puck a little before their time was over.

“So, has Mr. Schue always been such a clueless doofus?” Hunter asked

“What did he do?” Puck asked curiously.

“Only minutes after he tells us you're in juvie, he announces a duets competition, and tells us all to pair off, completely disregarding that there's thirteen of us now, and somebody's going to get left out.”

“Who's left out?” Puck asked curiously.

“Matt. Mercedes and Santana did a duet together. And Rachel's refusing to sing with Finn because he's being a homophobic douchebag,” Hunter said.

“What did he do?” Puck asked.

“He tried to convince Kurt and Sam not to sing a duet together. From what I understand, he basically called Kurt a sexually-harassing stalker, and accused him of not caring for the club. He thinks that if they sing a duet, everyone will torture Sam, and Sam will drop out of the club.”

“But Evans is totally hot for Hummel. Anyone can see that,” Puck said, confused.

“Apparently not Finn. He actually told Sam that he couldn't possibly be gay because he plays football and is manly,” Hunter relayed.

Puck's mouth dropped open. “Dude. Hudson's my best friend—when I'm not screwing him over—but I didn't realize he was that clueless. Does he really think that in order to be queer you have to be as girly as Hummel?”

“Apparently,” Hunter said, and Puck actually smacked himself in the forehead. Then immediately regretted it when his fingers grazed the bandage. “You got jumped?” Hunter asked quietly.

Puck nodded. “They actually ripped out my nipple ring. Who does that?”

“Keep your head down. Mind your own business. You'll be okay, you're tough,” Hunter reminded him. The two guys bumped fists just as the guard came to get Hunter.


Hunter and Brittany didn't have any illusions that they'd be the best duet in the group. Especially after Tina and Mike did their awesome duet from A Chorus Line, which Hunter only recognized because he lived with two gay dads who watched way too many musicals and old movies. But they pushed on anyway, and they sang a rendition of “Barbie Girl” had everybody laughing and cheering. It might not have been wonderful, but it was definitely funny.

“Good job, guys,” Mr. Schue said. “But maybe next time you could pick a song with fewer references to sex?”

“You always say we should sing about what we know,” Hunter said innocently.

“Yeah,” Brittany added, “Sex is, like, what Hunter and I do best!”

Hunter actually saw Mr. Schue facepalm, and couldn't help but smirk at the man. But then it was Sam and Kurt's turn. Sam sat on a chair in front of them wearing jeans, a Punisher t-shirt and a black leather jacket. He started to strum his guitar and then starting singing slowly.

“I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away
I keep your photograph and I know it serves me well
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain.”

Kurt came behind Sam. He was wearing black skinny jeans, a knee-length sweater that hugged him beautiful, and a pair of black feathered wings from a costume shop. He joined in on the next line and Hunter was amazed at how well their voices matched.

“'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
And I don't feel right when you're gone away,”

Sam sang the next line, “You've gone away, you don't feel me, here anymore.”

Kurt sang the second verse, though Sam echoed him on a couple of lines, setting down his guitar while the band picked up the music.
“The worst is over now and we can breathe again
I wanna hold you high, you steal my pain away
There's so much left to learn, and no one left to fight
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain,”

They turned to face each other, and Sam held out both of his hands. Kurt slipped them into Sam's, and they sang to each other.
“'Cause I'm broken when I'm open
And I don't feel like I am strong enough
'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
And I don't feel right when you're gone away,” they sang the chorus twice, but on the second time, Hunter had a feeling that they'd forgotten the rest of them were there. They were staring into each other's eyes.
“You've gone away
You don't feel me here anymore.” Sam sang, Kurt humming in harmony. Then, as if he had forgotten that everyone was watching them, Sam slid his hand behind Kurt's head and pulled the dark-hair boy's face forward, catching his mouth in a kiss.

Everyone cheered.

“About time!” Mercedes hollered.

“Took 'em long enough,” Tina agreed.

“Seriously,” Artie added.

“Am I the only one whodidn't know about this?” Finn asked, confused and bothered that everyone seemed to know that Sam was gay and into Kurt, except for him.

“Apparently,” Santana said. “It's been obvious since Sam started here. He stares at Kurt's butt the way you stare at Rachel's.” Her comment made Finn blush, but Sam seemed to be a bit too busy kissing Kurt to notice.

“Amazing duet guys, but maybe you could give it a rest,” Mr. Schue suggested.

“Yeah, kill the PDA boys,” Mercedes asked.

“There's a time and a place,” Finn added.

“Finn,” Brittany said slowly, a look of confusion on her face.

“What?” he asked her.

“On Monday, when I was making out with Hunter, you said there's nothing wrong with kissing. But now you don't want Kurt and Sam to kiss. I don't understand,” Brittany said. There was no malice in Brittany's question. She wasn't being mean or cruel she was just simply pointing out an inconsistency that confused her. And that simplicity caused Finn to blush and stammer.

“I, I don't know,” Finn said. “I didn't think about it.”

“That's your problem, Finn,” Kurt said. “You didn'tthink.”

“Finn, until you cease and desist this homophobic state of mind you seem to have acquired, and significantly alter your attitude, you can consider us broken up,” Rachel told Finn. Hunter could see that Rachel was about to start crying, He got up from where he was sitting and put his arm around her shoulders.

“Rachel, let's go home,” he said, leading her out of the choir room. “Mel and Linds are bringing JR down tonight, and she's staying for a whole month. Come over for dinner, and you can play with her.”

“Okay,” Rachel sniffled, and allowed herself to led from the room.

Hunter knew that Rachel loved Finn. But he also knew she was proud enough of her family to not want to compromise her beliefs by dating somebody who was homophobic. Somebody who made her feel like less of a person because her dads were gay.


“I need your help,” Finn approached Matt.

“How so?” Matt asked.

“I've got to fix things with Rachel, and with Kurt and Sam and Hunter. Will you sing a duet with me?”

“Okay,” Matt said. “Do you think Mercedes would be impressed?”

“Totally,” Finn said. “She liked Sam and Kurt's duet.”

“Okay. I”m not going to kiss you, though,” Matt warned.

“Perfectly fine, bro,” Finn said. “How girly do you think I'm going to have to get, to get them to forgive me?”

“Rachel and Kurt?” Matt asked, and Finn nodded. “Hmm. Either Broadway or Disney.”

“I was afraid you were going to say that,” Finn said, groaning slightly. “Oh well. Thanks for the help man. Come over to my place and we'll look stuff up on YouTube until we find a good duet. Will you sing the girl's part?”

“If we can transpose it to a tenor part,” Matt agreed, following Finn out to the parking lot.


“Are you sure about this?” Sam asked. He was standing on Kurt's front porch. He was about to step into the living room, where Kurt'sdad was. Sam's hands were sweating.

“Yeah,” Kurt said. “He knows about you, he just doesn't know we're dating yet.”

“Is he going to threaten me?” Sam asked, a little worried.

“Maybe verbally, but he's still to weak to follow through,” Kurt promised, smirking slightly at his boyfriend. He had aboyfriend. Never in his wildest dreams did Kurt truly believe he'd have a boyfriend, in high school, before he moved out of Lima.

“Hey dad, I'm home,” Kurt announced as he walked into the living room. Burt Hummel was sitting on the couch glaring at the TV.

“I don't get these people,” Burt said, gesturing at the television. Kurt resisted the urge to smack himself in the forehead when he realized his father was watching Dr. Phil. “I get that not everyone's okay with gay kids, but kicking out your own kid? How does a parent justify that to himself?”

“Dad, you're getting yourself all worked up,” Kurt said, turning off the TV. “I want you to meet someone.”

“Who?” Burt asked, noticing for the first time that there was somebody behind Kurt. The blond boy seemed to be trying to turn invisible.

“Dad, this is Sam Evans,” Kurt introduced. He swallowed, then dove into the next line. “He's my boyfriend. Sam, this is my father, Burt Hummel.” Sam reached out a hand and Burt leaned over to shake it, eying the boy critically.

“I'm not going to hurt you, kid,” Burt promised, “You look like the entire defensive line of the Steelers is about to pounce on you. Sit down, let's talk.”

“I'm going to make your dinner,” Kurt said, and Burt nodded.

“So, Sam, is it?' Sam nodded in reply. “You want to date my kid.”

“Yes sir,” Sam said.

“A few weeks ago, he came home telling me about the new boy in school, but he wasn't sure you were gay.”

“I am, Sir—“

“Burt,” Burt corrected him.

“Sorry, Sir, I'm an Army brat, addressing all men older than me as 'Sir' is kind of ingrained in me,” Sam said, blushing a little, and Burt smiled and nodded. “Anyway, I'm definitely gay, I'm just not out of the closet yet, well, not completely.”

“I can't imagine Kurt being happy with somebody who's still hiding who he is,” Burt said critically, still staring Sam down, trying to see into his soul.”

“I know. I'm working on it, Sir. I came out to the glee club today. And I don't plan on hiding it at school.”

“What about your family, do they know?” Burt asked curiously. Sam's dark grimace gave Burt all the answer he needed, though Sam replied anyway.

“The Colonel has made his opinion on 'faggots' crystal clear,” Sam said. “And my mother is the perfect soldier's wife, she won't cross him. My older sister figured it out—and she says she's cool with it—but she's off in college now, and doesn't live with us anymore.”

“Kid, if youever think that you're not safe at home, and you need a safe place to stay, you come here, alright? Even if you and Kurt don't work out.”

“Thanks Mr. H,” Sam smiled, but it didn't touch his eyes.

“What's bugging you, kid?” Burt asked, shifting slightly and glancing back at his IV. The nurse left hours ago, but Kurt had learned how to change it before they left the hospital.

“I don't want to get in the middle of your family stuff,” Sam warned.

“What do you mean by that?” Burt asked.

“He means that Finn is being a homophobic jerk, but he doesn't want to upset you by insulting your girlfriend's son,” Kurt explained as he walked back into the room with a tray of soup.

“I thought he got over all that stuff last spring,” Burt said.

“Apparently not,” Kurt said, affixing a napkin to the front of Burt's shirt, and giving his dad a spoon to eat some soup. “Since he spent a portion of this week trying to talk Sam and I out of doing a duet together in glee club, because it's would be 'too gay' and the bullies would pick on us more than usual.”

“And when he got in my face about it, I told him I was gay, and he basically said that 'cause I play football and wear jeans and t-shirts than I can't be gay,” Sam said.

“While I'm not gonna excise Finn's behavior, I understand where he is, because I was a lot like him as a kid. When you're straight, in a town like Lima, you think you have an idea of what gay is, based on the TV, or a few people who stand out, and you don't expect your buddies to fall into that. I'll talk to Carole, and maybe I'll talk to Finn about it. Kid's got a good heart, it's just his worldview needs rearranging,” Burt said. “When I was your age, if one of the guys on the team said he was gay, we wouldn't have taken it well.”

Sam nodded. He understood that well enough. “I guess what's really eating at me is something he said the other day. I said that I didn't know he had a problem with gay guys and he said, 'I don't have a problem with gay dudes, everyone else does. And we live in their world'. Is that really true?”

“I don't really know. I know that in certain ways, people are more accepting of gay guys now than they were when I was in school.”

“Only some ways?” Kurt asked. He'd assumed that things had gotten better over time.

“Well, when I was in high school, in the eighties, AIDS was a big issue in the media. In the late eighties and early nineties there were storylines about AIDS popping up in all the TV shows, and gay characters showing up everywhere. I mean, the first time I knew it was a big deal was when they did an episode about it on Jump Street.”

“What?” Sam asked.

�21 Jump Street,” Kurt deciphered. “It was a TV show that had Johnny Depp on it. ,i>Edward Scissorhands-era Depp, not Pirates-era.”

“Really,” Sam said, raising an eyebrow while sounding intrigued, and Burt laughed.

“Yep, you're definitely gay,” Burt said, and Sam blushed.

“So, you think homosexuality was more talked about on TV when AIDS was new?” Kurt asked his dad.

“It feels that way, but I could be wrong. People don't really talk about AIDS anymore.”

“One of Hunter's dad's has HIV,” Kurt said, “They told me when I was staying with them. It's got to be really scary.”

“Listen,” Burt said. “I know you boys are young, and you've only been dating a little while, but you know the basics, right? How to keep yourselves safe? You know all about condoms and stuff?”

Both boys blushed as red as tomatoes.

“Yes dad. I know all about safe sex,” Kurt said.

“Hunter shoved a book in my backpack,” Sam said, groaning. “Bastard knows I'm dyslexic.”

“Just, don't jump into anything without thinking it through first, and talking it over. You're both guys, which puts you at a loss, 'cause guys are notoriously bad about feelings and stuff, and usually think that sex it just about feeling good and getting your rocks off. And it's more than that. So take it slow and don't jump in over your heads, alright?” Burt pushed. He smiled when both boys nodded. “Alright, embarrassing part over. And you,” he pointed at Sam, “I might be confined to this couch right now, but my aim's still good and I'm fairly certain I remember where I stashed the shotgun shells. Break my kids' heart and I'll bury in the backyard under the rosebushes.”

“Dad! No threatening my first boyfriend!” Kurt said. He grabbed Sam's arm and dragged him off the sofa. “We're going to my room to study.”

“Keep the door open,” Burt warned. “Carole's coming over later and I will have her check on you.”

“Yes dad,” Kurt said, dragging Sam towards his basement bedroom.

“Your dad's kinda scary,” Sam said when they were safely in the basement. “Not as scary as mine, but still, a little scary.”

“He's a big teddy bear,” Kurt said. Then he lowered his voice. “And the benefit of him being confined to he couch is that I can kiss you without him barging in.”

“I like that idea,” Sam said, grinning, pulling his boyfriend close to him and kissing him. Studying could wait.


“Hey Rachel, why do you look so blue?” Lindsay asked, giving Rachel a big hug.

“Her boyfriend's been acting like a jackass lately,” Hunter explained to Lindsay and Melanie as he scooped his little sister up and spun her around, smiling when she giggled.

“I never realized how homophobic Finn was,” Rachel said sadly. “But he insulted two of my friends, and by extension, a large portion of my family, and that's not okay. I love him so, so much. But I love my family more.” Rachel sniffled as Lindsay kissed the top of her head in comfort.

“If Ben and Michael say it's okay, do you want to stay for dinner?” Mel asked. “I haven't seen you in so long.”

Rachel's whole face lit up at the idea. Aunt Melanie was one of her favorite people in the world. The connections between Rachel and Hunter's families were multiple. Ben and Thomas had met when Ben was is college and Thomas was in grad school. It was interesting that Ben, and his husband, would eventually become close with Melanie and Lindsay, sing Thomas married Malachi, who was Melanie's second cousin, and one of few relatives she kept close contact with.

“Okay,” Rachel smiled. “So, have you guys met Hunter's girlfriend yet?”

“No, we haven't,” Lindsay said. “Hunter, you have a girlfriend? I want to hear all about her.”

“You'll probably meet her before you leave. She's coming over later to study.”

“She studies?” Rachel asked surprised.

“She's not stupid, Rachel,” Hunter said. “Brittany's special, but she's not stupid. She sees the world differently than you and me.”

“Well, it certainly looks like somebody's smitten,” Lindsay said.

“Brittany is one of the most interesting people I've ever met,” Hunter said interesting. “She has something called synasthesia, which is a sensory processing disorder. She hears colors and feels sounds and tastes shapes. It's kind of cool, really.”

“Wait, that's why she says all those random, weird things?”

“Yeah,” Hunter said. “She's also got a wicked awesome imagination, and gets lost in her own head sometimes. She's not dumb. I mean, yeah, she's a little slow with school stuff, but she'll get the right answer if you give her enough time.”

“I have to admit, I never really got to know her,” Rachel said. “We're in the glee club together, but she's also a cheerleader and popular. Last year she used to help Quinn and Santana pick on me. I guess I just sort of wrote her off as not being someone I could ever be friends with.”

“Well, she does think you dress like a toddler, and you're bossy and bitchy, and a little grating, but apart from that she likes you,” Hunter said, and he barely flinched when Mel smacked him lightly on the back of the head with a newspaper.

“So,” Lindsay interjected, “Ben tells me you're thinking of starting a GSA?”

“We are,” Hunter said. “It'll look really good on my college applications, which I am working on now. Along with swim team and glee club. And I'm thinking of joining the drama club.”

“And to think, you used to think the only worthwhile activities in this world were getting laid and getting high,” Michael joked, ruffling Hunter's hair.

“Those are fun too,” Hunter said.

“Rachel, call your dads to let them know we said you could stay for dinner,” Michael said. “They're welcome to stop by too.”

“Okay,” Rachel said, pulling out her cell phone.


“Faggot!” Karofsky said as he checked Hunter into the locker. The slushie was already dripping down his face.

“Are you okay?” Brittany asked, helping up.

“I'm fine,” Hunter said. “They're just jealous because I'm 200-meter freestyle champion, and I'm dating the hottest girl in school.”

“You didn't get cut or anything?” Brittany asked, a little worried.

“No, I'm fine. Britt, if I ever do get cut, or you ever see me bleeding, find my backpack or my locker. In this pocket of my bag is a baggie with some rubber gloves, and a small first aid kit. If I'm ever bleeding, put the rubber gloves on before you touch me, promise?”

“Promise,” Brittany said. She took Hunter's hand and snuck him into the girls' bathroom to clean off the slushie. Then they had sex in the handicapped stall. Luckily Hunter had a spare slushie-free t-shirt in his swim bag, which he put on, and then the two of them headed to glee club, hand in hand. Quinn and Artie did a duet together, something bland and unmemorable that Hunter had never heard before. Then that was everyone who had paired up, and Hunter waited for Mr. Schue to have them vote on the winner when Finn stepped up.

“So, I'm an ass,” Finn said. “I've been a total jerk lately, and I'm really sorry. So, I'd like to sing a song. I was trying to decide between Disney and Broadway, and then I found a song that was in both. Matt, will you do me the honors?”

There were some gasps and giggles as Matt and Finn launched into “It Only Takes a Moment” from Hello Dolly. Matt sang the female part, and when Matt sang the line about strong arms the two hugged, and it was very cute. When the song was over, Finn apologized to Kurt, Sam, Rachel and Hunter again for his homophobic comments Matt pulled Mercedes aside and asked her if she wanted to go to the homecoming dance. She agreed.

“I'm still angry,” Rachel said, “But you're very good at grand gestures. I forgive you.”

“Me too,” Kurt said. “It hurt, Finn, but it wasn't completely unexpected.”

“How about you?” Finn turned to Sam. “Are you still my bro?”

“Do you still want me to be?” Sam asked. “I am a fag, after all.”

Finn made that sour face again, the one that looked like he'd been drinking straight lemon juice.

“I never called you that,” Finn said. “I don't use that word anymore.”

“You thought it,” Sam said. “You flinched away from me in the locker room.”

“You took me by surprise. I swear Sam, I don't care that you're gay, and I'm really sorry if I made it seem like I did. If Rachel still wants to be my girlfriend,” Finn looked at her for confirmation. “We should go on a double date.”

“Are you sure about that, Finn?” Kurt asked.

“Yes. I think the four of us should go out. Not tonight because we have a game, but tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Sam said, and they all agreed. Then Mr Schue pulled things back, and had them vote for best duet. It went to Sam and Kurt, who seemed pretty happy about it.


“Rachel, hold up for a second,” Kurt said.

“What?” she asked.

“Well, it sucks that you didn't get to do a duet with anyone,” Kurt said. “And I know we've had our differences in the past, and that there are times I truly want to strangle you, but we do have a lot in common, and I was wondering if you'd like to sing a duet with me.”

“What did you have in mind?” Rachel asked.

“What else for the two of us but Judy and Barbra?” Kurt asked, and Rachel's face broke out into a huge toothy grin.

“I have the perfect sailor suit, just like the one Barbra wore on the show.”

“I have the perfect suit in mind as well,” Kurt said.

“This could be the start of a beautiful friendship,” Rachel smiled.

“If you stop hogging all the solos.”

“You're my only real competition,” Rachel told him. “It's why we fight so much.”

“Think about it this way,” Kurt said, “Imagine the things that we can accomplish if, instead of fighting, we work together.”

“I like the way you think,” Rachel said. “You in for starting a GSA? Hunter and I have been talking about it.”

“You start it and I'll show up,” Kurt promised.

“Wonderful,” she smiled. “Maybe junior year isn't going to suck so bad after all.”

“Not if we stick together,” Kurt agreed.

*End 4*

Notes: The duet that Sam and Kurt sing is here:
and the duet Hunter and Brittany sing is here:

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