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Against the wall

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Summary: Set 6 years after ‘Chosen’. After years of feeling useless, Buffy wants nothing more than to find someplace where her help is wanted. Whistler offers her a chance to enter an alternate universe. But there's a small catch. (Buffy/Logan)

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CenteredSlayerFestFR1833,4291369,77328 Dec 1015 Mar 11No

Ripping apart

Disclaimer- I own nothing or no one from Buffy or X-men.


Buffy raised an eyebrow. “Immortal? That’s the big reward?”

Whistler shifted, slightly uncomfortable, “Well, yeah.”

“I don’t think I can take it.”

Stunned, Whistler could only ask, “Why not?”

Buffy furrowed her eyebrows together. She couldn’t understand how the powers would consider this a reward. “Because what happens after I ‘fix’ the next world? I just live forever feeling similar to how I feel right now? I can’t do that.”

“There are countless dimensions Buffy. You take this offer? You’re agreeing to fight the good fight forever. I get it though, why you think that this is a bad thing, but think about it harder. You were built to be a champion, it’s who you are. If you take this, we’ll position you wherever you’re needed.”

Buffy considered his words carefully. All in all, she wanted to take it. She desperately craved to escape her life and the feeling of loneliness that went with it. “What happens if I don’t take it?”

The man had retrieved his flask from his coat again and took a quick sip, “Well, you’ll live out the rest of your days not much differently than you are right now. You’ll eventually die and go to a holding dimension the powers will cook up for you.”

His last statement startled Buffy, “Holding dimension?”

“You had your shot at Heaven kid, it doesn’t allow re-entry. You won‘t be going to Hell, so the powers will create a space for your soul to rest.”

Buffy was numb. Over the last 6 years, maybe even longer, she had kept fighting in hopes of returning to the place where she felt at peace. Finding out she could never return there was heartbreaking. Possibly worse than that though was the fact that after her death, she’d be stuck in a space created for her and her alone.


It wasn’t that hard of a choice.

“Do it.”

Whistler gave her a genuine smile. “You won’t regret it kid.”

“We’ll see about that. Just give me a second.”

Buffy stood up and turned away from where Sunnydale used to stand and started walking to her car. Buffy and driving were always unmixy things, but during her stay with Faith, the brunette managed to teach her how to drive. Popping the trunk, she reached in to get the scythe she had refused to give up. She also grabbed her duffel bag, which was filled half with clothing, half with various weapons. After strapping the bag around her, she rejoined Whistler at the crater.

“Alright, I’m ready.”

“Hold on tight to that thing,” he stated, gesturing to the scythe, “It’s a long way down.”

Her eyes widened, almost comically. He chuckled as a crackling was heard and a large portal started appearing where the Hellmouth once sat.

“Are you serious? You want me to jump into that? Do you remember what happened last time I jumped into a portal?”

“But this time, as soon as you hit it, you’ll be immortal.” he winked at her, “I’ll see you around.”

Buffy looked down to see how far the jump was. “I hate portals,” she grumbled. Taking his suggestion to heart, she clung to the weapon and backed a few feet away, ready to get a running start.

What have I got to lose?

That was her final thought before running towards the hole in the earth and diving headfirst into it. As it had been the first time, falling through the air felt incredibly freeing and Buffy clung to the wonderful feeling for the few seconds it lasted.

As soon as Buffy hit the portal entrance, she could feel it. A major shift in her body.

Whistlers’ voice rang out in her mind, “By the way, you might be a little… different when you get there.”

Of course there was a catch. Her mind was screaming. She tried to open her mouth to speak but it wouldn‘t budge.

Different how?!

The pain was overwhelming. She tried to move, tried to do something, anything, to relieve the pain. Buffy couldn’t move. She could feel her body changing still, but she couldn’t figure out how.

Buffy tried to concentrate on what exactly was happening and finally, she managed to open her eyes. Before she could even look for answers, she was blinded by a white light and in the blink of an eye, everything faded to black as she was knocked unconscious.


Somewhere in Canada…

Rouge coughed as she stood up, brushing the snow off of her clothes. She turned wide eyes at the two people who had just saved her life. The woman with white hair approached her as the man tried to wake Logan.

“Are you alright?” she kindly asked.

Rogue nodded, “I’m fine, what about Logan?”

The man heard her and responded, “He’s alive, just unconscious. We should get him back to the school.”


The woman spoke again, “Yes, we teach at a school for mutants. We’d like you to come with us, you’ll be safe there. I’m Ororo and this is Scott.”

Knowing she wouldn’t be able to find help for Logan without them, the young girl agreed. The man, Scott, dragged Logan to their jet. After carefully strapping him in, Rogue took a seat and the two X-men headed to the front of the plane. Just as they were sitting down, a loud crackling noise stopped the group and they rushed outside. Scott looked wildly around for the source of the noise. He found nothing but the noise continued to get louder.

“Scott!” Storm yelled over the noise. “Up there!”

He looked up and was instantly horrified. He had no other way to describe it other than the sky was ripping apart, opening into a blinding white light. Scott clamped his hands over his ears as the noise suddenly became deafening. Looking forward, he noticed both Storm and Rogue on their knees, clutching their ears in a similar fashion to him.

The light disappeared and the noise stopped. All eyes looked back up to see if it was over. The rip was gone and a body was rapidly falling to the earth.

Nobody had a chance to move and Buffy hit the ground. Hard.

Warily, they approached her. The blonde girl was pretty young, and although unconscious, was clutching onto a large axe. Her bag landed next to her, still firmly strapped around her body. Ororo and Scott exchanged unsure looks before a voice rang out in their minds.

Bring her with you.

They nodded to themselves and obeyed the Professors wishes, carefully lifting the girl to bring her to the jet.
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