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Against the wall

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Summary: Set 6 years after ‘Chosen’. After years of feeling useless, Buffy wants nothing more than to find someplace where her help is wanted. Whistler offers her a chance to enter an alternate universe. But there's a small catch. (Buffy/Logan)

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CenteredSlayerFestFR1833,4291369,70028 Dec 1015 Mar 11No


Disclaimer- I own no characters from Buffy or X-men.

“Demons were never in that dimension.

It’ll be down to you.

We’re gonna make you immortal.

You might be a little… different when you get there.”

Buffy awoke with a start. Her eyes shot open, trying to familiarize herself with her surroundings. Her vision was blurred, the déjà vu feeling that kicked in wasn’t pleasant in the least. Staying as silent as possible, she unbuckled the strap laying across her chest and sat up, releasing her legs as well.

Her ears popped painfully and she brought her hands to them.

(A plane. I’m on a plane.)

The pressing issue now was how the hell she got on a plane.

Buffy slipped off of her cot, crouching down on the ground next to it. Across the way, she noticed another cot. She squinted her eyes and noticed the cot was occupied. She made a quick decision and darted across the aisle silently.

The man on the cot didn’t have any noticeable injuries, at least not that she could see, but he was obviously unconscious.

Buffy hit a dilemma. Who was this man? Where was she? Was she a prisoner? Was he a prisoner? Should she help him? Or was he a bad guy and she was on a plane full of good guys who just captured this bad guy?

She shook her head. Buffy was angry at the lack of details Whistler had given her. She made her choice and darted back to the area of her cot. Even if they were prisoners and she did help him, where would she carry him? He wasn’t going anywhere on his own and she wasn’t about to test her immortality by jumping out of a plane.

She had to make a move. She snuck up closer to the front of the plane. Buffy could hear people speaking and ducked behind a seat to get a better listen.

“It’s a beautiful weapon.” A woman with white hair spoke to the man sitting next to her. Her voice was still slightly muffled but Buffy was quickly regaining her vision and hearing. Taking a glance at the man, her anger rose when she realized the weapon they were speaking of.

The slayer narrowed her eyes and moved fast. She sprinted past a girl who was napping in her seat and approached the two people piloting the plane. Buffy snatched the scythe from the man’s grasp before either even realized she was there.

“That’s mine,” she sneered. “Now, tell me where the hell I am before I start using it.”

The man’s mouth opened and closed a few times. She rolled her eyes and held the scythe up, ready for battle.

The woman pressed a few buttons before turning to the man. “Scott, please take the controls.”

He gave the blonde girl another shocked look before nodding, turning back in his seat and taking control of the plane. The woman stood up and raised her hands slightly, clearly showing she wasn’t going to try anything.

“My name is Ororo.”

A simple statement laced with understanding, followed by a slight nod. A question as to whether or not Buffy would allow her to walk back in the plane.

The slayer stepped back and lowered her weapon. Her guard stayed up as she followed the woman to a set of small compartments that resembled lockers. She opened it and pulled out two bags. One was her duffle bag, the other a small purse.

“I believe these are yours.”

“Did you go through my bag?” Her voice was rough. Almost as if she hadn’t used it in weeks.

The woman, Ororo, shook her head. “No. I apologize about your weapon, we just haven’t seen anything quite like it before. Curiosity got the better of us.” The woman let out a small laugh.

“It’s alright. It’s just pretty wiggy to wake up on a plane then see people with my stuff,” When Ororo nodded in agreement, Buffy continued, “I think you made a mistake though, this isn’t mine.”

Ororo was puzzled, “I’m fairly sure it’s yours, it landed with you and the rest of your things.”


“We were heading back to the plane and the sky just started to rip. You fell through it. I have no idea how you’re walking right now, it wasn’t a short fall.”

Buffy rolled her eyes, of course she had to fall through the sky. Stupid portals. She was grateful that she was unconscious for the fall at least. She tossed her duffle on the floor and placed her scythe on top of it before sitting down in an empty seat. Ororo sat down next to her and watched as the girl opened the purse.

Buffy pulled out the wallet first, looking for an ID card.

She found a California state license. She was shocked to see her picture staring up at her, smiling brightly.

‘Buffy Summers’

She looked so young and vibrant in the picture. She glanced at the issue date of the license and noticed it had expired already. Buffy then noticed Ororo was studying her carefully.

“My license is expired.”

The woman frowned and reached for it. “Buffy? That’s a unique name. Hmm.. nope, it says it was issued last week. You still have quite a few years before you have to-”

The woman was cut off by Buffy, who grabbed the license from her.

‘Issue date 3/8/2002.’

Frantically, her hand shot out to grab Ororo’s arm.

“Mirror. I need a mirror.”

“I might have one in my purse.” the woman said, looking oddly at Buffy. She stood up but was interrupted by the girl who had been napping in the row behind them.

“H-here. You can use mine.”

“Thank you.” Buffy said numbly, opening the small cosmetic mirror and glancing at herself. She gasped at her reflection.

(‘You might be a bit… different.)

“Oh my god I’m 21 again!” she yelled suddenly.

Both women reared back at her sudden outburst and Scott turned around, watching the blonde woman touching her face with an overjoyed smile. A sudden thought crossed Buffy’s mind and she started fumbling through the wallet again.

She found a thousand dollars in cash and after a bit more digging, a bank card in her name. Behind the card there was a note from Whistler.

‘Hey kid, we thought of everything. This card accesses your bank account, which has been loaded with enough to keep you going for a while. Just in case you haven’t gone through the rest yet, in the purse there’s also a phone. We enchanted this phone, so don’t lose it or break it. It’s your only connection to the powers. If there’s an emergency (and when I say emergency, I mean something really damn important), you can contact us. Have fun.’

Sure enough, there was a phone in her bag along with a post-it note with her bank PIN number and her phone number written down in case she wanted to give it to anyone. Buffy held her phone in her hand, it was pretty standard looking, obviously bought in her dimension. Probably a bit more advanced than what they had here in 2002. She looked through her phone, finding it empty. Except for one listing in her contacts.



The End?

You have reached the end of "Against the wall" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Mar 11.

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