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Against the wall

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Summary: Set 6 years after ‘Chosen’. After years of feeling useless, Buffy wants nothing more than to find someplace where her help is wanted. Whistler offers her a chance to enter an alternate universe. But there's a small catch. (Buffy/Logan)

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The offer

Disclaimer- I own nothing or no one from Buffy or X-men. The only thing I own is my imagination, which combined these 2 worlds (Two worlds that aren’t mine, can‘t stress that enough) together. This is only for fun, not for profit.

Note- Thoughts are enclosed in ( ).

Timeline- Set 6 years after the events of Chosen. Season 8 never happened. For X-men, it’s set at the beginning of the first movie somewhere. For any questions about Buffy’s age for this fic, In Buffy’s world, she was 28, it was year 2009. In this world, it’s 2002.

Not many people needed her help these days.

Oddly enough, it was her own fault. Time was, she had countless lives depending on her and her alone. But ever since Willow performed the spell to activate all the potential slayers around the world, there wasn’t much use for her.

She stayed in touch with her friends as much as she could, though the tension between the core Scooby gang never settled. Buffy still quietly resented Giles for what he and Robin had tried to do to Spike. Xander had stayed away from them since the Hellmouth had been closed, Anyas death taking too great a toll on him. Willow was in and out of this realm, magic once again taking over her life. As for Dawn, she had gone off to college and gotten married.

Surprisingly, Buffy found that the only one she felt like herself around had been Faith. The two original slayers grew to be like sisters, until Buffy had to say her final good-byes only three years after the brunette slayer helped her close the Hellmouth in Sunnydale.

So for the past few years, Buffy had wandered, looking for a place that felt anything like home. Looking for somewhere that she could be of use. Somewhere that needed help. But she could never find what she was looking for. Multiple times she had found herself staying in California and visiting the crater that was once Sunnydale. She missed protecting the small town and her friends. Being needed, or wanted, by anybody.

Buffy laid down, feet dangling into the crater and sighed deeply. It was a chilly night and she regretted not wearing a jacket. Buffy let her eyes slide shut, wistfully imaging old times with the gang, just hanging out at the Bronze.

“Hey kid.”

Her eyes snapped opened and she sat up, glaring at the intruder. “What do you want?”

“Just thought I’d come out in the middle of the night and stare into the giant hole in the ground. It’s about as fun as watching paint dry.”

Buffy sat staring at him, her face devoid of emotion. After countless moments of silence passed, he spoke again, “Jeez slayer, I thought it was impossible for you to have run out of witty comebacks. You alright?”

The blonde shrugged, her gaze stretching back to the crater.

Whistler sat down beside her and reached into his jacket, pulling out a flask and taking a swig. He offered it to her and much to his surprise, she grabbed it out of his hand and chugged.

“Wow. I guess I understand why I was sent here now.”

She turned back to him, “And why is that? The powers have made it pretty clear they don’t need me, so why in the hell are you here?”

“You’re wrong kid. The powers have always needed the slayer. But you went and made thousands of other ones and it kind of seemed like you wanted a break.”

“I didn’t want a break! Have they not been watching for the past 6 years? I’ve been going out of my mind!”

“Look, while I’d love to sit here and get yelled at all night, they kind of want me to tell you why I’m here. What’s done is done and the fact of the matter is that after surveying the damage, the powers don’t need you.”

Buffys eyes dropped down, unshed tears threatening to spill.

“Not here anyways,” At her questioning look, he continued, “You see, you’re not needed in this dimension. In case you haven’t noticed, you’ve saved it. There are thousands of slayers running around out there, it’s pretty much safe to say that this world? Taken care of. By you. So as a reward, I’m here to make you an offer.”

“A reward?” Buffy asked, confused. “What kind of a reward?”

“They know you want to keep fighting. So they’re offering it to you. A chance to keep fighting.”

“How is that a reward?”

“I’m still getting to that. Here’s what’s going down: there’s another universe that could really use a champion right now. Things there are about to get really rough and unless we move some help there, they can’t win.”

“So this is where I come in.”

Whistler nodded, “Right. We would send you there to fight. The only problem is, in the past, you and your Scooby gang have beaten the big bads together. You can form a team there as well, but it’s not going to be the same.”

Buffy was back to confused again, “Why not?”

“Because your little group has the tendency to rely on magic. Magic doesn’t exist in that world.”

“Are there vampires? Demons?”

“Yes and no. Demons were never in that dimension. Vampires weren’t supposed to be, but a few jumped in through a portal a few years back and have been racking up the numbers. That’s why they need you there. The people of that world have no idea how to fight them.”

“So, there’s not a slayer there?”

“Nope. It’d be down to you. Feel familiar?”

Buffy nodded. As much as it had sucked to feel alone in her calling, the feeling after all the potentials had become slayers was worse. She felt like she wasn’t chosen anymore. She had fought for so many years for no purpose. Her legacy as the oldest and best slayer in history had been forgotten. All that mattered now was preparing the new girls. She felt old standing next to them, which was why she never offered to train them. Giles managed perfectly fine without her.

Which was all the more reason that Buffy felt like she was truly finished here.

“Got one question. About the reward?”

“Figured you might,” Whistler said, lopsided grin in place. “Well, like I said, there’s no magic in that world. So you might have more trouble than usual. So the powers have set you up with a nice little deal if you want it.”

The suspense was killing her. “And?”

“We’re gonna make you immortal.”
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