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The Hog Gone Truth

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Summary: Sometimes a hero needs a companion. Sometimes a companion needs a hero.

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Games > Japanese Fantasy > Legend of ZeldademonkillrFR1532,650063,35211 Dec 0316 Dec 03No

Chapter 1 part 2

"Help me how?" Link asked at Xander. Since he had lived most of his
life with only Saria as a friend trust came hard to Link. It made
him look at everything someone he had never met before with a
skeptic's eye.

"Like this." Xander drew his knife and threw it behind Link. A
creature had managed to sneak up on Link. As the knife buried
itself in the creatures eye Xander let out a quick yell. "Holy shit
it actually worked." Xander was smiling as he retrieved his weapon.

Navi who immediately went to see if the monster was dead noticed the
designs on the dagger. "That's the Dagger of Time. If that really
is the weapon from the legend then we need Xander's help in our


Xander who couldn't really hear Navi was wondering why Link seemed
so engrossed in his fairy all of a sudden. As he walked around the
room he noticed that there were monsters attempting to sneak up on
the three of them. "Hey guys, less talking more fighting." With
that Xander jumped into the middle of the groups and started to
slice enemies with his dagger.

After ten minutes of battle Xander and Link stood and looked at the
remains of the creatures that attacked them. "So Navi, could you
tell us what the legend of the dagger is?" Link asked when they
were both sure the room was safe. Xander listened in while making
sure that the room stayed empty.

"In the final battle for the fate of Hyrule the Dagger of Time will
choose a companion for the future Hero of Time. The two warriors
will have many challenges to overcome, but the legend says that if
they fail everything will be destroyed. The legend isn't real
specific about that part. Since he has the dagger it marks him as
the companion, the second of the two. I guess that would make you
the Hero of Time, the first of the two. The Great Deku Tree could
probably tell us more, but we have to break the curse before he can."

With that the group went through the remaining rooms of the dungeons
killing any creature in their way. Near the entrance to the final
room Xander stopped Link. "According to your map this is the last
room. Whatever is causing the curse is inside. You ready for a

Link just drew his sword and nodded. As the pair entered the room
the heard a scratching noise from the ceiling. Looking up the pair
saw a huge creature that looked like a giant black bug. The
creature only had three legs and one big eye, but it looked enough
like a bug that Xander muttered, "Just great I knew I should have
brought along some insecticide. Hey Link, why don't you use your
slingshot and hit the things eye."

Link pulled out his slingshot and aimed carefully at the creature's
eye. Letting loose the bullet he managed to knock the beast from
the ceiling leaving it stunned. Not giving it a chance to recover
Xander attacked with his dagger stabbing it into the eye. The bug
was wounded but it hadn't been finished yet. Grabbing Xander with
one of its legs it tried to toss him away. Before that happened
Link managed to sever the leg holding Xander. After this it was
only a matter of dismembering the rest of the bug.


With the bug dead the remains disappeared into dust rapidly. "You
think that was all of them Xander?" As Link spoke a circle of blue
light appeared in the floor. The group walked to the circle and
stepped inside. The portal transported them to the front of the
Deku Tree. "Congratulations, you have broken the curse placed upon
me. However, my time grows short. Now listen carefully as I tell
you how the world came into being."

With that the Deku Tree told Link and Xander how the three golden
goddesses Din, Farore, and Nayru created the world. At the point
were they left the world a triangle made of gold was formed. Those
mortals who managed to own the Triforce were granted one wish. The
man who placed the spell on the Deku Tree was after the Triforce.
If the man in black won the Triforce all would be lost. In order to
prevent this from happening the two of them would have to retrieve
the three spiritual stones.

The Deku Tree gave Link the Kokori's Emerald, the first of the
spiritual stones. "It is because of this stone that the curse was
placed upon me. Now you must go to Hyrule Castle and meet with the
princess of destiny. Navi, watch after Link." Another fairy
appeared next to the Deku Tree. "Bit, aid your partner Xander. I
entreat thee, to save Hyrule." As the Deku Tree finished the color
left in his leaves faded.

Xander and Link both knowing that the Deku Tree was gone stood
silently in the meadow for a minute. "Link, before you go you need
to say goodbye to Saria. She was waiting for you at your house."

When Link told Saria that they were leaving she said that it was
time for Link to do what he had to do. As a final gift between
friends Saria gave him her ocarina. "Link, whenever you play a song
with this ocarina remember me please." With that Link and Xander
left Kokori Village heading for Hyrule Castle.


Feedback is much appreciated.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Hog Gone Truth" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Dec 03.

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