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The Hog Gone Truth

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Summary: Sometimes a hero needs a companion. Sometimes a companion needs a hero.

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Games > Japanese Fantasy > Legend of ZeldademonkillrFR1532,650063,35211 Dec 0316 Dec 03No

The Hog Gone Truth

Title: The Hog Gone Truth

Disclaimer: Nothing located in this is mine. Although I wish it was.

Crossover Dead Ahead.

Author: DemonKillr

Feedback: It’s the coin of the realm. Tell me what you think.


Authors notes: A note of caution to people. This was started bye some late night drinking and playing the game mentioned in the fic. Thanks to John for the Title.


Rupert Giles was looking through the latest shipment of supplies to arrive at the Magic Box. Even though he was still a week away from opening the store he had his hands full in stocking the store up and keeping the truly dangerous items out of the public’s hands. As he neared the end of his inventory his employee Xander Harris walked in the door. Over the summer Xander had been on a road trip for the first few weeks. After that he had returned only to find that he had been kicked out of his parent’s house. He had looked for an apartment for about a week until Giles had offered him the other room in the house for half the rent.

Of course since Giles was the one paying him Xander was just returning money given to him. The two had quickly become acclimated to living with each other. Xander had proven a bonus to his business by helping him with set up his shelves and counters. He also had learned more than Giles would guess about supernatural artifacts in his high school years. So while Buffy and Willow tried to keep Xander out of the group Giles knew that he wouldn’t be leaving the fight for anything. If Buffy managed to make Xander leave he would simply move somewhere else and still fight.

Seeing Giles unpacking boxes Xander started helping him out. “So G-man anything strange or dangerous in this set?” Xander was always interested in new artifacts. Looking through the last box Xander noticed a dagger with a weird symbols inscribed on the side of the guard. It was about a foot long with gold strands over leather handle. “Giles you ever seen anything like this?”

“Yes, please take it to the back and look it up in Sheard’s supernatural weapons. I think I remember reading about it in there” As Xander took the dagger into the back Giles finished the rest of the stocking and went over the manifest for the shipment once again. Looking through the list Giles didn’t find anything that could tell him more about the blade. Getting nervous Giles looked through one more time. This time he was sure the dagger was not on the list. Running into the back of the store he arrived in the room just as Xander was taking the blade out of its sheathe. “Xander don’t take out the blade.”

Unfortunately hearing Giles yell Xander jumped and finish drawing the blade from its sheathe. As a keening noise filled the room Xander dropped the dagger and the sheathe to the floor. As the sound continued to grow Giles heard him say, “Ah shit. I wasn’t expecting the sound effects.” The sound grew in pitch until in a flash of bright light Xander, the blade, and sheathe vanished.

As Giles rushed over to were Xander had been standing he noticed the young man had found the dagger in the book. The picture the book showed left no argument that this was the dagger. Reader the book Giles had the sudden urge to clean his glasses. “The dagger of time is said to be used as a weapon for the companion of a hero. Whenever a hero needs aid in his quests the dagger picks a worthy companion and none but the forseen companion can draw the blade from the sheathe. Realizing that there was nothing he could do he got up and left the room heading towards the phone. The others needed to know what had just happened. Picking up the receiver Giles paused before dialing. “Xander may you return to us safely, I hope you put the fear of god in those you face.”

In the middle of a forest.

Xander appeared in a similar flash of bright light. Taking his bearings he noticed that he was in the middle of a forest. Looking around he quickly became lost and finally as he was just about to start yelling for someone to find him he walked into a village. The first thing he noticed was everyone in the town was wearing the same type of green clothes. The second thing was that all of them were children. The weirdest thing he noticed was that they all had glowing balls of lights swirling around them. Some even looked like they were talking to the lights.

Deciding to get the introductions over with Xander walked towards the people closest to him. As he approached neither noticed him until he was about ten feet away. The one with green hair was the first to see him and jumped behind the second. The second one reacted quickly in pulling out what to Xander looked like a dagger but in the little guy’s hands looked like a sword. Deciding that moving closer would be a mistake Xander put his hands in the air and took a step back. “I hope that you can understand me. My name is Xander and I’m not from around here. Where is here anyway.”

This caused both figures to look at him closely for a few seconds. After talking with each other both smiled with the boy put away his sword. The girl took a step forward “Yes we can understand you and as for where you are this is the lost woods. More specifically this is Kokori village. I am Saria and my friend’s name is Link.”

AN: Points to those who get the X-over
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