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The Consequences Of A Letter

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This story is No. 2 in the series "From Hogwarts To The Discworld And Back Again". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A greasy git mused, *I wonder if I can manipulate things so that all of those idiots manage to wipe each other out, including that Potter brat, leaving me the sole survivor. Headmaster Snape, Vanquisher of Voldemort. That has a rather nice ring to it.*

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Other(Current Donor)ManchesterFR13912,91912518,99629 Dec 1017 Jan 11Yes

Chapter Two

Back in the alley, Severus Snape shuddered at that last memory, seen over his shoulder as the Potions Master had run for it. Opening his eyes to glumly regard his garbage-strewn sanctuary, Snape wondered what in Merlin’s name to do next--

An explosion of overwhelming agony unexpectedly struck the wizard, coming from a certain spot upon Snape’s body. Frantically ripping up his robe’s right sleeve with the other hand, the Hogwarts teach stared in fearful expectation at where his Dark Mark was glowing on that arm, as if the magical tattoo placed upon his skin was about to burst into flame. It certainly hurt as much, like that specific cruelty was actually going to happen right this second.

Instead, as Snape’s symbol of his submission to a Dark Lord continued to torment the greasy-haired wizard, this man then groaned out loud, “He’s here.”

Several miles away, a monster arrogantly strode towards the massive front doors of Unseen University, his eyes fixed upon his goal, while all else around him was haughtily ignored. Behind Lord Voldemort, he was being followed by his entire retinue of Death Eaters and other vile allies, including those recently freed from Azkaban. This evil wizard exultantly reflected to himself that with just one simple taking of a young boy’s life, he would be forevermore free of that miserable prophecy.

Things had certainly changed from a mere three years ago, when he’d been nothing more than a drifting wraith, his body destroyed nearly a decade before during Voldemort’s attack upon the Potter family in their home at the wizarding community of Godric’s Hollow. Yet, an entirely unanticipated event had then occurred to completely change the Dark Lord’s fortunes: the accidental horcrux he’d created when trying to murder baby Harry had somehow been removed from this youngster’s body. Now that it was gone, Voldemort could again draw upon the power of his other horcruxes that had been blocked by the other, most recent piece of dark magic, to finally regain his original body and all of his immense powers.

The next couple of years went into building up again the Dark Lord’s forces, which included the summons of every past Death Eater, and also making plans for the seizure of the wizarding world. All of this had been more than successful, save for one minor detail. After enough study, the being who’d formerly been Tom Riddle was confident that this time he could finally destroy that blasted child who’d balked him before, and a malevolent fiend set out to kill Harry Potter once and for all.

Unfortunately, Voldemort couldn’t even find the brat at first. Still, after one of his smarter Death Eaters had a brainwave and remembered that Lily Evans had spoken to her Hogwarts friends about a muggle sister, a prompt search was made, culminating in a raid upon a house at Privet Drive that ended in blood and death, and also total failure. Voldemort became absolutely furious at learning from the tortured muggles that their unwanted nephew had disappeared one day years ago, and he’d never been seen or heard from since. Clearly, Harry Potter had been spirited off back then by Dumbledore foreseeing this attack, and that boy would have to be found all over again.

A few days later, hoping to end the nonstop Crucios an enraged He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was inflicting upon his followers, a desperate Lucius Malfoy suggested that in a few months, Harry Potter would be sent his Hogwarts letter, and this young man would then travel to the magical castle in Scotland to begin his schooling. Surely, at some point during this, there’d be the chance to mount a successful assassination against the Dark Lord’s enemy? After mulling this over, a more-cheerful Voldemort informed Severus Snape that his next task was to watch for something like this, and immediately report back to his master when that happened.

Well, soon enough, a certain Harry James Potter did indeed answer the usual letter sent by Professor McGonagall in her duties as Assistant Headmistress. Alas, this reply from that young man wasn’t really what anybody had been expecting. At all.

There were a lot of Crucios flying around at Death Eater Headquarters vis-à-vis that result.

For once in his life, Snape was regarded with honest warmth by his fellow villains when that wizard brought the wonderful news a week later. Despite the bizarre letter’s warnings, Dumbledore was still totally determined to find and gain control of Harry Potter. Moreover, the Headmaster actually knew of a way to do this! “Now, Severus, this must be kept absolutely secret….”

It all wound up with two groups of wizards and witches, one at Hogwarts and one at Malfoy Manor, unknowingly chanting in unison their identical dimension-traveling spells, to then have both of these groups utterly vanishing from their ceremonial circles on their way to the Discworld. The only things differing among the Order of the Phoenix and the Death Eaters was that this latter group had arrived a bit later than their opponents, and too, none of the evildoers, from Voldemort down, had even blinked at the unbelievable stench they’d just inhaled. All of this malignant crowd were more than accustomed to horrific odors in their attempts to overthrow the wizarding world. Compared to Azkaban, Ankh-Morpork was a flowerbed.

Much more distracting to the Dark Lord was the lure of vast magic emanating from a certain direction, right where there was an incredibly tall and crumbling tower….

Virtually all native citizens of the Big Wahoonie, whatever their species, shared certain attributes: a permanently numb sense of smell, extraordinary resistance to water-borne illnesses, and being harder to kill than a radioactive cockroach. They also possessed an uncanny ability to sense and avoid bad news in any form, which meant the streets ahead of Voldemort and his Death Eaters had promptly become totally deserted, as their malevolent leader and his wicked followers then marched straight to Unseen University and passed through the academy’s open gates, without meeting any kind of opposition.

The Dark Lord finally came to a halt right before the massive front doors of the magical institution of higher learning, and with a dramatic flourish of his wand that was clearly meant to inspire his supporters standing behind himself, Voldemort now cast his spell that would open those huge panels, roaring out loud, “Alohomora!”

In response, the double doors to the university immediately slammed open, and right after that, Lord Voldemort stalked forward, once again shouting at the top of his lungs a demand to bring forth a certain boy named “POT--!”

From the inside of Unseen University, an incredible discharge of pure, immeasurable magic blasted forth, consisting of literally dozens of lethal spells, flashing through the air to strike directly a foolhardy dark wizard and his idiotic adherents, instantly disintegrating every single one of these people. Voldemort, Bellatrix Lestrange, Lucius Malfoy, Peter Pettigrew, Fenir Greyback, and so many more -- they all became extinct right then and there, with only a single trace of their previous presence left to show that anyone had indeed dared to disturb the noon tranquility of the university.

Before the main entrance of the Discworld’s premier magical academy, numerous pairs of footwear lying on the ground now stood completely empty, save for the necessary cliché of faint curls of smoke lazily ascending from the tops of these discarded wizarding boots and shoes.
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