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Year 1976

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Summary: As a teenager Severus Snape's life takes an unexpected turn after meeting a relative he never knew he had.

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Spike looked in the bowl picturing the youngest Prince writing his placement tests in a different room in the small school. The Headmistress leafed through the copy of Severus’ grades from his muggle school to Hogwarts and the school books with the extensive notes by the boy himself. Spike had decided to bring Severus here after seeing the boys comments in his books. He seemed to have the right feeling when he saw the reaction of the Headmistress.

“Lord Prince, the boy has an exceptional understanding of the working of magic. While he is a straight O-student in Arithmancy he doesn’t need it at all to create original potions and spells and change existing ones. The only class he didn’t manage an O in is his E in Transfiguration. He doesn’t just remember, he changes things just in his mind to fit his purpose, a very rare ability.

I don’t know why he wasn’t recommended to us years ago. We have a deal with most magical schools, Hogwarts included, that they forward every student that is way of the chart like Mr Prince to filter the students that weren’t tested before because they went to a muggle school or had a private teacher.”

She made a note in her mind that the Hogwarts Headmaster needed to be reminded of their deal and to critique him and his teachers for their blatant oversight.

The pale boy she could see in her bowl didn’t know he would test out of certain subjects by filling the placement test depending on how well he did.

Headmistress Valara was sure he managed an OWL in every subject even with being at the beginning of his fifth year.

She also knew that there would be subjects he could already test out of NEWT-level: Potions, Arithmancy and Charms at least, according to this notes possibly even more.

The moment they knew his real levels they could start teaching.

She came back to reality and looked in the incredible blue eyes of Lord Prince.

“I trust that Severus will have no problems here with other students?”

A common problem with talented children was that the normal children in the same courses didn’t react well to them.

“I can assure you that magical or physical violence is not a problem at this school.

Most of our students didn’t have good experiences with their former peers. Here, they are the norm and can relax.

Are there any other questions to our school, Lord Prince?”

Spike thought of what would be useful for the boy unrelated to normal classes.

It was the only magical school for the gifted in Europe and had students from every country.

“Will there be problems regarding the language?”

Headmistress Valara expected this question, it always came at one point or the other and she could always tell the worrying parents that there would not be a problem.

“Every student has to learn Latin and ancient Greek and both languages are used as the official school languages as most of our spells are based in these.

From his spells I would expect young Mr Prince learned a lot of Latin and has a working understanding of ancient Greek already.

When he has a class without other students it will be in English, in mixed language groups in one of the school languages. There are possibilities to learn more languages for everybody interested.”

Spike asked a few more question, making sure he could leave the young human here.


The bowl glowed blue, signaling that Severus had finished his tests.


Severus looked around the Headmistress office. Spike sat beside him and waited with him for the Headmistress and Severus placement test.

Severus didn’t know which school the vampire had decided on and didn’t know where he was.

What was expected of him?

The Headmistress came in with a bundle of parchment and sat in her chair before Severus even had the possibility to stand up in greeting.

“Mr Prince” – Severus needed a second to remember that she had addressed him – “I welcome you as a student of the Magische Schule für Hochbegabte Vaduz (magical school for the gifted Vaduz).”

Vaduz? He would go to Vaduz?

Severus couldn’t believe he managed to get accepted here!

While Liechtenstein didn’t have a big magical community and pupils from Liechtenstein went to the magical schools in Switzerland, the magical school Vaduz was accepted as one of the top schools in magic in the world. And it was a school you had to qualify for, it wasn’t possible to buy your way in.

“As result of your placement test you finished every written British OWL and already the written NEWTs for Potions, Arithmancy, DADA, Charms, Runes, and Astronomy. In the next few days you will be doing the practical exams. After that you are completely free to learn whatever course you want in this school. You can further your courses beyond NEWTs to Mastery, you can further from OWL to the NEWTs and beyond or you can start complete new classes.

We have a wide spectrum of classes that weren’t available at your old school.

You will be given a peer tutor who will look after you, shows you the school and explains everything regarding the classes.”

Severus didn’t really understand what he was feeling. Was he happy?
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