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Year 1976

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Summary: As a teenager Severus Snape's life takes an unexpected turn after meeting a relative he never knew he had.

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Harry Potter > Spike-CenteredantraFR1354,3121175,90729 Dec 1029 Dec 10No

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Dumbledore looked over the parchment . For this meeting he wanted a good ending.

“The last point for today is that Headmistress Valara from Vaduz will come next week for an informal meeting.”

The other teachers seemed excited. It was always interesting when they had somebody from a different school and Vaduz was... well, it was Vaduz.

“Think if you have pupils that would qualify for them when she is here already.”


Peninah Prince looked over her family and didn’t show the anger that smoldered inside her.

When her son Octavius told her that all their money had been frozen she couldn’t believe it. She knew she had her brother in law doing what she wanted, how could that have happened?

Angrily demanding answers at Gringotts the Goblins told her that every account was frozen and could only be opened again by the Head of the family.

She hadn’t seen the Head of the Family William Prince for nearly 20 years so his dramatic look was quite shocking at first glance.

The nearly white hair gave him an ethereal look and his blue eyes with the black kohl gave an even more impressive contrast.

He wore black muggle clothes and a long black leather coat.

He looked over the people sitting there. Peninah with children and grandchildren, Octavius to her right side, seemingly shrinking away from his mother.

Marcus Cornelius Prince, father of Eileen, grandfather of Severus, didn’t look his head of the family in the eyes. He already had angered the Vampire, he didn’t want to make it even worse.

“I realized that I probably was away for too long. I was surprised to see a few of the developments.”

Sharp blue eyes focused Peninah and Marcus for a moment.

“And I thought that it was necessary to look for the best and the future of the family, meaning clear decisions that will help everybody to know where they stand exactly.”

Octavius straightened himself out. He was sure this was about him getting finally all access as heir.

Peninah looked regal and proud.

“Nobody of you did anything to further the name or standing of the family. You either play your social games or you wither away the money.”

Nobody dared to say anything.

“Instead of just doing what you did before you get a stipend you have to live with.”

Peninah looked at him as if he was insane

“You will not be able to live to the standards you were used to in the past. If you want live by the same standard as before I encourage all of you to at least think about the idea of work.”

Peninah paled. This was a catastrophe for her social standing. A stipend like the wife of a commoner, and not even enough to cover the bare essentials?

“The money will be administrated by a financial adviser of Gringotts.”

A goblin! No chance of gaining an influence over one of them. There went that idea.

"The only exception is, of course, the heir to the family."

The little sadistic side of Spike waited for a moment to get the best effect. The little part that learned first hand from Angelus how to give his victim a little hope and then to shatter them completely.

"Of course Severus needs a bit time to learn finances and he has other interests that keep him occupied. But I'm sure in a few years when he is older he will be willing to administrate the family vaults himself.”

Octavius kept himself completely still, he didn't dare a look to anybody else.

Peninah couldn't believe her ears. Eileen's little brat would be the heir? And what would happen when he was alone responsible for the family vaults and decided to cut the other side completely off?

The End?

You have reached the end of "Year 1976" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Dec 10.

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