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Year 1976

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Summary: As a teenager Severus Snape's life takes an unexpected turn after meeting a relative he never knew he had.

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Chapter One

I do not own either Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor Harry Potter

Chapter 1

His visitor was Malfoy blond in really strange muggle clothes and pins in his ears.

Ripped blue Jeans, ripped waistcoat with pins holding everything together, black heavy boots. The effect all in all was extreme.

Very sharp cheekbones and strikingly blue eyes.


Spike looked over the boy before him. Severus Snape, 5 year Slytherin.

The boy was thin and pale with intelligent black eyes, the hair lanky.

Spike had seen that often enough to recognize it as a reaction to Potions fumes.

The Hogwarts robe was at least secondhand and looked the part, the shoes were nearly threadbare. He didn’t have to look to know that everything else but the wand was secondhand and battered.

“Are you aware who I am?”


Quick and to the point. The boy was promising.

“My name is Spike, I’m a Vampire.”

No reaction to that. Interesting.

“The reason for me being here is my human family.”

A little pause.

“My human name is Lord William John Prince, Head of the most Noble House of Prince.”

Again, no visible reaction from the Slytherin.

Perhaps he didn’t know of this part of the family?

“You know of the Princes.” It wasn’t a question.

“My mother was a Prince before she married my father. Her father disinherited her for marrying a muggle and burned her out of the family tapestry.”

Yes, he had done more then just that. She had not been allowed to keep in contact with anybody in her family, she was considered a persona non Grata.

Severus as her child was not considered belonging to the Prince family as well. He had never met his grandparents or any other relatives before. Since the death of his mother in his first year he was completely alone with his alcoholic and abusive father.

Spike just nodded to this. The other Prince didn’t have the right to do that, only the Head of the House could decide to disown somebody completely.

Something Spike hadn’t done and wouldn’t have done under the circumstances. The boy’s grandfather had realized that once the vampire had been back.

Why didn’t he come home earlier? Severus was 16 now, nearly an adult. Perhaps he was too late for his plans.

“Despite what you may think, your grandfather didn’t have the right to do as he did. I already made very clear what I thought of his actions.”

As long as the old man lived he wouldn’t be stupid enough to cross him again.

“As it is, I expect you to continue the name of Prince and act as the heir to the name and titles.”

The boy was a Slytherin, Spike knew he would know what that meant. The House was very traditional in some ways and expected it’s members to knew manners, traditions and political and sociological standings of everybody, even a poor half blood.

The pale face with the black eyes seemed confused for a moment. “There are pureblooded Prince-Descendants that would be the next logical heirs. The aunt of my mother, Peninah Prince has 2 children and 3 grandchildren all bearing the name of Prince. The next in line would be Octavius Prince”

Spike thought that this teenager would be interesting. It seemed he had made the right choice.

“This would be the case without my intervention, yes.

As Head of the House I decided to skip the title of heir to you as the son of the former heiress.

Peninah and her family are to much interested in the title and the money and not interested at all in furthering the name of the family. I always told your great uncle he was making a mistake by marrying Peninah Prewitt. Little gold digger…

For what I expect of you: You have to end your formal education as best as possible and decide on a work fitting for you. No slouching around!

I know it is fashionable for certain people not to work because they have enough money to live on interests, but this is not done in my family as long as I am the Head.”

Severus didn’t have a problem with this. He couldn’t even imagine what people did with that much time.

“I expect at least one legitimate child out of you in the course of your life. I don’t care if you prefer men, women, muggle or magical creature as long as there will be one descendant. If you have a preference for men or certain magical creatures, there are Potions to allow a pregnancy to occur and maintain. I’m not concerned with marriage or bondings, if you accept a child as legitimate, it will be accepted as that by the family.

This should be manageable with a life expectancy of 200 years.”

With the rules of the family depending on the Head every family had it’s own rules. Knowing what was expected of some of his Slytherin peers Severus knew he had luck. Spike didn’t really expect much.

Others had their whole life dictated, whom they would marry, what they would do for work, if they were allowed to work, how many children they had to have in which period of time and so on.

He just had to get a job and procreate at least once with whomever he chose.

“I want you to leave Hogwarts to go to a school more fitting for you.”

Severus steeled himself. Despite the attitude of most people, there were more than one wizarding school in great Britain. The other schools were more specialized in one way or the other and a whole lot smaller. There were schools you needed to have a lot of money for to attend, others that had different courses and so on.

Where would his new Head of Family decide to bring him to?
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