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Come With Me If You Want to Live

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Summary: The Connors have got a lot on their plate now that former Scoobies Cordelia and Riley are around, along with their trusty butt-kicking cyborg, Cameron!

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Television > Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesphillipsfortuneFR1524,8321131,39831 Dec 102 Jan 11No

Will You Join Us?

Come With Me If You Want to Live

Author’s Note: Don’t you just love that line?! It’s like the universal I’m-a-terminator-I’m-gonna-save-you thing! Gah, I love it. Anyways, I hope you like it this is my first... well anything; really... on this website and I hope I make a good impression.
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

A TOK-715 emerged from a ball of air and space coming from the year 2027. John Connor, the leader of the human resistance against Skynet had sent back his most important ally back in time to protect the younger version of him and to prepare the young John Connor for his role as leader. John had also asked the cyborg to complete a separate mission involving a horrific military experiment that used tissue from demons and humans combined with cybernetics. Though after Judgment Day, April 21st, 2011, demons are annihilated by the power of Skynet, the robotics involved in the military experiment further the growth of Skynet.

The TOK-715’s head snapped up, causing its wavy, long brown hair to flip against its bare back. When one time-travels, you cannot bring anything with you; not weapons, not clothing. This posed an issue for the female cyborg. She looked at her surroundings; she had been transported to an alleyway in Los Angeles. It was dark but that wasn’t a problem for her, infiltrators of her standard can see in the dark. She stood up, observing her surroundings for possible threats. She walked against the asphalt and noted that there was a closed clothing store to her left. She kicked in the back door to this store and walked inside.

She looked through the dark store, wondering if she’d tripped an alarm but she had apparently not. She looked through the options of clothing and picked up several items. She put on a bra and underwear. She then placed on a wife beater and green cargo pants with a leather jacket and a pair of black boots. The cyborg then stomped out the back door once more and looked at her car options. The alleyway that she’d landed in was near an office building with an underground parking lot.

The brunette Terminator walked towards the gate to the underground parking lot. There was a guard standing in her way and so she easily knocked him out with a hard punch and a kick to the gut before she took his gun. She put the gun at the back of her pants and continued into the parking lot. There were not many cars left, a black Sedan and a Toyota Camry. For her mission, she opted for the Sedan.

She forced the door open, causing an alarm to go off and so the female quickly jump-started the SUV and sped out the gates she’d just arrived through, noting that the guard she’d knocked out was still lying completely still.

The cyborg got the alarm to stop as she drove onward to the location of her first mission, Sunnydale, California. Los Angeles is not far from Sunnydale but the TOK-715 had barely any records of the town because it is destroyed years before Skynet attacks. In May of 2004 the city abruptly is wiped off the map, leaving a large crater which Skynet will use for a worker camp in the future until 2024 when the resistance takes it over, a great victory to follow the victory at Serrano Point and the great Sentry Work Camp escape.

Accordingly to the car’s clock, it was seven in the morning when the cyborg arrived at the necessary location in Sunnydale. The location was a university campus. On the campus, was a frat house which led to an underground military institute called The Initiative where trained college students hunt and retrieve demons for study. The Initiative was doing an experiment that much like Skynet became self-aware and attacked its creator.

Now, the strange cyborg-mutant is holed up in a secret attachment to The Initiative which the female cyborg does not know the location of. To find it, she must sneak inside the institute and steal the plans from their computer. She walked on to the campus, it was quiet and there were no pedestrians loitering around which made the female’s job less complicated. She reminded herself that John wouldn’t want her to be cruel.

With the small reminder, she walks into the frat house, up the stairs and towards the mirror. She examines her face, her tanned skin and warm brown eyes that show no emotion and then examined the structure of it. Behind it was an elevator shaft. She punched the glass so that it broke, causing an alarm to go off. The elevator was at the bottom of the shaft so she jumped down onto the elevator and kicked the emergency door open and dropped into the elevator before prying the doors open and being met by soldiers wielding guns.

The cyborg looked at their faces and analyzed the treat of their weapons. It was a little threat, the guns were only stun guns which only disable her for one hundred and twenty seconds. She punched her way through the crowd, knocking over the semi-circle of soldiers and then she ran towards the control room. She was pursued but they were not fast enough for her and she locked herself in the control room knowing that she will have to kill some to escape.

She looked for the schematics on the control room computers and found the directions to an adjacent facility. With the location secured in her mind, she unlocked the door which was being rammed and smacked it into the soldiers’ faces. She pointed her gun in the air and let one bullet go to waste as a warning shot.

For the first time in this time period she spoke in her polished, angelic voice by saying commandingly, “Drop your weapons or I will kill you.” She looked into the eyes of the soldiers, they were not trained to attack other humans- well, supposedly humans- and they did not want to be the bad guys so they dropped their weapons. The female cyborg then escaped from the facility and went in search for the smaller facility.

She went into the woods, examining trees and grass for entrances. Finally, she found a trap door which she opened and stepped down a set of stairs to find what appeared to be a shabby medical facility. A sweating young soldier was sitting in a chair looking very strained, two grotesque looking doctors hooked up to a series of tubes were shuffling around the body of a young man who was being transformed into a robotic hybrid like her target. The target, called Adam saw the female cyborg and seemed surprised.

She knew what she had to do to defeat this beast and it would be fairly easy, though he was a moderate risk because of his robotic arm and demon strength. She shot the two doctors in the head first, making them fall to the ground. They did not spill blood for they had already been dead. She then went after her target.

She shot him multiple times in his weak area but this did not affect him. The beast’s arm transformed into a machine gun and the female cyborg took a few in the abdomen before grabbing the beast fiercely by that arm and ripping it from his body with some difficulty. The wiring of the part-machine monster showed through his shoulder and he became angry. A bone skewer appeared through his good hand and she snapped it off. In frustrated anger, the creature pushed her so that she flew across the room.

“Who are you? What are you?” yelled the frustrated monster.

“My name is Cameron,” she said and then continued, “I’m the better version of you.” She pushed the monster up against one of the side walls and kneed him in the abdomen and punched him in the face multiple times before finally using all her force to push her fist inside and rip out the creature’s uranium-based heart. The beast fell and Cameron then looked to the young, sweating man in the chair.

Cameron knew this man. In the resistance, he is a leader named Riley Finn. He lives with several generals on a submarine in order to command the other sectors without being seen by Skynet. He will die in an explosion on the submarine in 2024 which will ultimately give John Connor the ability to become the leader of the resistance. In Cameron’s records, she notes that he was one of the few generals who supported John Connor, who was the ground-man of the California Coast sector at the time.

Cameron looked at the other beast, still dead with cybernetic parts only partially attached. Cameron notices a flaw in her decision making; she has no thermite to destroy these bodies. She looks at the bewildered Riley Finn and is reluctant to get him to obtain the necessary compounds to make thermite but understands that he is not much of a risk and is easy to kill if he does not comply.

“You,” she says, “Riley Finn, I require thermite. Go into your school’s chemistry class supply room and get iron oxide powder and powdered aluminum,”

“What how do you know my name and thermite? Isn’t that an explosive?” Riley Finn responded.

“You ask many questions,” Cameron told him.

“What are you? How did you get here? Where are you from? Are you from The Initiative? How did you kill him?” Riley continued to ask mundane questions.

“I will answer all your questions if you first go get the compounds I require,”

Riley looked into the cyborg’s eyes and knew she would do so. The sweaty young man carefully gets out of his chair and goes outside. Cameron decided while he was gone that she would burn the dead doctors with the heart and bodies of the mutants.

She places them in position and then goes into the emergency kit in the room which had a signal flare in it. After she has done this, Riley is back with the required supplies. The cyborg goes through her memory and remembers Riley’s questions as she creates the finally mixture from the chemical compounds she asked for.

“I am a TOK-715, an infiltrator programmed by the leader of the resistance in the future. I am not from The Initiative, I was created by Skynet, an artificially intelligent computer system that becomes self-aware in 2011 and takes over the world. I got here by travelling through time on my mission from John Connor who is the leader of the resistance in the future. I know who you are because in the future you are a general who is crucial to the resistance. Also, yes thermite is an explosive that burns at two thousand degrees which is hot enough to erase any evidence of the cybernetic-mutant organisms that were being created in this laboratory. Have I sufficiently answered your questions?”

Riley blinked a few times, processing the information before asking, “Am I supposed to believe that?”

“Yes,” she told him.

He turned away for a moment and then asked, “So you’re like Adam. You’re a robot,”

“I am a cybernetic organism.” He sighed. She was done with the mixture; Cameron shook it all over the bodies and then lit the flare. Riley turned around and watched as Cameron threw the flare onto the bodies, causing them to ignite and being to melt away. Cameron smelt the decay and though she could not feel discomfort due to the smell, she knew that Riley would.

Cameron left the underground facility, she’d completed this mission. Now, it was time to prepare for her true purpose, protector of John Connor. She would have to drive down to Red Valley, New Mexico and enrol in school there. She would have to work on her humanisms and become close to John for this mission. Cameron knew that this wouldn’t be hard; she already knew John very well and knew what he reacted to.

“Wait!” Riley Finn called as Cameron moved away from the trap door which shined red from the fire coming from inside it.

Cameron turned around, “I have completed this mission, I must go now,” she tried to explain.

“You dropped that bomb on me and now you’re just going to go?!” Riley screamed.

“I did not place any explosive devices on you. Is there something that I do not understand?”

“Where are you going?”

“On a mission in New Mexico,”

“What is the mission?”

“That does not concern you,”

“Well, maybe I want it to concern me!”

“Are you proposing you come with me on this mission?”

“I-I- I don’t know! Would I be of any use?”

“You would threaten John Connor’s safety but you are unknown to the Connors and the area and you have training in the military. Also, you may become a target since you become a leader of the resistance and your safety is threatened if you continue to fight demons and other supernatural beings that will have no affect on you after Judgment Day... I suppose you are less of a burden if you join the mission,” Cameron explains. Riley blinks a few times and then goes into deep thought. Cameron turns around and begins to walk away.

“Wait!” Riley calls.

Cameron turns around and is annoyed by Riley’s constant distractions, “If you want to help people you can do more by fighting Skynet instead of fighting demons. You are a threat to my mission and I will change my mind of you coming if you do not make a decision. Now, will you join us?”

Riley’s face was blank and then serious when he caught up to Cameron and said, “Yes.”


I hope you enjoyed this oneshot! Please review, I need some constructive criticism! Should I continue it? Anyone wanna be my beta?

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