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Roanapur Knights: Learning Curve

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Roanapur Knights". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Some of the Scoobies do not yet understand how dangerous Roanapur can be ... And some insist on learning the hard way

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Anime > Black Lagoon(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR18812,167024,97531 Dec 1022 Feb 11No

Words To the Wise

In dark room deep in the meat packing district, a group of mixed beings huddled under a light arguing. OK one of their member , a youthful looking arrogant guy who had decided that his new life as a vampire merited a new name a more powerful label befitting his status and power. was doing a lot of shouting.

"I'm telling you people this situation could be perfect."

"Barry would you just let it go." one of the others sighed, "you've been moaning about this for nights now."

"The name is not Barry, it's Talon and Why are we taking so much crap from a bunch of gangsters I mean theres only one or two Watchers and the Slayers they have are half trained."

"One of those Watchers is Xander Harris, things older and more powerful then anything in this room have tried killing him and NOT lived to regret it. and the Slayers they have fight like animals. I mean they're brutal. I saw one beat a dude I was running with like he was a pinata."

"Fine the Watchers and Slayers might be a problem but why are we running scared of a couple of crime bosses. They're mortals ... as in OUR FOOD. We should be running this place, not running scared."

"I've been hearing things about this Balalaika and That guy Chang ... I hear some of the dragon lords in Hong Kong get really nervous when his name comes up, won't even spit in the direction of this city, and they pretty much run the Chinese Triads."

"So some dusty old lizards hit the panic button cause they see their own shadows and we have to live on scraps?"

"I'm hearing a lot of talk Barry; but no Option B, What's your plan?"

"I managed to get a couple of thralls, cannon fodder, I sent them out and in a few hours this Chang is gonna know who's calling the shots. You might want to get started learning to call me Lord Talon from now on cause I'll be running things around here."

The Table went silent. "You , You made a move on Chang as in Boss Chang ...of Fourteen K, Boss Chang?"

"He's an old guy with a John Woo fetish, I doubt my people will have any real problems with him."

There was a loud banging at the door everyone looked up nervously. Talon looked at them and smirked. "That will be my guys, anyone who wants in on my new syndicate will want to pay attention cause this is what happens to people who cross Lord Talon."

Barry opened the door and a silver haired guy in a trench coat walked in yanking a large sack which he threw, with great difficulty, on the table. it made a wet sound as it hit the surface.

"Good evening Ladies and Gentle-beings, I am Rotton, Rotton the Wizard ... I come on behalf of Fourteen K and its leader Boss Chang."

"You may call me Lord Talon I assume you are bringing their terms of surrender. and what's this - a tribute?"

"No those are the heads of the guys you sent to kill the boss. that took him about two hours and I think most of that time was spent on finding a big enough bag."

Barry gulped but mustered his courage, "...So is this a declaration of war because if your little human master thinks..."

Rotton held up his hands, "I'm just the driver and spokesperson. Mister Chang realizes that some of you might be new to the idea of working together for our mutual best interest so he is willing to overlook anyone stupid enough to associate with Talon here; Sorry, LORD Talon."

One of the other people at the table looked inside the bag and what he saw caused him to violently throw up.

Rotton opened the door, "Mister Chang will allow anyone who leaves right now to live unmolested. Anyone still here when I leave however, will be considered to be at war with Fourteen K and be dealt with appropriately."

Several people got up from the table and filed through the door leaving Barry on his own. "Are you all nuts, he's just one man - are you all scared of one old man?"

Rotton looked at Barry and shook his head sadly before following the departing group closing the door behind him.

Suddenly the room which had seemed so bright only minutes before held nothing but shadows, there were shadows upon shadows and Barry looked around nervously He heard a rustling.

"You don't scare me, I'm Lord Talon. You think I need those losers I can do this on my own."

A whistling sound was all the warning he got as a body dropped from the rafters landing on him; driving him to the floor.

He looked into icy cold dark eyes that burned into his even as a savage smile bisected her entire face. "Hello LORD Talon. My name is Shenhua. Chang say make example, best we be on first name basis. We're going to be together for a while - you and I."


The following morning found Xander dealing with two annoying things, one was a hangover, served him right for trying to keep up with Eda in a drinking contest, the other was an overexcited VI.

"Xander the vampire was still alive when we found him." Vi was complaining, "I'm no vampire-lover but what this Shenhua did to him was"

Xander downed two pills washing them down with a glass of OJ. "Vi there is an old song that fits this situation. You don't tug on Superman's cape. You don't piss into the wind. You don't mess around with old King Kong and you don't send ONLY a half dozen guys to try and kill Boss Chang and make him late for his qoute-unquote business dinner with Balalaika."
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