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Roanapur Knights: Learning Curve

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Roanapur Knights". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Some of the Scoobies do not yet understand how dangerous Roanapur can be ... And some insist on learning the hard way

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Anime > Black Lagoon(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR18812,167024,97431 Dec 1022 Feb 11No

Revy's Dangerous Game (3)

Charles ran through the night. He was being followed, he could hear it and it sounded like whoever was after him wanted him to know they were there.

"Here piggy, piggy, piggy." that sounded like The Gun Woman, her voice echoed through the shadows, the heavy tread of her footsteps seemed to come from everywhere at the same time. Charlie ran, not stopping even when he heard a blood chilling animal-like howl.

He reached an intersection, he looked around trying to decide which way to run. which way might lead to safety. He didn't see the shadow that plummeted from a rooftop to land with a thud on top of him driving him to the ground.

"Boo" Revy hissed as she straddled him pinning him down. The blood from the fight still covered her face. If Charlie didn't know better, it looked for all the world like she'd smeared it like warpaint giving her an almost animal-like appearance.

Charles laughed nervously and trying to ignore the fear he felt looking into her shimmering yellow eyes. "Revy I was worried something might have happened to you."

"So worried you ran before the fight was even over. To get this far you'd have to have been running almost from the second they grabbed Southie and me. We put our ass on the line for you and your first thought was to cut and run with as much money as you could stuff in your pockets."

"I don't know what your talking about Two Hands." Charlie whispered.

Revy snarled grabbing him around the throat and hauling him one handed off the ground his feet dangling clear of the ground.

"You think your little trinket is going to protect you if I decide your trying to jerk me around? It makes you lucky ... not bulletproof." She leaned in close, Charlie could swear her teeth had become savagely sharp, "'Course it might be more fun to just ... rip you open like the treacherous pig that you are."

"I swear I don't know what your talking about. Check my pockets." Charlie gasped, barely able to draw breath with Revy's fist around his windpipe.

Revy slammed him up against a wall as she tore open his shirt. There was a small charm hanging from a leather string. Revy snatched the charm off, peering at it carefully, she saw It had arcane writing all over it.

"Look just give it back I'll split my takings with you fifty-fifty. That's fair right?"

"Are you kidding even IF I was willing to jerk around Boss Chang; being near you when your wearing this thing makes me want to puke. It's like your wearing the worst cologne in the history of ever."

She sniffed at him again before yanking hard at his belt and plunging her hand into the depths of his pants, "I'm betting this is where you're hiding the goods. " Revy snapped

She pulled a wade of cash from inside Charlie's pants. "Just for future reference loser, down your pants is the first place anybody will check. If you're going to stuff you might want to choose a less obvious location. I mean who isn't going to realize a fat little fuck like you can't be boasting that big a package. Must be why you gamble, makes you feel like you got a pair worth looking for."

She dropped him to the filthy ground of the alleyway. She already knew how much was there. The weight and the feel of the bills in her hand told her that, just like the smell of printer's ink on high grade paper had told her where Chuck was hiding the bills in the first place. Charles was looking at her with fury while he cowered on the ground he was obviously upset but sheer terror was keeping him silent.

"Get your ass in gear," Revy growled, "Mr Chang will want to talk to you before we let you go running off to whatever passes for your life. Just a word of advice though, If you're late again thirty days from now, or you're short by so much as a dime; you and I will be seeing each other again ... you DON'T want that to happen."

She heard a distinctive crunch of boots on ground. She looked up to see Jackie drifting out of the shadows. Faith followed shortly afterward. Revy's eyes narrowed. She'd only heard one person approaching. Obviously with that much noise. It had been Jackie she'd heard coming up on her. Faith had been sticking to the shadows possibly stalking her. Jackie V clutched a gym bag filled with money as well as a set of thick ledger books. The four of them began a slow walk back to the restaurant.

When it was convenient Faith hung back to talk to The Gunslinger "That seemed a little harsh back there."

Revy shrugged, "Don't play the game if you can't take the pain." She answered, "Come on, you and I got a date with the boss."

"What happened to keeping the Slayers out of all of this?"

Revy jerked her thumb at Jackie V, "Jackie-Boy's got some 'splaining to do. No way he won't mention you were there."

"I know how you roll and I'm not offing him if that's the way your leaning." Faith snapped.

"Relax Southie, I got my kill-on for the night. There's an easier way to deal with this."

"I'm all ears." Faith said cautiously.


Chang and Ronny the Jaws were sitting at the restaurant. The Scilian was looking at the dish infront of him as if it was some unrecognizable thing .

"Its Zitti" Chang helpfully supplied "baked with roasted veggies

"Oh really, I know what the hell you think it is Chang. I was in my mom's fucking kitchen the last time she made her zitti so I know what fucking zitti is. i'm just trying to figure out what this is supposed to be."

Chang sighed, "Aww, does baby want me to fly his mommy in to cook for him ."

"I would do it myself but someone's been sitting on all the major smuggling routes. Between you and the Ivans, smuggling crap into and out of this city is a pain in the ass." The Italian Mobster dug into the meal in front of him. Chang noticed for all his complaints he was eating the dish with a fair amount of enthusiasm.

One of his men signaled him and Chang looked up to as Rebecca and Faith leading two men toward their table. The stuffed gym bag in Rebecca's hands indicated she had been successful in her trip.

"Speaking of which, i actually wanted to talk about something serious. One of your gambling tables sucked in a pidgin who belongs to me. We have double dippers at the gambling tables again."

Ronny gave an annoyed curse, "Who is it?" He grumbled.

"Bad Luck Chuck," Chang indicated the defeated looking gambler, "I expect we'll find a few more soon enough."

"What's he into us for?"

"He owes me quite a bit but he claims he won enough at your tables to cover it. A little bird offered to deal with it for me Isn't that right Rebbeca?"

"Went like a dream and as you see Chuckles is still breathing."

"Not for lack of trying." Faith snapped.

"Fuck you," Revy hissed, "You weren't supposed to say anything."

"Screw that, I don't cover up anything like that horrorshow you left behind. You slaughter what I'm guessing were all made guys. No way I'm getting in the way of that shit storm."

"jackie boy is still breathing."

"Mostly cause I stepped in before you could gut him. Look at him he's scared out of his mind."

"Jackie, what happened " Ronnie asked.

"It's like she says Mr. Vitorrio. We was leaning on Charles a little then Two Hands shows up with her friend in tow Red got mouthy and all hell broke loose."

"...And Why did Red think it was good idea to let things get that far out of hand?"

"The Books are right here if you want to see." Jackie sighed.

Vitorrio looked though the ledgers while staring daggers at Faith and Revy then he counted the money - twice. "Jackie be honest, how much had he stolen?"

"I'm sorry Mister V. He was a cellmate and he took care of me when I was doing time in Burma, You know what those guys are like."

A Burmese prison?" Chang whistled, "The only people they hate more then the Chinese or each other are the occasional westerners they get their hands on."

Jackie nodded, "Red looked out for me when he didn't have to, didn't ask me for anything either except an intro when we got out. He said he would put it back I wasn't sure if I should snitch him out."

Ronnie looked at him and sighed, "You know your cousin would have your balls if he found out about this. He vouched for you. I'll let you stay as a driver, its what you do best anyway. No more card games and you'll pay back everything he took."

"Well aint that sweet." Revy muttered snidely.

"You're lucky you offed a walking deadman Two Hands, I make a big deal out of this and the fact he stole from me might go public."

"Why would I tell anyone?" Revy said innocently.

"Yeah? well if I hear you've been running your mouth and I might shut it for you. Are we clear"

"Fine, you do what you want I just don't want any trouble for my girls." Faith snapped.

"Lahane if you don't know that trouble follows Two Hands like crotch rot after a trip to the Sloppy Swing then you aint half as smart as I thought."

"If you lades will excuse us." Chang said with a smile, "I'll settle up with you later but until then..." Chang reached in to the gym bag and pulled a wad of bills from its depths tossing them to Revy. "I'm sure Charles won't mind me adding that to his outstanding bill which I'm going to be keeping a much closer eye on next month."

The girls left with Revy and Faith staring daggers at each other. They got out on the street and started laughing uproariously

"Did you see them - You were right they bought it." Faith laughed.

"Of course they bought, it lets them off the hook, - here." Revy peeled off several bills and handed them to Faith "Not bad for a night of standing around not getting involved huh?"

"...About that, I know your pretty good in a pinch but you were way beyond pretty good tonight."

"I don't know, I've been feeling pretty good lately. Say you want to do something?"

"What you have in mind?"

"Well this would normally be the night I'd get drunk with Eda. You wanna come with?"

Faith smiled, "Sounds like fun."

"Besides I've always wanted to see if you Slayers can handle your booze."

The next morning was disturbingly bright. Faith was all set to ignore that fact along with the ache in her skull when Xander gently opened the door to her pitch dark room. His long experience with dealing with those suffering from morning-after-the-night-before allowed him to dodge a thrown pillow while laying a tray filled with breakfast-y goodness next to her.

"Coffee, toast, and orange juice for our little hung over Slayer." he said quietly.

"Who ratted me out? "

"Eda who wanted me to remind you , Don't do the crime if you can't do the time sweetie Did you have fun on your girls night out last night."

"Xander we maybe have a problem. How much of that whole Hyena Spirit thing do you remember."

"Not much really."

"Xander, it's me I know we've had our issues in the past but you can trust me."

"I've tried to put that all behind me I don't like the guy I turned into - what I tried to do."

"Is there anyway that spirit thing could be still floating around."

"Its a spirit, who's to say what it can or can't do."

"Revy's been acting weird and I think it might be some primal thing that's got hold of her it might even be the Hyena."

"Can't be, whatever is left of the spirit should still be locked away inside me. Even if it wasn't, its a Primal aspect of the spiritual universe not the chicken pox. For Revy to have gotten it from me there'd have to be some profound and basic connection between Revy and me, something that the Hyena would acknowledge. She'd have to be pack - essentially she'd have to be family."

"OK maybe there's another explanation. Just so it's out there ... what's the worst case scenario if I'm right."

"Revy's is ruthless, dangerous and completely amoral ... and that's the regular human variety If she had the Hyena inside It would make all those traits stronger. Faith if she had the Hyena there is no way you would not be able to tell. She is not the queen of subtle. She wouldn't be be able to hide it for long."

The magic shop was nondescript. A glamour further kept anyone who didn't have business from noticing the door or even the building. Thus the old woman who ran it was a little surprised she had a thief. She heard a shuffling. in the front room and she readied a spell. She'd been living in Roanapur only a little while but had already internalized the shot first ask questions afterward mentality that made the place so dangerous.

A figure stepped from the shadows. the rank smell of a primal spirit hung around the girl who the old woman recognized as a member of that mercenary crew the Black Lagoon. The old woman wrinkled her nose.

"How did you find me?" the old woman asked suspiciously.

"Whatever mojo you got covering up this place doesn't work on me. I used this to track you down." Revy held up the good luck charm she'd made for that gambler.

"What do you want Hyena girl, I have nothing for the likes of you."

"You made a charm for Bad Luck Chuck, it made him lucky. Can you make other kinds?"

"What other kinds, you want to be lucky Two Hands?"

"No, I want to be invisible I want to be covered sight and smell. I want so no one can detect the Hyena."

"Powerful magic - that would be expensive."

Revy held up the wad of cash she'd received from Chang yesterday. "This should cover the cost, make sure you do a good job."

"That , that is only a downpayment." The old woman smiled cagily, "Two Hands the kind of magic you want ... I'm gonna need a little more."

Revy nodded, "How about this Grandma, you make with the magic and I won't tell Chang and the other Bosses how you've been helping supply people with the means to rip them off. How long do you think you'd last if that little detail became common knowledge."

The old woman shrugged indifferently, "I've run before. I can run again."

"From people who didn't know who or what you are. Now we got a city filled with Slayers and their Watcher who knows exactly how to find and deal with someone like you. So what's it gonna be Grandma."

The old woman's eyes narrowed, "Looks like we have a deal doesn't it. Come into the backroom Two Hands. I'll have to take some readings but if you give me half a day I can make something up."

Revy was starting toward the back when she stopped and sniffed the air. "Is that a pig I smell Grandma?"

"I keep a few lives ones I need the raw materials for some of my spell work."

Revy's eyes shimmered yellow and she smiled a shark-wide smile. "Good, I was feeling a little hungry. Feel free to throw the cost of one on my tab."

As Revy marched into the back room, the pigs began screaming in terror. the sound of their squealing was sweet music to the Hyena.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Roanapur Knights: Learning Curve" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Feb 11.

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