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101 or More Halloween Fables

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Summary: A Halloween AU series – in which each chapter is its own story of mine or others Halloween ideas

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Cat on the hellmouth

I apologize for how bad this fic is. I had actually had a better version of it but it was unfortunately destroyed before I could type it out, and so you are stuck with this. Also I am sorry about the minimal amount of dialog involved in it, I tried but what I came up with couldn't do the iconic characters justice.

I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Title: Cat on the hellmouth

The feminine figure all dressed in tight fitting black expertly flicked her whip in a deadly fashion, dispatching vampires here and trapping tiny demons there.

Catwoman was unsure how she came to be in this suburban place but she knew that she couldn't let any of the innocent children around her be hurt.

Her gymnastics and Martial arts prowess also coming in handy as she dodged the biggest of dangers whilst using her wits to defeat the strongest of opponents.

Once the area was clear and the tiniest of beings safely locked up she made her way through the chaotic streets to what she presumed to be the suburban towns center.

She needed to find out what had caused her to be here and why.

Batman raced through the streets with his usual deadliness, the inhuman beings around him sensing his predator like presence and keeping out of his way.

He wasn't sure exactly what had happened to cause him to just appear here but he knew that magic had to be involved with it somehow.

He really disliked magic.

When Zatanna became aware of her new whereabouts she automatically sensed the chaos magic which had been used and the source of the spell.

She headed straight there to do something about it.

Batman couldn't help but pause briefly to admire Catwoman's deadly grace as she fought of a half dozen members of the undead, she was a very sexy woman.

But then he noticed a terrible looking demon about to attack her from behind and he reacted, his baterang knocking the being off course and bringing the Catwoman's awareness to his and the demons presence.

Catwoman with a piece of branch, that she had ripped off a tree, used it and a maneuver that would be impossible to do by anyone not as flexible as herself, to take out the remaining three vampires within seconds before leaping away from demon.

With a sensual smirk she thanked the Dark Knight. Then they faced the demon, working well together to take it out.

When it came down to it, they always worked well together when they had no ulterior motive for doing so other then saving lives.

They had just defeated the demon after a hectic battle that left Catwoman in Batman's arms sharing another adrenaline powered kiss, when it happened . . .

~ ~ Ethan's ~ ~

Zatanna slipped into the costume store and into the back room where she could see the warlock kneeling there, smirking maniacally in front of the statue of some strange deity.

She used her own magic to bind the man up, leaving him able to use his magic to escape, then searched for the origin of the powerful spell before realizing that it was the strange statue.

With a swift kick she knocked it off it's pedestal, causing it to break on impact with the floor, and a wave of power swept out at all directions from the broken idol.

Cordelia suddenly found herself wrapped up in Xander's arms, kissing him like she had never been kissed before.

In her surprise and shock she ended up tumbling out of his arms and away from him.

"Woah" Xander gasped in surprise. "Now that was something different."

Amy Madison looked around herself in shock.

"Now how did I get here?" she asked herself as she looked down at what appeared to be a broken statue.

Author note: I want to continue this later maybe with just a second half, but I don't know how yet.

My inspiration: What happens when Cordelia ends up with a different kind of feline costume? Would the new costumes cause any other changes in the BtVS universe?

Disclaimer: I don't own BTVS or DC Comics

Catwoman and Batman comes from DC Comics
Cordelia, Xander, Amy and Ethan from BtVS

The End?

You have reached the end of "101 or More Halloween Fables" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Jan 11.

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