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101 or More Halloween Fables

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Summary: A Halloween AU series – in which each chapter is its own story of mine or others Halloween ideas

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A BTVS & XENA - Halloween


Title: 101 or more Halloween Fables


A Halloween AU series – in which each chapter is its own story of my Halloween ideas

Warning: Not all of them will be completed as I can at time start some ideas but not always find the time or inspiration to finish then too my satisfaction.

First One: A BTVS/X:WP fan fiction

Disclaimer: I don’t own BTVS or Xena nor the Deities mentioned in this story. I just write about them with no permission and no profit involved at all.

“I Love to Laugh, I Love Life, I Love, Love and Love’s My Life” – Love Deity

Now on with the story . . .

~~ The weekend before Halloween ~~

Buffy had thought seriously hard about what she wanted to dress up as during her first Halloween in Sunnydale. But when she joined Willow & Xander in looking in the new costume shop, she found there was such a diverse range to choose from.

At first the old fashioned dress in purple drew her eye and for a moment she felt drawn to it. But then her practical side set in and she realized that it would be really difficult to fight in it if she needed to. So she reluctantly decided against it.

Then something else caught her eye and she dragged the others behind her to have a closer look.

Flipping through them she found the perfect outfit, not just for herself but also for Willow and Xander.

And she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

~~ Halloween – Ethan’s ~~

Ethan Rayne smirks as he feels the power of his chaos spell begin to take effect.

~~ Ares ~~

Xander was just walking away from yet another confrontation between himself and Cordelia, with the kids following him, when it happened.


Ares bought his sword out and deflected the attack of the nearest little monster before he realized just what happened. Nearby he could see Xena also fighting off some of the miniature attackers. Seeing that she was going to kill one of them, he quickly blinked over to her and stopped her deadly strike.

“Ares” the sexy brunette warrior princess growled in agitation, “Why?”

“There is still a little human child stuck in that body” he warned her. Normally he wouldn’t have given a damn but he knew just how Xena would react when, not if but when, she would have found out that she had killed an innocent child. She would be broken hearted. He removed his grip once he was sure that she realized just what he meant.

~~ Cordelia ~~

Xena stiffened in shock, then pulled the sword back, but kept it still in hand.

She finally took a moment to take in her new environment, and was surprised by what she saw. “What’s going on?”

Normally she would be threatening Ares right about now but she could see in his face that he, for a change, had nothing to with what was happening.



"It seems that there are demons possessing these young children. Not only that but we too are not in our original bodies."

*No Kidding* A snarky voice pouted from inside her head, startling the Warrior.

*Who are you?* She asked.

*Cordelia Chase and it’s my body you are currently stuck in.*

“And we aren’t the only ones,” Ares continued on unawares of the conversation playing on in her mind, “I can sense the annoying bard and some of my family nearby.”

~~ Amy ~~

Amy could sense the power of the chaos magic as it first appeared. It was scarily powerful and she was nervous as to just what the result of said magic would cause. So when she noticed the others changing into their costumes she tried not to freak out, instead focusing on getting people to safety.

A few moments later she felt a different magic flowing through the streets of Sunnydale. And a familiar power at that. It was that of Goddess she called to when performing serious spells.

So when she felt her Goddess' curious touch on her mind, she didn’t fight it, but did as urged to.

~~ Gabrielle ~~

Gabrielle whacked the short demon on the head with a firm thwack with her staff, knocking it out. She wasn’t sure exactly what was going on, but what she did know was that she was no longer in Greece.

That and the body she currently inhabited was that of a chatty ditz known as Harmony, one that was giving her a headache of large proportions, that made it difficult to concentrate. And concentrating was exactly what she needed to do right now if she wanted to find exactly what was happening and how to stop it; preferably before she became suicidal.

She was so relieved when the other blonde arrived and directed her to where Xena and the others were that she didn’t notice that the demon that she had knocked out changing back into a small boy.

~~ Hecate ~~

When Hecate Goddess of Magic became aware of her new whereabouts, she instinctively knew what had happened. She could sense the Chaos magic in the air that was made possible by her cousin Janus. She also knew that the young woman she was currently inhabiting, as something like an Avatar, had a great raw potential to be a very strong witch. Although one that, if not taught properly, could be led down the path of darkness.

She didn’t mention this to her host, Willow. Instead Hecate focusing on dealing with the situation at hand, spreading out her magic and changing all of those possessed back into themselves, knowing that Janus would understand after learning why she did so. Her cousin was so misunderstood, thought of more as a God of Chaos instead of new beginnings which was his original purpose for being.

After she had finished with weaving her magic, and made her way to the source of the spell, Hecate sent out a signal to her brethren, so that they and the Warrior Princess and Gabrielle would know where to go and so that they could finish this problem so that it wouldn’t ever happen again.

~~ Later on in the library – where Giles had just been enjoying a good book ~~

The now almost normal, well for them any way, group were sitting around the large table that they all tended to gather at when having a group discussion. Giles was leaning back in his chair, a stunned look upon his face as he cleaned his glasses, another regular habit among this group.

The main differences being the inclusion of Harmony, Amy and Cordelia; the surprising closeness of Xander & Cordelia as they had finally admitted to feeling something serious to each other, and Willow sitting closely with Amy as they both seriously studied a Learn It Yourself - Magic Guide - left to them by Hecate.

The Gods, Xena and Gabrielle were now gone, having left some things behind to assist the Scoobies in their endeavors.

Ares being a War God had left behind some superior weapons, for them to use, including the Chakram for Cordelia and the knowledge of War Fare to Xander.

Xena had left behind her Warrior knowledge for Cordelia to learn from, and had been the one to urge Ares into leaving an exact replica of her Chakram with Queen C.

Hecate, besides leaving the Magic How To books behind, left some other items as well that she expected the girls to use in their Magic, and she also gifted Giles some items she felt that he could be trusted to use despite his Chaotic past.

Gabrielle had left behind, with Hecate’s help, the complete works of the Xena Chronicles which she was most proud of, before thankfully leaving with the others.

Gabrielle had also called upon her Goddess Artemis who also left some helpful items behind.

~~ Last Part ~~

And as to where Buffy was through all of this. Well let’s just say that the Love Goddess known as Aphrodite and the Slayer known as Buffy Ann Summers got to talking once it had all finished without their help.

They decided that this world didn’t have enough love in it and decided to make it their mission to do something about it.

And if along the way they stopped a few demons and assisted a few others in their paths along the way, well it was all in the name of love.


P.S: I will continue my other fics but I wanted to start this new year out with how I want it to go, writing prolifically.
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