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I pledge my allegiance to all things dark and dire

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Summary: A canon-complacent AU - Snape gets turned...

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Harry Potter > GeneralDmitriFR181833046851 Jan 111 Jan 11Yes
“I pledge my allegiance to all things dark and dire...”

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, but belong to their respective owners.

“How interesting,” the Master’s yellow eyes shone with a truly unholy glee as he constantly reached out and touched his captive in various parts of his body.

“Nothing, absolute nothing,” he said with more enthusiasm than he had ever felt in years. “You’re such a riddle, my friend!”

Severus Snape didn’t move as he endured touches as cold as those of any other corpse (animated by a demon or not). Not that he could, if he wanted to – a huge vampire called Luke Gorch had grabbed his arms and held them in the vice-like grip. The rest of the Master’s coven stood further away from them, at a very respective distance, not daring even to breathe (not that they needed to, to begin with).

“No, wait... by Jove!” the Master’s eyes widened fractionally. “Marcus, Caius!”

Something like a breeze went past Snape’s face – the only sign of a pair of quick-moving vampires, as two figures dressed in black appeared on each side of the Master.

“False thoughts!” the Master continued excitedly, even as the twins just stood there emotionlessly, like a pair of statues, not looking particularly impressed by this revelation. “Can you believe it? He is not only resistant to mind-reading, he can trick it! I wonder what would happen, if...”

“You’re wrong,” Snape interrupted the Master’s rant, coolly. “The thoughts that you’re seeing are real.”

“Oh, I think not,” the Master smiled. “No matter how brave a man usually is, he won’t be thinking of a sun-lit clearing in the forest at the threshold of death. Not to mention with me trying to uncover information about the Order of the Phoenix, and – what’s the other side’s name?”

“The Death Eaters, sir,” Darla volunteered, as she edged closer to the proceedings.

“That sounds about right,” the Master nodded and turned his attention back to Snape.

“I think that you’re more talented than I thought, sorcerer. To hide your own thoughts, read my own and show me the third at the same time – that takes skills. You’re such a catch!”

The vampire stared at the victim’s dark eyes, almost as dark as those of his (whenever they weren’t yellow).

“Master, sir, the man’s a wizard. They must not be turned. Remember the agreement?” Darla spoke up. The short blonde constantly switched looks between the Master and their prisoner, and did not like what she saw. “The agreement that prevents us from hunting the magic-users and turning them?”

“Your underling is an extremely sensible woman, Master,” Snape echoed, doing his best to remain calm. However, the slight amount of sweat on his face and the small amounts of fear were enough to convince the vampire that he was afraid. “If you will turn me, you will have problems both with the Ministry and my own superiors. I’m sure that you wouldn’t want to have problems with your own allies.”

The Master laughed, clapping at the same time.

“What allies? I am beyond the latest brawl of the wizards that will be completely forgotten in a couple of centuries or so. I am no ally to you, my friend. I have just made a temporary alliance with the side that is most advantageous to the order of Aurelius. It’s not so long now that the wizards’ restrictions for the vampires will be lifted. To achieve that, I’m willing to sacrifice a moment of my eternity to co-operate with those who are only destined to be meat. But you...”

He moved closer, their faces were almost touching now.

“You’re not like the others. You’re unique and are worthy to join those who will rule the world,” he slid his hand through Severus’s hair.

“Hmm...My most interesting catch since Darla. Now I’ll have more to use against the Vampire Slayers. from it...and who knows what else? Possibly...” the Master grew thoughtful, “ illusionist as well? Very vivid and convincing ones, to ensure that your audience believes into what you show them as opposed to what really was?”

“Sir,” Darla had noticeably stiffened after her name was mentioned, “but there is the agreement...”

“But we had no idea that he was a wizard, Darla. During a hunt one of us found Severus Snape in the muggle area of London, and turned him, unknowingly,” the Master continued to look at him instead.

“We didn’t expect that he was a wizard. All of the order of Aurelius is very sorry about what has happened. We will offer the wizards our most sincere apologies,” a predatory smile distorted the lips; the Master looked at the rest of the vampires present. “And will also promise to do our best to ease the newest member of the Order of Aurelius his first years here.”

The Master began to bend Snape’s head backwards, exposing the neck with the twitching Adam’s apple.

“You will regret this.”

These were the last words Severus Snape spoke for a while.


The End

You have reached the end of "I pledge my allegiance to all things dark and dire". This story is complete.

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