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Christmas Chaos

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Summary: Xander reflects on the chaos of the year.

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CaliadragonFR1311,540153,8763 Jan 113 Jan 11Yes
Title: Christmas Chaos

Author: CaliaDragon

Fandom: BtVS, CSI: Miami, The Sentinel

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Warnings: Angst, Schmoop, Unbeta’d

AN: I know another Christmas story with a dark overtone; I seem to be unable to write fluffy fics for this time of year. 

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me and they never will.  Yes this makes me feel like someone pissed in my Post Toasties.

Part: 1/1

Characters: Spike, Xander, Graham, Riley

Archive: Anywhere I have posted it, and those with prior permission.

Summary: Xander thinks about the chaos at the end of the year.


Xander looked around the chaos of and sighed quietly to himself.  The Slayers and the watchers were all decorating the house for Christmas, Yule, Chanukah, and any number of religious holidays celebrated by the various people that lived in the house.  Even Spike and Wes were making with the merry.   Xander could care less, he loathed this time of year and was desperately trying to hide is hatred for the good of those around him. 

If it wasn’t for the fact that he swore off alcohol Xander would be somewhere making a bottle of scotch disappear.  However, he had too many responsibilities and a promise never to drink again working against that plan.   The years that he spent in Africa and later Asian, were a boon to him as he did not have to pretend to care about a holiday that had only ever meant loneliness and despair for him.

“Penny for your thoughts luv,” a smooth voice whispered at his ear.  Xander turned and pasted a smile on his face. 

“Just thinking of all the good cheer,” he said honestly, not mentioning how it made him sick to think of it and how much he loathed all that went with it.

Spike cocked an eyebrow and sighed quietly, he and Angel had sensed Xander’s growing discontent with all of the seasonal trappings and were worried he was going to pull one of his disappearing stunts.  Since the fall of Sunnydale and LA, Xander and Faith were the only ones of the survivors that disappeared all of the time.  Willow couldn’t explain it, but the pair was magickally invisible to her.  No tracking spells would work and they learned to disable GPS so that the pair couldn’t be found, unless they wanted to be found.  Spike knew that Faith would stick around for the holiday since the Nibblet was wooing the older slayer and trying to get her to date and mate with her, not that the older girl was making it easy.  The days of Faith being a quick lay died with Robin and the hellmouth.  Dawn however, liked that she had to work for Faith’s attention and was doing everything in her power to get Faith.

No one knew where Xander disappeared to or what would set it off, but they hoped that his new responsibilities would keep him where they could find him.  Giles and Buffy had guilted Xander into taking over the responsibilities of being the Head Watcher of the Northern Continent, which was a fancy way of saying Xander was now in charge of everyone in America that worked for the council.  So far it had worked to keep him where they could find him, but this was the first holiday since Xander had taken control.  Every holiday since Sunnydale Xander had sent presents, but had not been around anyone.  Considering what he knew of past holidays for the boy he wasn’t surprised by Xander’s disdain of the holiday. 

“Xander, come with me?” Spike asked suddenly. 

Xander turned to look at him in question, but followed Spike through the house and up to his suite.  Xander watched as Spike pulled out a trunk, “I got this out before Sunnyhell fell into the ground; I’ve had all of these with me since I became a vampire.”

Xander watched as the older man opened the trunk, pulling out an antique gown and a cane.  He then placed several small boxes onto the table in front of them.  “Go ahead, open them.” Spike said calmly. 

Xander opened the box and awed by the tiny figurines gently stroked them, “Their beautiful.” Xander told him with a soft smile. 

“Me Mum bought one every year for Christmas until the year I was turned, it was hard to look at them for awhile, but now they are a reminder of happier times.  I was thinking of putting them up this year.” Spike told him gently. 

Xander smiled again, “Give me a couple of days and I’ll build you a display box so that they are safe from slayer babies.” 

Spike chuckled and nodded in agreement and gratitude, the slayer babies as Xander called the younger slayers, were a clumsy lot.  It took a lot of training to get the pre-teen slayers organized some days.  The tots, the one’s Xander was the best with, had a hard time controlling their strength and their senses.  Xander had found people to help them, one of them his cousin and his cousin’s mate, but it was still hard on the little girls and sometimes they broke things without meaning to or their senses spiked and caused headaches.  Blair and his mate Speed were the greatest help with the kids. 

Blair and Speed’s coming to the council in Miami was still something that Spike didn’t understand, all he knew was that both had been semi-bonded to two others only to find that their mates were actually meant to be with one another.  Caine and Ellison were still friends with the pair and even helped around the school.  Speed had quite his job with the Miami-Dade police department to work with the Council to hide the evidence when the slayers had to kill something that would lead back to the normal authorities.  Watching Speed and Xander bitch at one another was hilarious and Willow once said that they were Xander and Cordy the next generation without the making out and Speed being an ex-cheerleader.   Xander had just sighed and walked away from her.  Willow had never made that comment again and often wondered why it hurt him so badly.

Spike knew Xander didn’t date or even on the days he was away from the house he didn’t get involved in even a quick shag, being a vampire was often a curse with the amount of pheromones and emotions that drifted around the house.  Spike may have gained human abilities, such as being able to walk in the sunlight and eat human food, but he was still a vampire.  However, it also made it possible for him to help the slayer babies when they hit with a sensory spike. 

Xander shifted back in his chair sighing again as a sense of melancholy overwhelmed him.  He was so lonely and anguished and had no idea why.   Xander knew that Spike and Angel had picked up where they had left off and Xander was happy for them, but his own heart was heavy with what he had lost. 

Spike lifted his head as he heard the front door open and voices call out hellos.  Spike grinned suddenly as a soft masculine voice asked if Xander was there.  He recognized the soft voiced male and wondered how Xander would react to the man’s presence in the Council.  So far Xander’s house had taken in all of the Councils old allies and ex-lovers. 

“Someone’s here to see you Whelp.”  Spike said, as he put away his treasures and led the way from the room. 

When they reached the main greeting room Xander and Spike found Riley and Graham waiting for them.  Many people were peeking at the two ex-commandos.  Xander brightened when he saw the pair.  “Ri, Grey, welcome to Chaos Central.”  Xander said genuinely happy to see the pair.  They grinned and Riley stepped forward getting a hug from Xander.  When they stepped apart Riley grabbed Graham and pulled him forward. 

“Graham here needs a new job, still looking for an arms master?” Riley asked suddenly.

Xander immediately looked worried and elated.  “Of course, but what happened? Are you injured?” Xander asked worried.

“Not injured, we got a new guy in our unit and he was spying, found out I’m gay.  I was discharged, honorably, but still discharged.”  Graham said softly. 

“I’m sorry, but I’m glad to have you… I mean we could use you here.”  Xander said with a smile.

Graham smiled and then moved Riley out of the way, before pressing his body in close to Xander’s.  “Do you need me too?” Graham asked, being bold for the first time in his life.  Xander’s eyes widened and he smiled shyly.

“I thought when you didn’t…”

“Military… plus we had just screwed up your town, didn’t think I had the right to make a move.”  Graham admitted shyly, lowering his eyes. 

Xander stared at Graham, “What do you know… I got something good this time of year after all.”  He said wonderingly, Graham looked up at Xander in question, only to be kissed within an inch of his life.  He moaned into the kiss and wrapped his arms around Xander, finally feeling like he was coming home for good. 

The End


The End

You have reached the end of "Christmas Chaos". This story is complete.

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