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Only HumINT

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Military Option". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Advanced Training for GI Buffster

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BA and stood there looking at the smoldering remains as Walsh sobbed quietly.

"What now El-Tee?"

"Medical attention I think," I pointed at his arm.

"Sounds good. What about her?"

"Leave her. No self-respecting coyote would touch that."

Pops nodded and the pair of us started hobbling for the canyon mouth.

"Th' things you fight Junior. Are they all this crazy?"

"Oh yeah..."

We eventually got to the point where I had intersected the convoy. All three SUVs were burning and Hannibal and Face were in the process of securing the last of the Black Ops troops. The Colonel waved us over.

"Report Lieutenant."

"Situation resolved sir. Entity destroyed."

"Are you sure?"

I held up the skull, "Sir yes sir!"

"Good work you two. Mount up," he pointed over at a humvee, "we're out of here in five. Aerial recon reports another convoy en route."

BA and started limping over, "Pops," I whispered, "How in the hell did he and Face take out all those guys?"

"Never piss him off Junior..."

We had almost made it to the vehicle when I heard helicopters closing fast.

"Incoming!" only problem was they were overhead and guys were rappelling out almost as soon as I shouted.

There were ten of them. All in black with nightvision gear and MP5s. I sighed.

"All uff you, vhere is it?" A guy about as massive as BA with a growly bass voice started with the yelling.

"It's dead," the Colonel said and nodded at BA and me.

"Colonel Smith? Vhat the hell are you doing here?"

"Cleaning up a mess sir. Would you like a cigar?"

"Ya I think I vould," Hannibal and Face walked over and carefully put their weapons on the ground. Then the Colonel pulled out a cigar and handed it to the big guy in black. He pulled off his hood and took it gratefully as Hannibal lit it for him. "Danke."

"My pleasure sir."

"So, vhat the hell happened here. How vas it killed"

I spoke up, "I'm sorry sir, but I don't think you have the clearance to get that information."

"Hannibal, vhat is she talking about?"

"Dutch, that is the toughest 2nd Lieutenant you will ever see...Including me."


"Yes her. General Schaefer, let me introduce Lieutenant Summers."

"Lieutenant, vhat happened here?"

"Like I said sir, if you don't don't have Jarrett level clearance, I can't tell you. Now if you don't mind, Sergeant Baracus is hurt pretty bad," I pulled off my balaclava, "I'm not feeling so hot myself."

"Buffy, what happened to your face?" Hannibal looked kind of shocked.

I poked my cheek and felt the grating of bone ends moving, "Forearm smash maybe? BA did you see what hit me?"

"Think it was th' kick at your shoulder that kind of missed."

"Ohhh yeah! Right after I tagged in."

The General wasn't looking at my face. His attention was on the skull I held in my left hand.

"How did you get that?"

"It was a present. I was told I earned it. You want one, you have to get your own," then the world turned all gray and I fell down.

Six weeks later I had completed the final FTX. The story the hospital (and the MI School) had gotten is that I had been run over by a poacher's jeep when I was patrolling the site perimeter. My super-healy stuff had done it's work so I only looked really banged up and not almost dead when they checked me in.

The Colonel, Face, Murdock (and Billy) had sent me a fruit basket and BA had sent me flowers and his original Ranger Tab. Mom had shown up the day after I had been checked in and it was really great to spend time with her.

Just before they released me from the hospital, Mom and I were packing up my stuff when there was a knock at my door.

I stepped over, pulled it open and there was General Schaefer looming over me.

"I still need your report Lieutenant."

"I'm sorry sir..."

"The Jarrett codeword is vampires. Here are your orders, see you in a month at Fort Bragg," he handed me a pack of documents and left. I stood there staring down the hallway after him.

"What was it Buffy?"

"I'm not sure mom but I think I've been recruited..."


Will there be more? Well duh....

The End

You have reached the end of "Only HumINT". This story is complete.

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