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What one wishes for...

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Summary: Catherine Willows makes a wish. Halfrek grants it.

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CSI > CSI Las VegasDmitriFR71422052,1624 Jan 114 Jan 11Yes
What one wishes for...

Disclaimer: All of the characters belong to their respective owners.

A job at the CSI may be considered glamorous, but in reality it is merely demanding. Catherine Willows was never the one to complain, but lately she was beginning to feel very much under the weather indeed.

“It’s not that I don’t like my job – I love it,” she silently mused in a bar as she was taking a brief break from the case that involved too many horseflies and fleas for everyone’s liking (except for Gil Grissom, who was almost giddy), “but I also love my daughter. Sometimes I wish that I could just be able to split in two and be in several places at once!”

“Wish granted,” another woman sitting not far away from Catherine muttered quietly, but Catherine didn’t this...

What she did hear, instead, was the sound of her pager beeping, signalling that her break was over. Cursing under her breath, Catherine got up and out of the bar.

And it was then that the wish hit. For a brief moment Catherine had a case of extreme vertigo, as her body and her reality was turned inside out and back inside, transforming her (and her daughter) from a human into something else – and then it was over.

“...Did I just feel strange?” Catherine Willows, a CSI and a Sarcoda demon (well, one could say demoness, but only very loosely, because the Sarcoda reproduced by splitting instead of sexual acts) mused to herself and thought about it some more.

For a while, Catherine’s life was typical for that of the Sarcodas of Las Vegas – infiltrate the city’s underworld as a pole dancer and feed on the unsuspecting populace. Then, however, as the city’s finest began to come to close for comfort, she had a revelation: why fight them if you can join them – and that was what she did, though as a CSI rather than a police officer, and hadn’t regretted it since. In fact, her life as a CSI was so successful, that she was able to both split in two and bud off a fresh new daughter of her own – a rarity among the Sarcoda of Las Vegas. Life was good for Catherine, and if she didn’t get careless or stupid, it would remain so for a good long while yet.

Smiling, and feeling rather fortified by her pep talk, Catherine Willows the Sarcoda squared her shoulders and walked away to a brand new case. The watchful eyes of Halfrek the vengeance demon watcher her leave – chalk up another satisfied customer...


The End

You have reached the end of "What one wishes for...". This story is complete.

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