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Wanted Once Again

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Summary: Foxx's dedication to the Code of the Fraternity earns her a second chance. Buffy makes a new friend and accepts a new duty.

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Chapter One

Chapter One

Buffy glanced up momentarily as the woman on the bed suddenly jackknifed into a sitting position with a hard gasp. She returned her attention to the file in her lap, even as the woman felt at her back for the custom hardware that was no longer there. She'd read through the night and now, with the sunlight shining brightly through the windows, she was ready for some coffee.

"Your guns are on the table beside the bed." She said quietly. "I've got the clips, though."

Foxx twisted into a fighting position the moment she heard the strange voice. The last thing she remembered was shooting the curve shot and watching her bullet kill her friends before coming right at her. She should be dead.

"Who are you?" Foxx growled, scrambling to get her bearings. "Where am I?"

"Buffy. Florida." The Slayer smiled slightly and stood. "Let your senses settle and adjust. Catch your breath. When you're ready, come on down and I'll explain what's happened to you."

The first thing that Foxx noticed as the slight blonde moved calmly towards the door, was that she had left the clips to her guns in the chair that she had just vacated. Next to the clips, was the thick file folder that she had been reading through. Moving quickly, she scooped up her guns, then went for the clips. She was about to return to the bed, when she noticed a page sticking out of the folder. It had her picture on it.

Cautiously, she flipped open the folder. It was a file on her as a Fraternity member. She skimmed through it quickly. All of her kills were listed there. Her training regime. Her skills and abilities.

"What the fuck is going on?" She muttered to herself.

Stretching out her senses, she felt that it was just her and the strange blonde. She could smell the ocean and hear people going about their business outside. Moving back to the bed, she quickly broke down her weapons to check them over thoroughly before putting them back together in quick, efficient movements, even a little surprised to find that the woman had left a bullet in both of the chambers. Somehow, she knew that they hadn't been left there by mistake. Nothing had been sabotaged. None of the bullets had been tampered with. She reloaded the guns and slid them into their holsters at her back, instantly feeling infinitely more comfortable. Finally, she took a look around the room that she was in.

She focused her senses again. No vibrations in the air. That meant no hidden surveillance equipment like mics. She still wasn't sure about cameras, but somehow, she doubted it. Too much a professional to be trusting, she edged carefully out into the hall. She moved soundlessly, studying her surrounding along the way, and made her way silently down the stairs. Even still, she nearly jumped out of her skin when the woman, Buffy, suddenly spoke from another room.

"I can't cook," she said, "so if you want something to eat, you're going to have to fix it yourself, or we'll have to go out, but there is coffee made and juice in the fridge."

Foxx found the woman in the kitchen nursing her own cup of fragrant coffee. Standing in the entryway, she studied the other woman for a moment. She was petite, but there was a definable muscle tone in her slender arms and legs. There was a long gash along the curve of her collarbone, and she could see a visibly fading bruise along the woman's ribcage, disappearing up into the halter and down into the leather pants. There were also various other scratches and smaller discolorations. She looked like she'd just gone a few rounds with the Repairman. As she stared, she watched in near amazement as the smaller cuts faded and disappeared before her eyes.

“We can stay here and talk, or we can go out and talk.” The woman, Buffy, she said her name us, told her, looking her squarely in the eyes. “But there's one thing you need to know now."

"And that is?" Foxx finally spoke.

"In this dimension, your Fraternity doesn’t exist. In any way, shape or form.”

~~~ BtVS ~~ Wanted ~~~

Buffy watched curiously as Foxx processed the bombshell that she'd just dropped on her. She'd had a good hunt last night, taking out a couple of Fernak demons. Slender and lithe where most demons were bulky, Fernak demons relied on their lightning speed instead of brute strength. The trio had given her a real challenge, and one had even managed to escape. She had intended on hitting a couple of the nightclubs, but something told her to go back home.

She found the lush bodied woman in the guest room. She was dressed like Faith, but even unconscious, this woman was much hotter. Buffy had felt her body respond predictably, but pushed the feelings away. Just her luck, she figured. She'd had a hard enough time resisting Faith. She had a feeling that when awake and aware, the woman probably redefined sex appeal. The first thing she did was remove the clips from the guns lying next to the woman. She left the chambered bullets alone. If they somehow ended up getting attacked, those first shots would give Buffy enough time to toss her the full clips.

She figured, after the initial shock and disbelief was out of the way, she'd take Foxx to the local demon bar for proof after dark. Until then, they'd spend the day getting the woman situated. Take her shopping for some clothes, get her a new ride, stuff like that. According to the file that had been left with her, a small fraction of her accumulated wealth had been transferred along with her in the form of old unmatured bearer bonds, tax free since they were pre-1950. Buffy's eyes had nearly fallen out of her head when she saw that the 'small fraction' had eight digits attached to it before it got around to a decimal point, and that was without the accumulated interest.

"What do you mean, no Fraternity?" Foxx asked incredulously. "That's impossible. There's always been a Fraternity."

"Not here, there isn't." Buffy said gently. This was a dangerous woman on a good day. Ruffling her feathers wouldn't be particularly wise since she'd given her bullets back. She kept her eyes on Foxx's hand, which were already to close to her back and twitching. "You died in your world, remember?" Foxx nodded warily. "You weren't supposed to. Your boss faked the kill orders, just like he faked the ones that got his name put on the Loom in the first place."

"I don't understand." Foxx said, her normally confident voice unsteady in a way that it hadn't been since before she'd been recruited.

"Think it through, Foxx. The names in the Loom are people who willingly do things that cause the deaths of people who need to live. You and the others were only taking out the people that you were ordered to by your boss, because he was the Interpreter, but how could you have known that he was putting his own names in with the others to line his own pockets? It was only his name that came down, but he made the others as an 'insurance policy', of sorts. He knew that someday, someone would figure it out, and he planned accordingly."

Foxx dropped into a chair opposite of Buffy. She could see the truth in the other woman's eyes. She had died for nothing, had killed her friends, her family, for nothing. Buffy gave her a few minutes before continuing.

"Because you believed in the Code enough to do what you did, your Fate has given you another chance." Buffy told her. "You couldn't be brought back in your own dimension, because of Laws that you'd really have no way of knowing about, but here, those Laws are different. Here, magic exists, demons and monsters, not just the human kind, really exist, and coming back from the dead is not only possible, but an accepted occurrence for certain kinds of people. I just happened to be one of those types of people." She saw the blatant disbelief on Foxx's face. "Don't worry. I plan to prove it to you."

"Then who or what are you supposed to be?"

Buffy smirked. "I'm the thing that the demons and the monsters are scared of. A petite, blonde, former California cheerleader, with the strength and speed and skills to fight them on their own level."

Foxx couldn't help but smirk back. She'd often been underestimated in her skills as an assassin because she was a beautiful woman, despite the fact that her track record clearly put her in the upper echelons of the Fraternity ranks. To date, her only miss had been Wesley, and she believed that that had been due to luck and the fact he had been trained by the best that the Fraternity offered, herself included, to take down one of the absolute best that the Fraternity ever produced. His father.

"He finished it." She suddenly heard Buffy say. "The Emissary that brought you here wanted me to pass that along. Wesley finished the job. Said to tell you that he took out Sloan the same way his dad took out the guy that you all used to bring Wesley in. I figured that you'd know what that meant."

"Ironic." Foxx commented dryly. That just proved Wesley's innate talent despite the training. There weren't too many that could make that kind of shot, especially a rookie. "So, what's your story? Why am I here with you?"

"This is my dimension. Fate guides this dimension, like it does all dimensions, but Destiny protects it and, for a lack of a better term, I've been Destiny's bitch for most of my life." Buffy's tone was sardonic and deeply self-mocking. "I just recently became a free agent of sorts, and they figured that I was the best suited to be your quote unquote 'guide', since I'm in a position to give you something to do with those impressive skills that you've got, that don't involve the government, since I figure you'd have a bigger problem with authority than my kind does."

Buffy finished her coffee in silence, letting Foxx think whatever she was thinking. Finally, she got bored. "C'mon, let's go get you situated. I’ve got enough money to get you some clothes and a new ride until we can get to your money. If you don’t mind, I’d rather wait until we can get back to the Council to get to your money. It’ll be a lot less hassle.”

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