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Wanted Once Again

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Summary: Foxx's dedication to the Code of the Fraternity earns her a second chance. Buffy makes a new friend and accepts a new duty.

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Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight

Early the next afternoon, Buffy and Foxx were pulling through ornate gates that surrounded the grounds of Slayer Central, better known to the rest of the world as The Joyce Summers Institute for Special Studies. Foxx's eyes flashed from side to side, quickly surveying the grounds, as she followed the motorcycle down the path that ended in a well lit garage. Foxx pulled up alongside her partner as Buffy turned off her bike and removed her helmet.

“You can park over there.” Buffy told her, pointing. “Later on, we'll come back down with Faith and you can tell her what you want done with it.”

After pulling into the indicated spot, Foxx killed the engine and popped the trunk. Buffy might trust these people, but she didn't know them, and there was no way she was leaving her personal stuff in such a vulnerable location.

“You want to leave your money here, or put it in your magic bag?” Foxx asked.

Buffy tilted her head in consideration, then walked over to the car and pulled her duffel over her head. Opening it, she spoke inside. “Jeter, I'm putting you in Foxx's truck. There are two bags in there that I need stored.” She placed the duffel in the truck, still open, but before she closed it, she looked at the taller woman. “He can store your stuff too, if you like. That way, you don't have to haul it around until we get your room straightened out.”

Foxx thought about it for a moment, then nodded, replacing her bags. Considering he, or it, or whatever Buffy had in that bag, hadn't messed with her beloved guns when they'd had to be hidden from the police, she figured that she could trust him with her more mundane stuff.

“Jeter, just store all the bags. I'll be back later to move you to my closet.”

“Very good.” The disembodied voice replied.

They were walking from the garage to the main building when Foxx finally asked. “B, what the hell is in that bag?”

Buffy grinned. She'd been waiting for the question for some time now. She was actually impressed with Foxx's restraint. “Jeter's a Shadow Threshold Demon. They're kind of like the British butlers of the demon world. They each live in their own little pocket dimension that can only be accessed in complete darkness. Jeter, well, his real name is something long and complicated, was under the employ of this demon lord that running a breeding farm, breeding human babies to be sold as delicacies. Apparently, it was a booming business until I came along. After taking care of the supplier, Faith and I went after the demanders.”

“Get all of them?” Foxx asked with a glint in her eye.

“Trust me, Faith and I made our disapproval felt.” Buffy answered grimly. “In some ways, parts of the demon world are a lot like organized crime families, and we made it clear that, if something like that was ever started up again, what we did then would seem like a day in their favorite part of Hell compared to what we’d do next.”

That was the last thing said about it as Buffy pushed open the large double doors of the building. They hadn’t walked more than a half dozen steps inside before an older woman, already graying at the temples, approached them. “Good afternoon, welcome to the Joyce Summers…, ahh, Ms. Summers, how nice to see you again.”

“Hi, Mrs. Bannister.” Buffy greeted the woman with a warm smile. She had been here a few times, usually to drop Faith off when the younger Slayer met up to either take a time out from being Head Slayer or to help her with a particularly irritating Big Bad wannabe. Mrs. Bannister was the Matron in Charge of the Institute, and her no-nonsense personality quickly made her a favorite in Buffy’s book. Also a trained psychologist, she was the closest thing that any of them had to a much needed psychiatrist. “Is Faith around?”

“I do believe that she is still abed.” Mrs. Bannister clucked disapprovingly. “She was out rather late last night.”

Buffy grinned.  As much as the matronly former watcher seemed to disapprove of her sister Slayer, Buffy knew that the woman loved Faith as if she were family, something Faith sorely needed. Something all of the Scoobies had needed after the deaths of Joyce and Tara. Unlike other watchers from the old regime, Mrs. Bannister did not judge them harshly for their past mistakes, not even Faith and Willow, but took them into her heart as they were, mental and emotional scars and all, and by doing so, gave them the stability that they needed to rebuild many of the bridges that they had burned between themselves. She even understood Buffy's need to not be here on the Hellmouth where most of the others felt that she should be.

After taking a moment to introduce Foxx to Mrs. Bannister, and vice versa, she left her new partner with the house matron and went in search of her Slayer Sister. The Potentials might have been activated through Willow's spell, but Faith was the only one that she'd ever give that particular label to. When they returned downstairs, Mrs. Bannister had Foxx seated at a table in the kitchen, nursing a cup of fragrant coffee as she and the older woman debated the pros and cons of various hand-to-hand techniques.

“Damn, B,” Faith exclaimed when she saw the woman, “if you guys are really just friends, can I have the benefits?”

Buffy looked over to her Slayer Sister. “Faith, I think she might be too much, even for you.”

The woman in question looked over at the Slayers with a smirk before turning back to her conversation. After a quick introduction of Faith and Foxx, Buffy joined their conversation while Faith helped herself to some food and coffee. Soon enough, they were ready and, after reassuring Mrs. Bannister that they would be back for dinner, the three of the headed for the garage.

Once in the garage, Buffy directed Foxx to her car and climbed onto her bike, as Faith moved over to the far wall and pressed a sequence into the keypad that Foxx had noticed there but dismissed. Buffy maneuvered her bike up next to the brunette as the wall split open to reveal a long tunnel. Faith climbed on behind the blonde and motioned for Foxx to follow. A few minutes later, they were in what looked like an automotive mechanic's dream garage. Buffy parked her bike on the bike ramp, then retrieved her duffel bag from Foxx's trunk and disappeared back down the tunnel, leaving the two brunette's alone.

“So, B says you want your shit tricked.” Faith stated as she pulled on some stained overalls after Foxx had parked into a designated spot that could be blocked off from the rest of the garage. “You talking the full monty, dealer's choice, or specific requests?”

Foxx got out and moved to stand next to the younger Slayer. She had Faith explain what options were available and incorporated them into what she, herself, considered to be essential modifications. There were also some things that Buffy would be installing into the car as well.

“Damn, this is gonna be sweet!” Faith grinned broadly, showcasing her dimples in all their glory. “It'll take a couple of weeks though to get the parts and the work done. You mind having some of the kids help out, or is gonna just be us?”

“B trusts you, so I'll trust you.” Foxx said after a moment. “If you trust them to work on your car, then they can work on mine.”

“How you figure you can snake my name for her?” Faith demanded, suddenly glaring at the older brunette. “Only I get to call her that.”

“Not anymore.” Foxx smirked back. “Besides, I call her that probably for the same reason you do.”

Faith studied the former assassin for a long moment, then nodded. “Yeah, prob'ly.” Then she grinned. “Nobody as badass as her should be saddled with a name like 'Buffy'.”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Wanted Once Again" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Sep 12.

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