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This story is No. 14 in the series "The Military Option". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: COL Summers and MAJ Lehane's military honors as of "Sandstormy/Living Legends"

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Chapter One

And fixed the link...


National Defense and Army Service were given to her once she completed Basic Training and AIT.

Her Combat Action Badge, Overseas Service, Global War on Terror Expeditionary, Global War on Terror Service, Afghanistan Campaign, Bronze Star and one of her AAMs came from the first story.

The other AAM and both Illinois Guard ribbons came from her service in the Illinois National Guard.

The weapon qualifications she has to redo every year (The wreathed Cross and traget means she qualified expert) and she attended Air Assault School while she was in college, and Airborne School in the first chapters of this story.

The 33rd Infantry Brigade patch is attached her right shoulder as that is the unit she was permanently assigned to when she was in Afghanistan and saw combat.

The MI School patch is the one she is currently wearing on her left shoulder due to her trainee status at Huachuca.

The Blue Beret flash on the left is has her old Military Police Battalion (33rd) Crest and the one on the right has her current rank (2nd Lieutenant)

The Solid Brass Discs are from her enlisted Military Occupational Specialty Branch (Military Police)

The Compass Rose looking thingy is the officer's version of the Military Intelligence Branch Insignia.

So basically Left side is her enlisted stuff, Right side her officer stuff.

Buffy is Property of Mutant Enemy
All Awards are Property of the Army Institute of Heraldry
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