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Dinner with the Weasleys

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This story is No. 4 in the series "2011 Calendar Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dawn meets the Weasleys. Ginny is not impressed.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenteredRuneWitchSakuraFR1511,4730117,4247 Jan 117 Jan 11Yes
Dinner with the Weasleys
Chapter Number: 01/01
Story Summary: Dawn meets the Weasleys. Ginny is not impressed.
DISCLAIMER: I Do Not Own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, or anything related to them.
Date (Upload Date): 01/07/11
Date (2011 Calendar Date): 01/06
Word: Personality
This takes place after chapter four of SWIC, which, as of the time this story was first posted, has not been posted quite yet. It will be soon though. (EDIT: It has been posted as of 01/11/11)
Does this mean a Harry/Dawn pairing is in the future? No, it doesn’t. Harry will be with someone else (*cough*crane*cough*). Mentions of Slash, aside from the previous coughing fit.
When she offered to go to the Weasley’s house with Harry, she hadn’t expected to have a Death Glare directed at her all night. Harry brought her to a strangely shaped house in the middle of a field.

“Anyone in?” he called, as they entered. Dawn hoped that the building wouldn’t cave in on her. Xander would have a field day with this place.

“In here, Harry dear,” a voice called from the kitchen. “Oh, it’s so good of you to come.” The voice said as they entered. It was a graying red-haired woman. “Arthur will be delighted. And who’s this, then?”

“Molly, this is Dawn Summers, one of the Junior Agents where I work. Dawn, this is Molly Weasley, the woman who took in a rough-looking runt and turned him into me.”

“Oh, quiet you.”

“Did I hear Harry?” a girl’s voice called. The owner came down the stairs.

“Yes, Ginny. Harry’s here, and he brought a friend.”

“Oh?” The girl looked older than her.

“Ginny, Dawn. Dawn, Ginny.” Harry looked extremely uncomfortable.

“Nice to meet you,” Dawn said.

“Yeah,” was all that Ginny said. And the Death Glares began. Dawn met the rest of the family as they came home. Through. The. Fireplace.

“This is the coolest place ever,” Dawn told Harry. He laughed.

Arthur, also graying, was Molly’s husband. He was happy to see Harry, but even happier to see her once he found out she grew up in what he called the Muggle World. He would have pulled her into a conversation about plugs and batteries if Molly hadn’t distracted him. Molly gave Dawn a wink as she led Arthur away.

Ron, the youngest son, and his wife, Hermione were the next to come. Ron immediately went to the kitchen to see if dinner would be done anytime soon. Hermione spoke animatedly about a new project at work. She and Dawn quickly bonded over old languages.

The twins, Fred and George, and their fiancés, Angelina and Alicia, were next. The twins finished each other’s sentences, while their fiancés told her to ignore them. She did one better, and pulled an Anya-esque line from out of nowhere.

“So, twins? Are they exactly the same, or is one bigger than the other?” Fred and George’s mouths dropped, right before getting into an argument about who was bigger. Angelina congratulated her on getting them to focus on something other than pranking someone.

Percy, and his fiancé, Penelope came. Penelope talked about her job as a journalist at the Daily Prophet (which Harry explained was the Wizard Newspaper). They just recently fired the last of the bad reporters (Rita Skeeter, who held on to her job with her claw-like fingernails). Percy mumbled something about cauldrons before the next set of people came in.

Charlie, along with his boyfriend Daniel, greeted Molly with a kiss on the cheek each. They both worked with dragons in Romania. Charlie’s arm was in a splint, which worried Molly.

“It’s fine, Mum. It’s just a small fracture. The healer just wants me to keep it still,” Charlie told her.

“Well, why don’t they heal it up all the way?” she asked.

“It’s from one of the baby Vipertooths. Its venom is preventing a complete magical healing.”

Before Molly could berate him about having such a dangerous job (for longer than a moment or two anyway), Bill, the oldest of all the Weasley children, came through with his wife Fleur, and their little toddler, Victoire. Fleur was easily the prettiest woman Dawn had ever seen, and she wore a blonde ditz façade similar to Buffy’s.

An older, non-redheaded, woman Andromeda, came through immediately after, with her grandson Teddy, who was Harry’s godson. Teddy immediately demanded to be held by Harry, while Andromeda greeted everyone then insisted she help Molly in the kitchen.

The Death Glares from Ginny didn’t stop as Dawn was introduced to everyone. Harry and Dawn happily played with Teddy and Victoire, and Dawn was sure, judging by the look on Fleur’s face, that Victoire’s mother was already planning the wedding. Ginny’s Death Glares were mostly ignored, save for a few worried glances Harry threw in the red-head’s direction.

“Well, c’mon you lot. Dinner’s on the table,” Molly called.

“What’s her problem?” Dawn whispered to Harry as the family headed to the kitchen.

“Ginny and I used to Date. I broke up with her when I went traveling with Ron and Hermione. She expected us to get back together and get married when the three of us got back. I wasn’t interested in rekindling the relationship.”

“So she’s glaring at me because she thinks I’m stealing you from her?”



“Why do you think I was so hesitant to come? The girl scares me.”

Dinner was fun, save for the Death Glares from the youngest Weasley. Teddy absolutely refused to let Andromeda feed him, so Harry did instead. Teddy’s hair turned a deep blue as he sat on Harry’s lap, not willing to leave. An occasional Death Glare was thrown his way by Ginny, though most seemed reserved for Dawn.

One of the twins would distract Ron, while the other would replace the food on his plate with vegetables. Ron caught on, and stabbed the hand of the next twin to try it with his fork. The wound was easily healed, though the twins didn’t try it again.

Hermione, Penelope, and Fleur were in a discussion about Charms, which George joined in on. Angelina, Alicia, and Harry were explaining Quidditch to Dawn. Fred joined in with stories of Harry’s time as Gryffindor seeker.

Molly appeared to be trying to get Bill, Charlie, and Daniel to quit their jobs and move in with her, Arthur, and Ginny. Bill ignored her, conveniently using feeding Victoire as an excuse.

After dinner, all of them moved out into the backyard. A few lighting and heating charms dealt with the fading light and slight chill brought by the setting sun. Ginny lagged behind in the house for a few minutes.

“She better not be doing what I think she’s doing,” Ron said with a frown. Hermione sighed.

“She probably is.”

“Get ready to leave quickly,” Harry told Dawn.

“Will it be by portkey?” Dawn asked. That was how they arrived. It had made her sick with all the swirling colors and pull at her navel area.

“If she’s doing what we think she’s doing, I’ll probably side along you.”

“Side along me?”

“Apparition. It’s like teleporting,” Hermione said.

“Feels like you’re being shoved through a straw,” Harry added. “Though, it’s not as bad as the portkeys, I don’t think.”

“I like portkeys better myself,” Ron said, “but Harry here’s had bad experiences with them. Or rather the places they’ve taken him.”

“I’m starting to like apparition more already,” Dawn mumbled, as Ginny came into the backyard with a smug look on her face.

“Yep, she did,” Harry said.

“Did what exactly?” Dawn asked, as an old man with a beard so long he had it tucked into his belt, came out of the house.

“Called Dumbledore.”

“Ah, hello Harry, my boy. Fancy seeing you here,” the old man called. Most of the people around glared at him, though Molly’s glare was directed towards Ginny.

“Yeah, Fancy that,” Harry said, before grabbing Dawn’s wrist. And then they were back at the Cleveland House.

“Whoa. That was like being shoved through a straw. Who was the old guy?”

“Albus Dumbledore. He seems to think he knows everything, and he won’t leave me alone. He thinks I should marry Ginny and settle down as an Auror, before becoming the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts.” Seeing the confusion on Dawn’s face, he continued, “An Auror is like the magical police, but under the control of the magical government. Defense is where we learn about the curses, hexes, jinxes, and ‘dark creatures’ that could hurt us and how to defend against them. I’d never work for the Ministry of Magic, no matter who’s in charge now, and I refuse to work at Hogwarts so long as Dumbledore is there.”

“So, crazy old guy with god complex. We should get Willow to add that to his file in the Magical Persons Database.”
The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Dinner with the Weasleys". This story is complete.

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