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A time of troubles

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Summary: AU - the arrival of Sarah Page's twin sister results in a lot of problems to the ARC

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Television > PrimevalDmitriFR776,580021,7717 Jan 114 Mar 13Yes

A Time of Troubles VII

Disclaimer: see previous chapters.

When James Lester heard as to what has happened with the armored dinosaur and the robot, he was not amused. The fact that Christine Johnson had been within earshot had only made it worse – Lester was often unsure as to how he felt about the other civil servant, but when they departed for today, he was quite sure that in this case it was an outright case of hostility, generously sated with embarrassment.

“Well, sir, Mr. Lester, it could’ve been worse. The driver of the Robosaurus was quite under-standing and comprehending about the situation, and left us go without any payment,” Becka Page said feebly, hoping to mollify Lester – and she actually succeeded, sort of.

“For free?” the civil servant said thoughtfully. “I confess this does change things – from a certain point of view... but don’t do this again!”

“We won’t,” Becker said quickly. “The driver showed us the bill for the next time that we call, and it was big.”

Lester just glared, and Becker belatedly realized that he should have kept his mouth shut, but it was too late – Lester went on a ranting tangent once more...


“So, that was Kuro,” Helen explained to Jenny as the two of them looked away from the monitor depicting the ARC team making it through the confrontation with the extra-spiky cousin of stegosaurus without any casualties, “and those were your friends making it without any loss of life or limb. Any more questions?”

“You keep a tab on them?”

“But of course – I am an investor in the ARC, you know, I got to keep tabs on my investments.”

“...And Lester knows this?”

“Knows, but hasn’t been able to prove it yet, or maybe his heart isn’t it to begin with.”

“Ah. The two of you have a strange relationship.”

“Maybe. What about you?”

Jenny thought about this. “You don’t need a good PR agent, do you?”

Helen looked at her in a thoughtful way. “Yes. Why you?”

“Why not? Consider this your karmic payback for shooting Nick.”

“This doesn’t make sense.”

“I know. What’s your point?”

“You’re hired.”



“Nicola, hi. It is Abby. Can we talk?”


The End

You have reached the end of "A time of troubles". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking