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Tales of the Immortal

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Summary: What if Damon Salvatore was the "Immortal" mentioned when Buffy and Dawn were to be living in Rome. There's no Elena and no Stephen. Dawn's studying to be a watcher and just needs some non-slayer related time, while Damon just wants Katherine back.

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Literature > Vampire Diaries, The > Dawn-CenteredzeppoJanezFR181845,6014165,9998 Jan 114 Apr 11No

Moving On

Title: Tales of the Immortal- Moving On
Author: zeppoJane
Disclaimer: I own neither Btvs or the Vampire Diaries in any way.
Summary: What if Damon Salvatore was the "Immortal" mentioned when Buffy and Dawn were to be living in Rome. There's no Elena and no Stephen. Dawn's studying to be a watcher and just needs some non-slayer related time, while Damon just wants Katherine back. Primarily Dawn/Damon although there is some Dawn/O.C and Buffy/Alaric.

Buffy looked up into Spike’s beautiful face and smiled even though the tears were brimming in her eyes. Their hands were wrapped together, his face lighted up not with sunlight but with something that was just… Spike. He turned towards her and she finally let the words she had held back for so long to spill from her lips. “I love you.” He smiled just a bit even though there was a deep aching pain behind that smile.

“No you don’t, but thanks for saying it.” Even though he says this they both know he’s wrong. Buffy loves him more than anything else in the world but its too late for them, the worlds literally crumbling down around them. “Now go!” he shouts and she gives him a terse nod and runs. The bus is already speeding away but Buffy runs after it anyways never stopping, never hesitating, even as the ground shakes and collapses in upon itself just behind them. They make it clear. They’ve won, they’ve changed the world, and they’ve lost everything all in one day.

Dawn sat patiently in their hotel room waiting for Buffy to finish her shower. They had been there nearly a week and already everyone else had taken off. The new slayers split off into separate directions to rejoin with their various families. Giles returned to England and thankfully took Andrew with him. Willow and Kennedy were on their way to Rio de Janero, and Xander decided to do some soul searching in the wilds of Africa. Even Faith had headed towards Boston with Robin in tow. Buffy and Dawn were the only ones left to decide where they wanted to go.

Buffy came out of the bathroom her wet hair splayed out around her robe clad shoulders. She plopped down next to Dawn on the queen bed they had been sharing. “What’s up Dawnie? You not in a TV watching mood?”

Dawn looked up at her sister “Nah… I was kinda hoping we could talk…” Buffy looked confused and a bit concerned. Dawn was rarely ever so serious, “It’s just everyone’s gone Buffy, and we don’t exactly have a home left to go to… I was just… I wanna know what you had in mind for our futures, cause living in a motel… so not gonna happen.”

Buffy took a deep breath before answering, “I know. I’ve been thinking about that a bit myself and I think with the money I’ve saved up combined with the insurance money from the house… we could go anywhere we wanted… so maybe we could decide together.” She smiled at Dawn. She just wanted her sister to know that she had a choice here, she wasn’t just going to be dragged along for the ride.

“Not L.A.” Dawn’s voice was stern and for just a second she saw a swirling flash of emotions go through her sisters face. “There’s just too much baggage there Buffy, so that one’s definitely out of the picture.”

Buffy accepted her little sister’s ability to bluntly point out a topic that left her reeling, “okay… but we’re not going to England either.”

Dawn smiled, “agreed…. Europe might be nice in general though. You know some place that has history.”

“When I was young, you know before all the slayer stuff, I wanted to move to Rome,” the slayer smiled at the idea of how innocent her dreams had been.

“Yah and you wanted to marry Christian Slater too,” they both laughed at this. “Well, if you still wanna go there, Rome works for me.” They smiled at each other. Rome may not have been the best or most logical choice but they both slept a lot better that night knowing they had at least made one.

Dawn finished pulling her blue jeans out of their shipping box and began hanging them up in her new closet. The apartment she was sharing with Buffy here in Rome was small yet elegant. Her room was a lovely lilac purple color with plush gray carpet, and white trim. She still had three more boxes to go when Buffy popped her head in the door. “Hey Dawn, I love what you’re doing with the place,” Buffy smiled glad to see her sister accepting the drastic change so well.

“Yah, this room is pretty awesome,” Dawn smiled back openly. “I’ll help you unpack in the kitchen when I get done okay.”

“Ah, no rush Dawnie. Actually I’m starving so I thought I’d try to drag you out for dinner and then we could finish unpacking the rest tomorrow.”

Dawn tossed the rest of her jeans back in the box and grabbed her. “Sounds great. I could really do with a break,” she laughed as they left the apartment.

They sat a small diner six blocks away and tried to figure out what to order. Dawn had already learned some pretty passable Italian but Buffy was struggling as usual. “You know,” Buffy paused with slightly pouted face. “I’m starting to think that moving to a non-American speaking country was of the bad.” Her brow furrowed as she tried to decipher the menu. In the end Dawn ordered for her, and they both laughed and joked about Dawn’s lingual talents.

They fell quiet as Dawn reflected on her sister’s seeming closeness even though, she could tell the jovial attitude was just a mask. She chose not to say anything about it yet, after all the love of Buffy’s life had just died less than three weeks ago.

Buffy was quiet herself as she regarded how her younger sister was growing up. In the last year Dawn had been braver and more mature than Buffy had been at times. And now with Dawn’s Junior year of high school looming in two weeks and her beginnings at officially studying to be a watcher, Buffy wondered how Dawn would ever manage to actually enjoy her youthful life. “Dawn,… are you sure you can handle all this?”

Dawn looked up at Buffy from the heaping plate of pasta that had just been laid in front of her, “well even if I can’t I’m sure I can get a doggy bag.”

Buffy looked surprised and then realized that Dawn hadn’t understood what she had meant. “I meant with the new country, and new school, and watcher’s training. Plus you should be able to enjoy time with friends.. And maybe a boyfriend…” Buffy seemed very tentative to allow the last to ever occur.

The sweet brunette chewed her food slowly before answering, “Yah, I mean school’s school, and I’m adapting to the move pretty well… at least I think so.. Plus I have to make friends before I can spend time with any… I don’t intend to date, so yes, you can go ahead and sigh with relief,” Buffy promptly did so with a slightly breathy chuckle. “And I won’t actually be dealing with any slayers, other than you, at least not until I’ve like finished college, and that’s a ways away.”

Buffy nodded, “alright, I guess it sounds like you’ve got it pretty figured out then.”

Dawn laughed, “I always do.”

Damon Salvatore was over one thousand years old, he was one of the most powerful vampires in the world, and yet here he was having to argue with one simple human lawyer. Ilona might have been the one running the multi-dimensional wonder that was Wolf Ram & Hart but she was a tool for wielding their power. He had spent the last three weeks trying to squeeze in a few minutes with her and had finally resolved into chasing her down at the Roma Bibliotequa de Augurs when she was doing charity work.

Ilona was beautiful woman no doubt about it, she was big breasted, and had perfect lips with perfect hair, skin and clothes to match. But in truth her personality left a lot to be desired. She pretended to be as sweet as honey but could turn around and strike just like a viper. It reminded him of Katherine actually, which was his entire reason for doing any of this. Some stupid monks had locked her in a tomb and sealed it with magic nearly eight centuries prior. He had to get her out, it was just that simple.

“Look Ilona, I know you’ve got to have some magicky person on your payroll that can break the seal on the tomb for me. And you know I contribute enough favors and financial rollover to the law firm that doing me this one little itty bitty favor in return should be nothing at all.”

Ilona was going to be late to her meeting with the Go’blar demons representative. They would not behave kindly if she was, “I’m sorry Mr. Salvatore but I’ve already discussed with the Senior Partners and they feel that considering Katherine’s malicious tendencies it would be best if she was simply left there.”

Damon quickened his pace to match the lawyers, “what? No. I can’t just leave her there, especially not after working so long and hard trying to find a way to get her out.”

Ilona stopped suddenly and answered Damon directly, “the only way we would be willing to help you open that tomb is if we were opening it just to turn around and kill Katherine ourselves. I’m sorry Damon, but there’s really nothing I can do.” The tough Italian in her forced her to turn and rush away to her meeting.

Damon raced to catch up to her again but was suddenly hindered when a lean young woman fell on him.

Dawn had been looking for a text on H’Rash’Na demons at the library for the last two hours. Finally found it but it was on an extremely high shelf, nearly twelve feet up. Dawn sighed and thanked every god she knew that she was both tall and wearing six inch heels that day. She stretched upward but the book still fell just out of reach so Dawn quickly snatched a small step stool from two aisles down and clambered up to reach it. The book was finally in her grasp and she was just resting back on her heels when she heard the snap of her left heel and her feet went out from under her. She flew backwards and landed right on top of something that definitely felt lumpier than the floor would. “Orff… Sorry..” Dawn managed to look up at the body she had fallen on… God he was stunning.

The man sprawled out part way under her looked like a Roman god. He had raven black hair and piercing blue-green eyes. His face, no his entire body seemed to be chiseled from stone. He was tall and lean, but the muscles trapped within his well tailored shirt hinted at his underlying strength. Everything about him was just plain sexy. Dawn wasn’t sure a person could get any hotter and then she heard his voice.

“Figures she’d run off.” All Dawn could think was, hey that was in English.

Damon pulled himself out from under the strange girl that had landed on him and mumbled to himself as he noticed that Ilona had slipped off already. He couldn’t help but look down at the person who had hindered his argument for Katherine’s freedom, there was a distinct displeasure in his eyes. Or rather there was until he took full notice of the body now laying sprawled at his feet. She was an ivory skinned beauty, tall and willowy, but now awkward. There seemed to be a quiet grace about her and core of unshakable strength. She had long, curling, dark brown hair, and the palest blue eyes he had ever seen on anyone that wasn’t blind. She wore a yellow sweater with a burnt orange skirt, matching knee high socks, and he nearly laughed because she was wearing black stilettos with it all. One of the heels was broken, probably what had caused her to topple onto him as he had walked past. He could see a few inches of smooth pale skin where her skirt had slipped up just beyond where he sock ended. Gorgeous, that was the only word he could think of to describe the beauty before him.

Damon reached a hand down to help her up, though he wasn’t certain why, and when she took his hand it felt like a fire was twirling and licking just under his skin where their flesh met. “So…” he drawled, “you find what you were looking for? Or did you peek where you shouldn’t and get scared?” The girls eyes flashed up at him at the last with pure fire and defiance. He couldn’t help but think that she would be a glorious fuck, there was just something about the passion in her eyes.

She reached down and picked up her book, that’s when he noticed it was a book on H’Rash’Na demons. What on earth would such a pretty little thing like this be doing with a demonology text? He inhaled sharply trying to gage more of her scent. There was the smell of blueberries and lilacs and… humanity. Maybe she was budding witch, he nearly laughed at the idea.

Then he noticed she was talking, answering him it seemed, and she was American. “Yes, and once again sorry for falling on you so rudely. Excuse me.” Her voice was sweet and rich, like the blood of someone who’s eaten too many sweets in their lifetime. He turned and watched the beauty head towards the check out line with a perplexed look on his face. There was something special about this girl, he could just feel it. Maybe he should follow her, fuck her, eat her, maybe both at the same time… Either way he couldn’t just walk away yet.

Dawn pulled her light summer jacket around her a bit tighter and started the walk back to her apartment. She was glad she had an innate sense of direction, otherwise all the twist and turns of the ancient European city would have gotten her completely lost. It was just an hour after sunset but Dawn knew all the vampires, and demons in this town would be out already. That was fine, she had a nice sharp stake in her pocket just in case. Still someone, or something was following her, she could practically feel it as she made her way through the twisting streets and walk ways.

Suddenly the thing that she had been waiting for happened, three vampires stepped out of the shadows and began to surround her. The one she supposed was their leader looked like some stereotypical Italian porn star, he had a hair chest peaking through the open collar of his cheesy patterned shirt, white slacks on, greased back hair and a mustache. Dawn took a deep breath and fought the impulse to roll her eyes. The one on her left said something about her that sounded like “pretty little thing” but she wasn’t sure.

The taller guy to her right moved in to attack first and she quickly staked him.

Damon had been following her for the better part of any hour when he noticed that three other vampires had joined the hunt. They hadn’t noticed him though, and he was about to jump in and save her for himself when one of them charged her, only to promptly turn to dust. The girl carried a stake, how interesting. He sat back in the shadows and watched as she took on the other two by herself. Damon had to say he was pretty impressed the girl wasn’t doing to bad, especially with a broken high heel. She managed to stake to another when the third knocked the stake out of her hand and she went sprawling. He nearly rushed out of the shadows to help her when a the third vampire burst into an explosion of dust and ash. A short tan blonde now stood over where the brunette lay, stake in hand. Now who was this one? More so where had the brunette learned to move like that?

“I was wondering what was keeping you?” the new comer said as she helped the taller brunette up off the ground and smiled ironically at her. “You okay Dawnie?”

Her name is Dawnie? Damon thought it was just too cute and ironic to be true.

Dawn brushed the dirt and grime off her coat and picked up her book bag. “Yah.” She looked around the darkened street at what was left of her attackers and giggled a bit, “teach them to mess with the Summers girls.” The blond burst out laughing and the two went strolling down the street arm in arm.

Dawnie… Summers was it? I’ve got to know more about this girl. Damon turned and walked away himself.

Damon stood drinking his blood and bourbon cocktail in the study and spoke to Ilona over the phone. “No don’t worry about Ilona I’ll find another way to get Katherine back. But you know there is one thing you could do to get back in my good graces again… “ He could here Ilona taking a deep and anxious breath on the other end of the phone and it brought a mischievous smirk to his handsome face. “Find me everything you can about a woman I met tonight, her name’s Dawnie Summers. And Ilona, I do mean everything on her,” he hung up before Ilona could manage even another syllable. Damon drank down the rest of his dinner and tried to focus on ways to get Katherine back but Dawnie’s blue-eyed stare kept floating in his mind’s eye.
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