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our ex-lovers and their ghosts

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Summary: Five phone conversations between Alexis Castle and the Winchester brothers (and one with an angel)

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: OtherjacyevansFR1311,056012478 Jan 118 Jan 11Yes
Title: our ex-lovers and their ghosts
Rating: FR13
Pairing/Characters: Sam/Alexis, Dean, Castiel
Summary: Five phone conversations between Alexis Castle and the Winchester brothers (and one with an angel)
Author’s Notes: This is in the same verse as Mercy Be Revealed. For riverchic, because she is awesome. Title from Treehouse Song by Ane Brun.
Disclaimer: None of this is mine. I'm just playing in Kripke and Marlowe's sandboxes.


The tinny ring of Alexis' cell sends her vaulting across the room. Her father chuckles, shaking his head when she almost trips over a bag of rock salt and cracks her skull on the floor, but she ignores him. She presses the phone to her ear with a breathless, "Hello?"

"Lex." Sam's voice is a quiet wonder over the phone, and Alexis fights to keep her breathing under control, to not sound like a desperate freak because he called. Finally.

"Sam," she says, still sounding slightly breathless. She hesitates, knows she won't get a straight answer, asks anyway, "Where are you? Are you okay?"

"Somewhere in the Midwest, I think." Because that limits it down. She sighs. "I just... wanted to see how you were." I just wanted to make sure you're still alive.

Alexis' fingers squeeze the phone tighter. "I'm fine, Sam." I miss you.

Sam exhales, "Yeah, me too."


Alexis groans, pulling her jacket over her head when the obnoxious chirping of her cell phone wakes her at three o'clock in the morning. She throws her arm out, not bothering to check the Caller ID. Who else would call at this time of night with no regard for time zones? "This better be good, Winchester, I have been up to my ass in demons all day and I'm really not in the mood for the third degree."

"Lex," drawls a voice over the line - Winchester, yes, but decided not Sam. "Always good to hear your dulcet tones."

Alexis sits up, her jacket falling into her lap with the movement as her heart jackhammers against her ribs. "Dean, where's Sam? Is he okay?"

Dean pauses, followed by what sounds suspiciously like a loud gulp and the swish of a bottle. "Define okay."

"You're drunk," she states flatly, which does not bode well for Sam.

"Three sheets to the wind," he confirms and Alexis sighs. "Aw, don't be like that, princess."

"Dean, where is Sam?" Alexis demands, trying to cut through the drunken hazing clouding Dean's mind possibly - probably - on purpose.

He pauses long enough to take another drink, exhales and says, "We took down Famine tonight."

Alexis' breath catches. "That's... that's good... isn't it?"

Dean laughs, bitter and raw. "Yeah, fucking peachy with a side of keen. Sam killed him all on his lonesome - but not without demon juice, of course."

She stutters to a halt, gripping the back of Beckett's chair, knees threatening to give out. "Sam would never-" she chokes, remembering lonely months, bright red blood spit back into another hunter's face in a dark bar. She takes a deep breath, asks, "How is he?"

"Locked in the panic room," Dean says matter-of-factly.

Alexis balks, "You left him there?"

"You think I wanted to?" Alexis welcomes the rage - anger she recognizes from the older Winchester, especially aimed in her direction. Desperation she does not. "He begged me to take him to Bobby's, lock him up, and leave. No matter what he said or how much he-" She hears a muffled crash in the background, she guesses as the bottle hits the ground. "He killed a horde of demons - all at once, without breaking a sweat, then collapsed into a table. If Cas and I hadn't been there..." He swallows.

She lets the thought taper out into the silence before pursing her lips. "Dean... how did you get this number?"

She hears the tight, relieved smile in his voice when he answers, "Stole it from Sam's phone."

Alexis laughs and finally let her legs give out.


hey baby how you doin?

dean, get off sam's phone

come on princess dont be that way

call me princess one more time and i'll kick your ass

kinky ;)


you know you love it


Alexis' hands are shaking, fingers slipping on the numbers as she dials.

She swore she wouldn't call Sam, would let him reach out, take his time after Famine, demon blood detox, and all of the repercussions, but tonight she can't.

"Alexis," Sam's voice is sleep muddled, soft and puzzled and still one of the most reassuring sounds she's ever heard. She hears murmuring and Sam's muzzy response of, "I don't know," before he returns his attention to the phone and asks her, "What's wrong?"

Her breath hitches and she fights futilely to keep her voice steady. "My dad and I went back to the apartment. The building was half collapsed, so we didn't think-" She breathes deep. "Grams is dead." Simple. Direct. Nothing but meaningless words.

"God, Lex," he chokes quietly, words just barely stuttering out. "I'm sorry." For dragging you into this. For destroying your life. "Are you okay?"

"Honestly? No Sam, I am not okay." She exhales, breath shaky and uneven. "I could really use a goddamn beer right now."

Sam groans, "Now you sound like Dean." Dean grumbles his displeasure in the background.

Alexis laughs around the sob clawing up her throat. "I miss you," she whispers, and God, she wishes she could magic herself to his side just for one night, feel his arms around her, safety - love.

"I know, Lex," Sam murmurs quietly, everything he doesn't say still somehow laid bare between them.


i miss you too

Alexis stares at the screen all afternoon, reads the words over and over, lets them imprint on her mind.



Alexis freezes - she recognizes the voice on the other end of the phone, the flat tone and cadence. She tries not to let her brain fly off of the handle with ideas just yet, but she hasn't heard from Sam or Dean in months. Her imagination has had plenty of time to get creative.

"Castiel," she tries to keep the rising panic out of her voice.

"Bobby informed me I should call you," he says, quietly, almost regretfully, and Alexis no longer bothers pretending she isn't freaking the hell out.

"Castiel, what happened?"

Castiel pauses, and Alexis' blood runs cold because the angel never hesitates to say what is on his mind, no matter how painful. Not in her however limited experience.

The three words he utters in response makes her heart stop.

"He said yes."

The End

You have reached the end of "our ex-lovers and their ghosts". This story is complete.

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