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From Beneath You

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Summary: The First evil has begun to rise in Sunnydale California and all Potentials have gathered there. Bella Swan has always hidden part of her past from people, but when the past comes calling she has no choice. What happens when she meets the Cullens again?

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Twilight > GeneralLilyErisCullenFR1825,121041,4858 Jan 1110 Jan 11No

Chapter Two: Deaths Gift

A/N: I do not own Twilight or Buffy. Anything you recognize belongs to the creators. I am looking for a beta, so if your interested please, please review or pm me.

April, 2000:
Sunnydale, California,

The flight from Arizona to California was long and boring. twelve (almost thirteen) year old Isabella Swan stood in the LA airport, an bored look on her heart shaped face. For a girl so young she didn't really look it. She was a little above average height for a twelve year old – 5'3 – with long slightly curly mahogany brown hair falling down to her mid back. A suitcase beside her on the ground and a duffel-bag along with a trunk and slightly larger suitcase was all she had with her. Her mother had finally had enough and sent her only daughter off to her oldest living Aunt in Sunnydale, California.

“Isabella?” A sweet motherly voice said from the front of a big hummer like car, Bella couldn't be sure she didn't speak car and driver. She smiled as she saw the women in the front seat. She had a heart shaped face as well, older more angular, with similar facial features. Warm brown eyes that invited you in, and short curly dark honey blond hair that was almost a caramel color. She was older, her early forties.

“Aunt Joyce! It's Bella, please,” Bella replied as she forced a smile on her face. She was a little upset with her mother for forcing her away from Phoenix, but at least she didn't have to go to Forks. She shuddered ever so slightly, she wouldn't be able to survive without the sun.

“Of course dear. Well let me help you get this all,” Joyce said as she began to get out but Bella shook her head and held out her hand in a stopping motion.

“No, Stay I can get this,” she said and Joyce looked unsure but didn't move to get out. She popped the trunk and Joyce watched in amazement as the petite 5'3 girl who was almost skin and bones lifted each parcel into the back with inhuman strength. Just like her own daughter, Joyce was far from stupid or unobservant, she just liked to pretend the signs were not there. With Buffy it had been different, before two years ago she had no idea the supernatural existed but now she did. She wondered it it was possible, or if she was over analyzing things. Buffy had told her only the death of the current slayer could call another, and Buffy was very much alive, and as far as she knew so was Faith. Though technically Faith was in a coma. Albeit they didn't know much about the dark haired rouge slayer even when she wasn't trying to kill them. Joyce was thrown out of her thoughts when Bella got in the front seat and buckled her own seat belt. She quietly started the car and began the drive back to Sunnydale.

“So, how is Renee?” Joyce asked, trying to make conversation. Bella shrugged.

“Fine, she is engaged,” she answered and Joyce looks to her niece with shock. She had no idea her youngest sister was even dating.

“Really, is he nice?” she asked and once again Bella shrugged.

“I guess. He's a bit younger then mom though. Is there something else on your mind Aunt Joy?” Bella asked as she looked to her aunt. She knew Buffy was the slayer, Brandon had told her. Not to mention not long after being called her various memories of the past slayers had settled in her mind. She didn't know if Joyce knew about Buffy or slayers but if she did then it would explain her thoughtful look. Something they had in common was their observation skills.

“Yes. Are you a Slayer?” Joyce asked bluntly. She didn't know how to go about asking such a thing and the worst that could happen was her niece believing her mad. Bella smiled, yep looked like Buffy had told Aunt Joyce. If only she could tell her own mother, but try telling someone like Renee Marie Higgenbothem that their only daughter was a supernatural superhero called a Vampire Slayer that probably wouldn't live to be Twenty. Bella mentally snorted, that would go over well. Not.

“Yes, I am,” Bella said and Joyce sighs.

“How?” she asks. Joyce was very curious, she knew Buffy was alive, and she didn't think Faith was considered dead while in a comma.

“Faith Lehane, she died for like three minutes in 1998 in Boston after being hit by a car. I think it may have been a few months before she came to Sunnydale. Brandon - my watcher - told me about how the Slayer before me went rouge last year,” Bella said. She knew a bit of what happened between her two predecessors, she didn't have there memories of it because it happened after she was called but Brandon had always had ways of getting information.

“Would it make me a bad person to say I am relieved? That Buffy wont be alone out there now,” Joyce asked as she continued to drive. Bella looked over at her favorite aunt and shook her head.

“Nope, I wouldn't have it any other way,” Bella said and then laid her head against the glass window. This was going to be okay, she could begin again, maybe even stay alive longer.

July, 2000:
Sunnydale, California.

Bella had been in Sunnydale for three months now and she had found she loved the small town. It reminded her of Forks, only evil and sunny. Buffy and Bella got on well, and after the whole Faith thing Sunnydale had been moderately quiet. Bella respected Faith, she had met the slayer after she awoke from her coma. To say everyone had been shocked that Faith had died once before was an understatement. Bella herself had died before. Once when she was five she had fallen into the lake while fishing with her father and Billy in forks. She was dead for a minute or two but she couldn't be sure. Giles was shocked that this had happened, and he was unsure if Bella dying again would call another slayer, which would be catastrophic. The line of the Slayer had to continue, if Bella's death didn't call another slayer and all three active slayers were killed then the world was screwed.

Bella didn't think much on it, cause to be sure then she would have to die and she didn't plan to die for the next eighty years, if she could help it. At the moment Buffy and Bella were walking around the Sunnydale Graveyard patrolling. Buffy was standing at her short 5'2, a red sweater on under her black leather jacket and dark wash jeans and black ankle boots. A sword in one hand and a stake up her sleeve. Bella stood beside her, being only twelve – almost thirteen – she looked older then most her age. She was also taller then her cousin, by an inch and half but she was still taller. Unlike Buffy Bella didn’t have the curves her blond cousin did but she was developing fast. She wore a long sleeved dark green shirt under a long black leather jacket which fell to her knees and flat heeled black knee high boots and light blue wash jeans. She carried a long dagger in her hand and two stakes up each sleeve.

“So...hows school?” Buffy asked as they passed graves. Bella looked at her cousin and raised an eyebrow her chocolate brown eyes looking almost black in the dark.

“Your seriously asking me about school?” Bella asked with a laugh. Buffy smiled and chuckled before nodding.

“Boring, I'd much rather be training. Not to mention Dawn is cramping my style,” Bella joked and Buffy laughed before they stopped and sat on a gravestone.

“Yeah Dawn was complaining of the same thing. For a ten year old she is annoying. She is almost taller them me!” Buffy said pouting.

“Not quite, it'll be a year or two before that happens. She is only 5'0 Buff,” Bella said and shrugging.

“Has Angel said anything about Faith?” Bella asked after a moment of awkward silence. Buffy sighed, she knew her cousin felt bad for her predecessor but she herself couldn't find it in her to feel to offal bad because she was still upset at the rouge slayer for almost killing her friends, family and Angel.

“Not much, Angel did say she turned herself in. They charged her 25-life. She is recovering,” Buffy told her cousin before standing up and pulling her stake out.

“Duck!” Buffy said and Bella didn't ask questions just ducked as the stake sailed through the air and hit its mark. Bella turned just in time to see a vampire turn to dust. She laughed softly and leaned over to pick up Mr. Pointy.

“Here, and thanks,” Bella said as she gave the stake back to Buffy.

“No prob. Well lets get you back home, Mom won't like it if I keep you out past midnight,” Buffy said and Bella rolled her eyes. It was one of the few rules Joyce had, Bella wasn't aloud out past midnight on school nights.

May 17th, 2001:
Sunnydale, California

“I can't believe she's gone,” Bella said as she and the rest of the gang stood around a single gravestone. It was like all the others, gray and made of rock and on it was inscribed a name and a date.

Joyce Isabella Platt-Summers

August 12th 1958 – May 17th 2001

Loving Mother, Aunt, and friend.

“I know, it seems like just yesterday she had finally gotten out of that blue robe,” Buffy said as tears leaked from her green eyes. Dawn stood beside her, her arms wrapped around Buffy's waist and her head resting on Buffy's chest. Dawn was only an inch shorter then her sister now, though Dawn didn't really look her young eleven years, but closer to thirteen or fourteen. The same could be said for Bella, she didn't really look thirteen, closer to fourteen or fifteen. Then again she would be fourteen in September.

“I remember that, we joked about burning it. What is going to happen now, will dad try and take me away, will aunt Renee try and take Bella?” Dawn asked looking from Buffy to Bella. While Dawn was only two years younger then Bella she still looked up to the girl. Both of them were her sisters, even if Bella was really only her cousin. Dawn felt something deeper with the two women, like what she felt for her mom only stronger for some reason.

“No one is going to take you away Dawnie, No one,” Bella said looking into her cousin green/brown eyes. It had only been a little over a month since Bella and Buffy had found out about Dawn's true nature. Buffy had found the monk in April, to say Bella had been shocked that Dawn wasn't really her cousin was a understatement. She had felt violated to, from the diaries of Dagon they had found out how Dawnie had been made.

In early 2000 when Glory was targeting the Monks of Dagon they decided to make the key into a human form so that the Slayers would protect it. Though making a glowing ball of energy into a human isn't as easy as it looks, they needed flesh, blood and DNA. So they stole blood from Buffy, blood and sperm from Spike - Though how that could help being as it is dead and all is beyond them – and here is the kicker, an embryo from Bella. That's right they stole Bella's eggo and got it prego. Think of it like a test tube baby, Dawn was then magically aged to ten or eleven and sent to Buffy and Bella in Sunnydale with a whole lifetime of memories. So essentially Dawn Marie Summers was Buffy, Bella, and Spike's daughter.

“Bell is right, I'd never let that happen. To neither of you,” Buffy said as she looked from her cousin and sister/daughter. Dawn nodded, if there was anyone she could trust it was her sisters.

July 13th, 2001:
Sunnydale California

Bella didn't know how it came to this. Glory had been on to them, they had decided to leave town, to get help from Angel and then everything had hit the fan. Giles was injured, not mortally but bad and then Ben turned out to be Glory's walking meat suit. Dawn was taken and now she was almost numb. She Stood with Buffy as they watched Glory fight with the Buffy-bot. Glory stands up straight. Cracking her neck as she recovers from a surprisingly strong blow from the slayer.

“You know what?” She asks as Buffy punches, but Glory grabs her fist.

“I'm feeling a little better. And now? I'm a little bored.” She continues.

“Oh, I'm sorry. Cause you're about-” Buffy-bot doesn't finish though. Glory kicks her in the face and "Buffy"'s head goes flying off, leaving her body standing. To Glorys shock she can see the wires exposed in the neck. As the body falls over Glory stares in bewilderment. Sparks fly out of the neck, as it hits the floor with a thud.

“Hey, wow, the Slayers a robot,” Glory begins staring.

“Did everybody else know the Slayer was a robot?” She asks looking around. Sighing with accomplishment Glory smiles in triumph as the real Buffy appears behind her. Bella not far behind a pissed but bored look on her face.

“Glory?” Buffy says from behind her. Glory stops smiling, and turns. Buffy hits her with Olaf's hammer. Glory flies across the room, crashes into a wall. Bella smiles and claps her cousin on the shoulder.

“You're not the brightest god in the heavens, are you?” Bella says taking the words right out of Buffy's mouth. Buffy looks at her cousin and smiles, it was easy to tell they were related when one opened their mouth.

Buffy! Bella! I'm up here!” Dawn yells. Buffy looks up as Dawn screams at the top of her lungs. Bella gasps as she sees the outline of what seems to be Dawn on the towers platform.

“Buffy!” Dawn yells again and both Slayers look at each other and take off. Buffy runs toward the tower, leaps over a pile of bricks and onto the stairs. A minion confronts her but she punches him and throws him over the side. Bella follows suits but instead of punching the minion she grabs him by the throat and throws him behind her, nearly missing Glory herself.
Glory picks herself up, looks over and sees Buffy running up the stairs along with Bella.

“Oh no you don't!” Glory yells.

“Buffy! Bella! I'm up here!” Dawn screams.

Midway up the stairs there's one last level after which the stairs end and the only way up is via ladders. Buffy is ascending onto this level as Glory appears in front of her and hits her. Buffy hits Glory with the hammer, then Glory kicks her into the scaffolding. They exchange a few more blows and Buffy loses her grip on the hammer, which goes flying. It gets caught in some chain that's hanging off the tower. Glory grabs another piece of chain and uses it to swing around the side, knocking Buffy aside as Buffy tries to reach the hammer. Buffy falls aside, gets up, takes another kick from Glory and swings around the scaffolding, kicks Glory, ducks a punch and goes around Glory, and kicks her from behind. Bella takes a look at the two fighting women and runs for the hammer, grabbing it she grips it firmly in her hands.

“Buffy!” Bella looks up as she hears Dawn yell once more for Buffy and in context herself. She swears under breath and looks back to Buffy and Glory. Buffy tries to continue climbing but Glory hits her in the leg, making Buffy gasp in pain. They exchange some more blows, then Buffy resumes climbing up the outer scaffolding. Glory goes around beside her and climbs up as well, kicks Buffy as she's scaling up a pipe. Buffy slides back down to the previous level. Buffy runs up a ramp, kicks Glory in the face. Buffy comes back down and she smirks and Bella runs up to Glory and hit her with the hammer.

“That felt good,” Bella said as she stood next to Buffy. Buffy smiles and takes the hammer but doesn't see Glory in time and the Hell God hit Bella in the face and she loses her balance. As she falls backward, she grabs Glory and they both fall off the tower. Buffy widens her eyes and follows after her cousin and the hell god. They both hit the concrete below, a few feet away from each other. The hammer lands nearby. Bella gets to her feet and Glory does too. She grabs Glory by the shoulders as she lands behind her and pushes her away. Glory winds up a few dozen feet away, beside a wall.

“You lost your hammer, sweet cheeks. What are you gonna hit me with now?” Glory asks boasting.

Bella smirks and looks at the wall. Glory turns to the wall also, just as a huge wrecking-ball crashes through the wall and into Glory. It crashes through a second wall, deposits Glory on the other side, and swings back.

“Whatever's handy. Nice work Bella,” Buffy sad and Bella bowed mockingly.

“We should go after her.” Bella commented and Buffy turns and runs off.

As they run after Glory, Xander is driving the machine that controls the wrecking ball. He shuts down the engine and sits back looking satisfied.

“The glorified bricklayer picks up a spare,” Xander says and he smiles as he sees Buffy grab the hammer which is lying on the ground.

Not far away, Spike, Anya, and Giles taking refuge behind something.

“Has anyone noticed we're going backwards?” Anya asks and Spike straightens up to peek over the top of the machine. A brick hits him in the forehead. He ducks down again, looking annoyed.

“It's crossed my mind,” Spike said. Back to Buffy and Bella, Buffy is hitting Glory with the hammer. Glory doesn't seem able to fight back, just stands there reeling each time Buffy hits her. Bella decides to hit her with a right hook as Buffy finishes on of her swings.

“That was for breaking my arm!” Bella said and Buffy chuckled and continues hitting Glory with the hammer. Glory has blood running out of her nose. She gives Buffy an anguished look.

“You're just a mortal. You couldn't understand my pain.” Bella rolls her eyes, as does Buffy.

“Then I'll just have to settle for causing it,” Buffy replies. She hits Glory with the hammer again. Glory reels to the side, recovers and turns back.

“You can't kill me.”

“No ... “ Buffy hefts the hammer. “but my arm's not even tired yet.” She hits Glory again. Glory falls to her knees. She looks up at Buffy, gasping, on the verge of tears.

“Stop it,” Glory says, almost begging. Buffy looks to her cousin and shrugs before handing the hammer to Bella.

“You're a god,” Buffy says.

Bella hits Glory again. She falls onto her back on the floor.

“Make it stop,” Bella finished.

Buffy goes over to Glory, kneels beside her and hits her several more times. Glory doesn't move during this, just Bella as she slams the hammer down over and over, taking over for Buffy who stands back up. Glory stays there with blood covering half her face. She morphs into Ben and Buffy and Bella stops hitting her.

“I'm sorry.” Buffy sighs, shaking her head.

“Tell her it's over. She missed her shot.” Ben watches her, not moving. “She goes. She ever, ever comes near me and mine again...” Buffy doesn't finish as Ben interrupts.

“We won't. I swear.”

Bella drops the hammer and Buffy hurries away. She stares down at the man and thinks over what was said. She doesn't trust him, she doesn't think its a good idea to let him live. He put them in danger, he put Dawn in danger. Ben lies there, gives a pained cough and smiles painfully but still doesn't move.

“I guess we're stuck with each other, huh baby?” Ben asks himself as he coughs painfully. He breathes in painfully. Giles comes over and kneels beside him, looking to Bella he smiles sadly.

“Go join Buffy Bella, let me handle this.” Bella nods, and drops her hammer before hurrying after Buffy. Bella arrives just after Buffy to see Dawn's bare feet on the edge of the platform. Blood drips over her toes.


“Buffy! Bella!” Dawn says, gasping in pain. Doc whirls around as Buffy and Bella strides forward.

“This should be interesting.” Buffy doesn't even pause, just walks right past Doc, giving him a push as she goes. He falls over the edge and Bella looks over after him and shrugs.

“We're Here.” Dawn continues to cry.

“Buffy. Bella, it hurts.” Dawn replies.

“I got it. Come here. You're gonna be okay,” Bella says after a moment from Dawns other side. A few drops of Dawn's blood drip over the edge. In midair they meet something, and a small circle of light appears, quickly growing. Buffy and Bella leads Dawn limping across the platform to the tower entrance. Dawn stops, turns to Buffy.

“Go!” Buffy exclaims.

“Buffy, it's started.” Dawn replies. Bella and Buffy both turn. They can both see the light of the portal. And they look at each other as the portal begins growing ever larger. Buffy turns back to Dawn as Dawn continues staring at the portal. Bella has walked closer and sighed in despair. This wasn't going to end well, she could tell.

“I'm sorry,” Dawns says, tearfully.

“It doesn't matter.” Dawn tries to run past Buffy but Buffy grabs her.

“What are you doing?” Buffy asks and Bella turns around.

“I have to jump. The energy.”

“It'll kill you,” Bella says, shocked at her cousin/daughter.

“I know.” Dawn answers softly. Buffy and Bella stare at her. “Buffy, I know about the ritual. I have to stop it,” she cries.

“No,” Bella replies shaking her head. The tower shakes underneath them, making them both stumble.

“I have to. Look at what's happening.” More lightning crackles, even larger than before. Buffy looks up. A huge dragon flies out of the portal and buzzes the tower, flying away as they watch.

“Buffy, you have to let me go. Blood starts it, and until the blood stops flowing, it'll never stop.” Bella gasps and Buffy stares at Dawn in anguish.

“You know you have to let me. It has to have the blood,” Dawns cries. Buffy gets a realization look on her face. She turns to Bella to see that she has realized the same thing.

'Cause it's always got to be blood.'

'It's Summers blood. It's just like mine.'

'And mine, your a Swan as well Dawnie.'

'She's ours. The monks made her out of me and Bella.'

'Death is your gift.'

“Death...” Buffy begins but Bella finishes it.

“ your gift.”

Buffy frowns. Turns around slowly. Buffy looks peaceful and Bella mirrors this expression only with sadness as well. They both turn back to Dawn, who stares wide-eyed.

“Buffy, Bella ... no!”

“Dawnie, we have to,” Bella says, her voice soft yet stern.


“Listen to me. Please, there's not a lot of time, listen!” Buffy holds Dawn by the upper arms and continues talking to her. Dawn begins to cry. Lightning continues to crackle behind them. Buffy strokes the side of Dawn's face, then kisses her on the cheek. Dawn continues to cry. Bella mirrors Buffy's actions as they both turn. In what seems like slow-motion, they lock hands and take off in a run down the platform as Dawn stays there crying. They take a swan-dive off the end of the platform and into the portal. Dawn watches, sobbing. Buffy and Bella fall into the portal and hang there motionless, making expressions of pain.

“Dawn, listen to me. Listen,” Buffy says.

“I love you. We will always love you.”

“But this is the work that we have to do,” Bella says this time.

the portal begins shrinks to nothingness and disappears. The sun begins to rise.

Willow and Tara, holding each other up, walk forward. Behind them Giles coming forward too, and Xander holding Anya in his arms. They all walk forward, staring at something.

“Tell Giles ... tell Giles we figured it out. And, and we're okay.”

they're all looking at Buffy and Bella's lifeless body lying amid the debris. Spike is trying to come forward, falling to the ground as the sunlight hits him.

“And give our love to our friends,” Buffy continues were Bella left off.

Xander and Anya look sadly at Buffy and Bella. Anya lowers her head to Xander's shoulder.

“You have to take care of them now.”

Giles looks on sad. He had lost both his slayers, he felt a few tears spring forward and fall.

“You have to take care of each other.”

Giles begins to cry. Behind him in the shade Spike has his hands over his face, sobbing.

“You have to be strong.”

Dawn comes slowly down the stairs, holding her sides, spotting the others.

“Dawn, the hardest thing in this world ... is to live in it,” Buffy says and Bella smiles sadly and takes over.
Dawn begins to cry again.

“Be brave. Live.”

Dawn stands on the on the stairs. Before slowly walking over to Spike.

“For me,” Bella finishes.

Bella and Buffy both smiled down at their friends as they sat surrounded by their friends and family. Joyce was there for both girls hugging them as they stared down upon the graveyard. It's sunny and pretty with lots of trees and grass. Beside each other are two headstones, A small bunch of flowers lies on the grass in front of them.
The headstones read;


1987 – 2001

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "From Beneath You" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Jan 11.

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