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From Beneath You

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Summary: The First evil has begun to rise in Sunnydale California and all Potentials have gathered there. Bella Swan has always hidden part of her past from people, but when the past comes calling she has no choice. What happens when she meets the Cullens again?

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Chapter One: How it Begins...

A/N: I do not own anything other then the Plot. The Buffyverse belongs to Joss and Twilight belongs to Stephanie. If I did live

I could remember very clearly how this all began. I was going to be turning twelve soon and on my twelfth birthday I suddenly got this boost of energy. At the time I did not think anything of it, but then he came. Brandon Cullen was a very caring man, he was the new Health teacher at school. He called me after one day and explained everything to me and at first I thought he was bonkers. With talk about vampire, demons, witches, and slayers. It was all true though, he took me out to patrol the next night, Phoenix Cemetery was crawling. I staked my first vampire that night and it just proved him right, I Isabella Marie Swan was the vampire slayer or a Vampire Slayer as I had three predecessors and two were still living. Imagine my surprise when he told me one of those predecessors was Buffy Anne Summers, my cousin. Buffy's mom, Joyce Summers was my Aunt, born as Joyce Isabella Platt - my grandmothers maiden name. Aunt Joyce refused to go by Higgenbothem after high school and changed it legally to Platt.

I once had another cousin, Celia, but she died of the flu when I was almost four years old. Celia was my Aunt Arlene's daughter, aunt Joyce's younger sister and my mom's older sister. My mom was the youngest of four sisters. Aunt Joyce was born in 1958, Aunt Arlene was born in 1961, Aunt Lolly was born in 1965 and my mom, Renée, was born in 1968 and had me at eighteen in 1986. Enough about my heritage though. When I was thirteen, a year after being called, I moved to Sunnydale to live with my Aunt Joyce. This was after I was kicked out of the privet school my mom spent so much money on and my watcher died - I had already been kicked of out my public school for skipping and setting fire to the cafeteria. At least I didn't burn down the science wing - I couldn't help it if the Private school's science wing was having vampire problems. Mom and my step-dad were not amused. Sunnydale was nice, if you didn't remember it was over a Hellmouth. Giles became my watcher along with Buffy's, to say everyone was shocked to know I was a slayer and related to Buffy was an understatement. I pretty much quit the council as well, though not formally like Buffy, but I didn't take orders from them either. I hadn't since Brandon died.

I stayed in Sunnydale until 2002. After dying, and being resurrected and a whole hell of drama I moved back to my mom's house in Phoenix, where she pulled some strings and got me enrolled in a high school on the other side of my old middle school. I didn't have any friends and though I still patrolled I didn't let slaying rule my life anymore. I wanted to be a normal teenager and for a while I was. Then, in the early part of 2005 I moved to Forks, Washington. I had heard from the Scoobies earlier in 2003/2004 but had not heard from them since. Dawn was finishing her sophomore year as I was finishing my Junior year and while I was turning eighteen she was turning sixteen in October. Buffy had gone back to finish college at UC Sunnydale along with Willow after she was remedied of magic in early 2005 after Tara was shot by a trio of idiots. With all this going on down in SunnyD I didn't think anything could go wrong in Forks. From the newspapers no one was found dead from puncture holes or any other strange methods, so it didn't seem like vampire's lived there. I was wrong, sort of. I had never known there was another breed until I met the Cullens.

I thought I found love, but I never told them about me. I was scared, I thought they would hate me. I was made to kill their kind, at least at the time I thought I was. It wasn't until he left and I returned too Sunnydale to help with the first that I found out that the Watcher's Council had only known about this new breed for two centuries now and that Vampire Slayers were not originally made to fight the Cold Ones as the Watcher council had classified them. They were not classified as real vampires because they were not. They were a mutation created by forces unknown. The cold ones came about after the Shadow men created the Slayer so we were not meant to fight something like them that is until now. Maybe I should just start from the beginning. From Beneath you... It devours
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