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But I’m Not Gay!!!

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Summary: Dom proves that there is no such thing as not gay. This is a late birthday present for CorruptedSmile. Sorry meant to get it out yesterday.

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AN: I do not own the character of The Fast and the Furious nor to I make any money from them. Yeah, sorry Corrupted meant to get this out yesterday. Hope you like your birthday fic. Thank you lothlorien for betta reading this for me.

But I’m Not Gay!!!

Brian was sitting at the Toretto family computer. In his deal with the FBI he had not only cleared his name but he had finagled a deal for the Toretto’s as well. Everybody was free and clear.

He was researching the best style of wheels to put on the Nissan Skyline that he had brought with him when he returned to LA from Miami. He grumbled to himself as he paged through the websites. He just couldn’t find the rims he wanted. He growled and threw his hands in the air.

He stomped over to his camera, grabbed it and stomped back. Hooking the camera up to the computer he transferred all his pictures on to it. He stared out the window into the late afternoon sun.

After the pictures were finished being transferred he was looking through the pictures with a small smile remembering the day that most of the pictures had been taken. He also remembered the pain of the shiner he had received after showing up on the doorstep. His left eye was black in almost every single picture.

He smirked as he stared at one picture. It was a beautiful picture of Mia, Letty, him and Dom. They were sitting with the two girls between them. Mia beside him and Letty beside Dom. He had his arm around Mia’s shoulder and she was tucked tight against him. Letty was sprawled beside Dom blowing a huge bubble in her gum and curiously Dom was intently staring over both girls heads at him, a mixture of emotions on his face. Anger, fear, desire, possessiveness, and to Brian’s surprise not a small amount of lust.

Brian kept looking at the pictures on his camera that had him and Dom in them and he was surprise to see the that as the months grew the looks that Dom gave him continued. Morphing into more lust, and possessiveness, and less anger, and fear, but there growing in the background was something more. Something Brian was hesitant to place a name onto.

“So you finally see it.” Mia stated from the doorway. “Everyone else knew it back when you were here the first time. My brother and I always did have the same taste in men.”

“What do you mean?” Brian almost stuttered.

“I knew you weren’t interested in women, really truly interested in women that night we slept together. There’s not a straight man alive that can resist my blow job and Brian honey you barely rose to the occasion. I’ve even had gay men rise with it, its that good and it did nothing for you.” Mia explained. “Face it, Honey, you are gay!”

“A-A-A I-I-I-I’m n-n-n-o-t-t-t g-g-ay.” Brian was full on stuttering now. His eyes were wide and he was paralyzed in fear. “I-I-I c-c-c-an’t b-b-e g-g-gay. I-I-If I-I-I w-w-was I-I-I th-th-th-ink I w-ww-ould h-h-ave n-noticed b-before this.” His stutter which had started so very pronounced was tapering off.

Letty walked into the conversation at that moment. “I think you’ve spent your life until now as mainstream as you could. Doing what was expected of you. Not what you need deep inside.” She stated.

Brian frowned. He looked each girl in the eyes before stumbling to his feet and racing out the door.

He thumped into Dom as he exited the house. Dom reached out to steady the smaller man as the ground reached for him, but Brian dodged and the naked fear on his face floored Dom.

“Brian. What’s up?” He rumbled as the blonde streaked towards his car. Brian didn’t answer him. He just very nearly leapt into his car and drove away tires shrieking all the way down the street.

“What’s his problem?” Dom demanded as he walked into the house.

“He downloaded all of his pictures off of his camera onto the computer. It was then he noticed most of the pictures of the two of you together have you looking at him and him oblivious to your attraction to him.” Mia stated.

“We pointed out that he doesn’t function with a girl. Or he didn’t function well with Mia.” Letty replied. “He stuttered. He stated that if he were gay he would have realized it by now.”

“If you’ve ruined this for me.” Dom threatened. “I’ve worked for the last four months to get him comfortable with me. Damn it, he sleeps in my bed. How can he not realize that we are in a relationship?” Dom’s anger just left as suddenly as it came. He turned wounded eyes to his sister and his ex-girlfriend and they swept into his arms. “How can he not know?” He whispered into the hair of the first girl he ever loved.

“I take it you haven’t had sex?” Mia whispered into her brother’s neck.

“No, I haven’t even kissed him properly. We sleep in the same bed, and it’s killing me watching him and only touching him platonically. But every time I make a stronger move he tenses on me and pulls away. When we sit on the couch he sits beside me and I can put my arm behind him on the couch but not around him. It’s frustrating the mixed signals he sends me.” Dom said in a small voice. It was one neither girl had heard him use since Papa Toretto had died.

Letty pulled back and stared into Dom’s eyes. “Are you sure he’s attracted to you?”

Dom gave a wry grin. He flipped his sister over his shoulder and carried her shrieking into the living room where he sat in the center of the couch so the two girls could sit beside him. Setting Mia down he tapped the other cushion so Letty would sit as well. She sat down and both girls cuddled close to the man who was in obvious pain.

“The first night he came into my room, he was scared. He asked me too let him sleep in my bed. Nothing had to happen just sleep. He was pretty spaced that night, but the fear in his eyes that I would say no is why I lifted the blankets. You remember that night don’t you, about a week after he came home. We had seven nights of screaming nightmares and that night he woke the entire block. We were going to ask him to see a doctor but he slept soundly in my arms the rest of the night. He hasn’t had a nightmare like that since.” Dom stated. “We change in the same room, we brush our teeth at the same time, Hell yesterday I was in the shower and he came in and took a piss.”

The girls both giggled. The shower curtain was see through with colourful fish on it.

“So your doing the couple thing, but is there anything else? Anything that make’s you think he believes that this is more than friendship because he was adamant that he is not gay. He may not realize you two are in a relationship.” Mia replied.

Dom released the two girls as he sat forward and placed his elbows on his knees to cradle his head in his hands. “When he’s just about asleep he kisses me. Kisses down my neck and across my chest and then places his head right above my heart. I’m not allowed to kiss him, but in that moment everything is just perfect. It’s when he can’t hear my heart beat he tends to have nightmares. Not the same screaming ones but he whimpers. I roll him back into my arms and he calms right away.”

Letty sat there thinking for a few moments. She then spoke up. “The first night he came into your room and asked to sleep in your bed. You said he looked spaced out.”

Dom nodded. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“How did he react when he woke up the next morning?” She formed her reply as another question.

Dom frowned as he thought. “He was gone when I woke up and that night he didn’t come to my room right away. He came a couple of hours later. His face was ashen and he just stood beside my bed shaking. I opened my covers and said to him, ‘You don’t need to ask, your welcome here anytime.’ He’s been in my bed ever since.”

Letty grinned mischievously, “So you haven’t even had spank the monkey in almost 6 months.”

Dom squirmed uncomfortably under Letty’s grin. “No.” He muttered.

“Oh, EWW.” Mia stated. “More than I needed to know about my brother’s sex life.”

“When he and I were together we couldn’t go longer than a couple of hours with out, so six months not even spanking it is a record, for your brother.”

Mia grimaced and Dom glowered.

“We are better friends then we ever were as lovers. Aren’t we?” Dom said softly.

“Yup. I much prefer you to be the brother I never wanted to the boyfriend I thought I wanted.” Letty grinned. So did Mia and Dom.

Mia sobered. “Now, what is running through Brian’s mind?”

Dom thought for a minute then remembered a story that Brian had told him while they were lying in bed one night.

“I think I know what happened that first night.” He stated. He sat back and placed an arm around both girls once again.

“What?” The two girls said in unison. They looked at each other and again in unison stated. “Jinx, You owe me a coke.”

Dom rolled his eyes at the antics of his two siblings. “Brian told me that he used to sleepwalk as a child. His parents would find him in the craziest of places and when they questioned him about it he would always reply with ‘Safe.’ Could I be he equates me with safety and that’s why he came to me, but why does he stay?”

“I stay in your bed because you continue to provide safety.” Brian interrupted from the doorway. He was looking at the floor, shivering slightly in the cool evening light.

“Wow, I can’t believe we talked so long. Mia lets leave Brian and Dom to talk while we get dinner ready.” Letty stated poking her friend.

Mia shook off her friends poking fingers and stood up giving her brother a hug before she walked over to Brian and drawing the shivering man into her arms. “Brian, your soaked. Letty run up and grab Brian a towel and a change of clothes.” She scolded Brian before calling to Letty. “What are we going to do with you?” She pushed a curl of blonde hair off of Brian’s forehead in a motherly gesture. She wasn’t prepared for the sudden wariness that seeped into his eyes at her gesture. She stepped back and gave Brian room and was glad to see the wariness recede.

Letty raced upstairs and then raced back down with the requested items. She stood and tossed the towel at Brian and ordered. “Strip.” She glared at him when he looked at her blankly. “Strip here, so you don’t track any more water through the house. Mia does enough work around here.”

Brian blushed as he pulled his shirt over his head. It landed on the floor with a plop. Black bruises littered his torso.

The three siblings hissed in sympathy.

Brian glanced up at them and looked wry, “I deserved every single one of them. I picked a fight with the biggest guy and I won.” He used the towel to dry off his torso. “Ah, a little privacy, please.” He stated as he popped the top button on his jeans.

“Nope.” Letty stated. “You do something stupid, you face the consequences.”

“Oh, if you wanted a strip show, girls, why didn’t you say so.” Brian teased and twisted his body in time to music only he could hear popping even more buttons on his jeans.

Dom growled and trapped the sensuously moving form against the doorframe. Brian stilled and looked Dom straight in the eyes, fear again passing though them.

“I’m going to touch you, kiss you and I’m not going to let you freeze up and stop me.” He growled out. He gripped those wet jeans and slid them down Brian’s legs. He then lifted Brian and carried him up the stairs.

Once in the privacy of their bedroom, with the door locked, Dom pinned a squirming Brian to the door.

“I’m not gay.” Brian stated firmly.

“Neither am I.” Dom replied. “I’m Bi. I’m attracted to both men and women.” He started kissing up Brian’s neck.

Brian arched into those kisses. “I. I. I.” Hands coming up and clutching the massive shoulders.

“Sh, Brian I’ve got you. It’s not that much different than with a girl.” Dom rumbled against Brian’s throat sending shivers through the other man.

“I wouldn’t know. I’ve only been with your sister, and that didn’t turn out very well.” Brian gasped as Dom captured his left nipple.

Dom looked up at Brian’s face, he kept his mouth around the nipple teasing it with his tongue. He lifted his head right up, continuing to tease with his fingers and looked Brian straight in the eyes. “Do you want me to stop?”

Brian threw his head back and chanted, “No, Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no.”

“I need an answer, Brian. Yes, you want me to stop? No, you don’t want me to stop? Which is it, baby?” Dom said seductively.

Brian pulled his head out of the fog Dom had sent him into. “Yes, I want you to go on. No, I don’t want you to fuck me. I’m not yet sure about that.” Brian replied seriously. Dom could see the real fear there.

“I wouldn’t just flip you over and fuck you. I would make love to you, slowly like you were meant to be made love to. Besides there are a lot more things we can do other than penetration. I won’t force you. I want you to enjoy yourself.” Dom nuzzled Brian’s neck once again. Kissing it. He trailed his hands down the toned back and gripped the taut buttocks and lifted the man easily.

Brian threw his head back once again with the first kiss. He never realized that his neck was so sensitive. When Dom lifted him up he dangled for a few seconds not knowing what to do with his legs before suddenly wrapping them around the bigger man.

Dom groaned in appreciation as Brian long legs wrapped around his waist. He nuzzled and nipped down the column of that neck leaving bright red marks behind him. He walked with Brian in his arms over to the bed and slowly lay the man down.

Once Brian was on his back, Dom over top of him, he leaned up and took the taller man’s mouth with his. It was a tentative kiss, the edge of fear was still there but it was slowly being chased away by passion.

Dom let Brian control this very first kiss, thoroughly enjoying Brian’s initiative. He let Brian map out his mouth before returning the favour and chasing the other man into a war between the mouths. Dom won this round and thoroughly explored Brian’s mouth.

Hands traced muscles as both men explored each other. Brian reached between them and popped the top button on Dom’s pants.

Dom sucked in a breath and kissed down Brian’s neck, to his chest stopping only to lave each tightly pointed nipple before heading farther down trailing his tongue. He poked his tongue in the button and down the treasure trail. Since he had stripped Brian downstairs the other man was naked. The only bit of clothing left between them was Dom’s pants, which Brian had already undone the top button on.

Dom sat up slightly so only his breath was beating on Brian’s purpling cock. “Tell me you want this Brian. Tell me and I’ll make you feel good. If you don’t want this Brian we can stop.”

“Fucking don’t stop.” Brian cried out in near panic.

With Brian’s words Dom swallowed the cock to the root. Brian gave an incoherent scream and nearly leapt off the bed. It was only quick moving on Dom’s part that placed hands on Brian’s hip that prevented him from being choked.

Brian cried out in pure pleasure and bucked his hips up as Dom closed his moth over his aching head. Strong hand pinned his hips to the bed and sucked harder. He lifted himself up and looked down at the man below.

Dom raised his eyes up looking up the length of Brian’s body into blue eyes on the pleasure filled face. The hips gave slight upward thrusts as he released Brian’s hip and reach down to undo his own pants. A hand curled on his head and he looked up once again pulling back with a pop. He stood up and let his pants fall to the floor.

Brian stared at Dom, wariness creeping into eyes again before he sat up and cautiously reached his hand out to the body of the man in front of him.

He looked up into Dom’s eyes and Dom nodded encouragingly. Brian hesitantly wrapped his hand around Dom. Dom hissed in pleasure and Brian dropped his hand.

“You don’t have to be afraid. You won’t hurt me. Touch me as if you were touching yourself.” Dom said.

Fear filled blue eyes looked into chocolate ones filled with love and arousal. Dom opened his mouth to reassure Brian, but the other man placed his finger first on Dom’s lips silencing him before trailing that finger down the broad chest and gripping the arousal he found there.

As his hand moved and Dom groaned at the initiative, he started to speak. “My father is a right-wing Catholic. He would have found himself in the Seminary if he hadn’t found my mother. He taught my brother and I that our bodies were dirty, fit only for service to God or for family. He had a rather heavy hand in his teachings and I ran at the age of sixteen. I find myself believing those teaching only in that you give your body only to those you love and trust. Must be why I couldn’t function. . .”

Dom pushed Brian’s hand away and stated rather forcefully. “Let’s not bring that up in the bedroom please. I’m glad you told me that. Now I know why the fear was there. You don’t need to tell me now, but when your ready I will listen to your story. Now let me make you feel good.”

Dom kissed his way down Brian’s neck, pausing at his collar bones and continuing to his chest. Concentrating on first one nipple then the other Dom cupped his hand down Brian’s belly to the flagging erection working it back proud and leaking against the taut stomach.

With one last teasing lick to each nipple he once again started downwards to envelope that straining cock. As his mouth closed over it Brian’s legs splayed themselves open and Dom moved to settle his bulk between them.

He slid one hand down and circled the opening below the full testicles, testing Brian’s responsiveness feeling just how close the other man was. He slid Brian’s cock out of his mouth and wet one finger before plunging right back down to Brian’s root. Brian screamed and in that moment Dom slid that wet finger into Brian’s hole and on that first plunge found Brian’s prostate.

Brian’s screamed again as the world greyed out. His hands gripped the bed sheets and he came crying out Dom’s name.

Dom swallowed everything Brian gave to him and just the sight of Brian lost in orgasm and the taste of him on his tongue was enough to send Dom over as well.

When the world finally was spinning properly and Brian and Dom were lying in the quiet on the bedroom Brian’s voice stated quietly. “But, I’m not gay.”

Dom laughed. “You're stuck on labels. If you must have a label call yourself Dom-sexual.”

The End.

The End

You have reached the end of "But I’m Not Gay!!!". This story is complete.

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