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Summary: Buffy is intrigued when a mysterious figure saves her from a sticky situation.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. Smallville and all related characters are copyright Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, DC & The CW Network. No infringement intended.

Chapter One

Buffy kicked a stone moodily along the sidewalk as she wandered down the alleyway, not enough to do any damage to anything, she wasn’t that disrespectful, but enough to relieve a very small portion of her frustration.

“Where are all the vamps when you need them?” She said aloud, almost hoping half a dozen would spring from nowhere at the sound of her voice. Unlikely. Vamps these days were more likely to cower if they heard her voice, unless they were mob-handed. She was alone tonight, a more common occurrence these days; Willow was loved up with Tara and Xander at home with Anya, and even Giles had Olivia over from England. Buffy pouted, her love life didn’t exist since Riley left, he hadn’t even come back after her mother died, she needed someone too but it seemed to her that loving and slaying didn’t mesh.

Her lower lip slid into a smile as she saw a shadow flit across the alley, skulking in a doorway just in front of her and to her left. Senses on full alert she stopped and cocked her pink beanie clad head to one side.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are,” she sang.

There. A little further away, still to her left. Arms tucked down, she broke into a sprint, heading for the spot she’d seen the shadow. Nothing. She stopped, listening, as another, different, shadow moved to her right, this one was coming at her, and fast. She kicked and spun, instinct dictating where her foot would land which happened to be square in the vamp’s chest, sending him flying over a trashcan.

“Now, it’s really not like you guys to be shy, a girl likes her conquests to be a little more forward – more manly, you know?” she smiled and produced her stake as the vamp reappeared, growling at her.

“Better lose the attitude Slayer, because tomorrow, the next of your kind will be called.” Buffy rolled her eyes at him and smiled.

“If I had a dollar for every time I heard good old vamp…” she cut off as suddenly vampires appeared from everywhere, she was surrounded, not for the first time but the sheer volume of them made her nervous, especially in this confined space.

“Oh good! A party!” Buffy delivered a kick to the head of the nearest of them and spinning, dusted two more.

“There’s too many Slayer, you’re dead,” the leader laughed. Buffy shrugged, she had dealt with worse and she would deal with this.

Twenty minutes later and Buffy was struggling. She had taken out more of them than she could count but they just kept coming. Where were they all coming from? She suspected they had sent the weakest in first to tire here and under normal circumstances, she would have run and regrouped, but she was surrounded, there was nowhere to go.

“Tired Slayer?” She stopped for a moment, startled, the voice was in her head, “perhaps we should let you rest, come back for a return match tomorrow,” she could swear she recognized the voice but didn’t have time to think where from, or to wonder how it seemed to be talking to her telepathically. She jumped to the top of a nearby fire escape, bewildered to see that the vamps were all but queuing up.

“Hey, you know me,” she said, dusting three in one spin as they climbed to the top of the escape landing, “never one to let you boys go home without your fun.” Her tone was light but she was getting desperate, if she didn’t think of an escape soon she would be at their mercy. Somersaulting back into the alley, she took out four more and then leapt to the landing again. Something different was going on here, she needed to get back to warn Giles.

Fighting desperately as vampires swarmed over the edges, Buffy felt that all could be lost – this was an invasion and she was losing the battle. She fell backwards and a particularly overweight vampire pounced on her, fetid breath on her face as he went in for the bite.

“Don’t you guys ever floss?” She enquired, holding him off with one hand. Then he exploded and she caught a mouthful of vamp dust. Flossing was now the least of her worries! She jumped to her feet quickly. All around her vamps were suddenly exploding into dust, someone was here and helping, but who? Then it was over, the undusted were all running. Relieved, she sat down on the landing and looked around her, there were crossbow arrows everywhere – someone sure knew how to shoot, even better than she could.

“Hey! Where are you? Come out please, so I can see you, who are you?” She heard a noise above and looked up just in time to see a swiftly moving silent figure leaping agilely from rooftop to rooftop and disappearing into the night.

“Bizarro much?” Time to head to Giles and give him the heads up – vamps were never that organised and certainly not usually so plentiful. Something big was going down on the Hellmouth (just for a change) and someone mysterious seemed to want to fight it too. She thought briefly of Angel, but this wasn’t his style (though of course, skulking around was). The arrows and the skill of the user was something she hadn’t encountered before, it was certainly interesting. She picked up a couple of the arrows to take with her, perhaps Giles could find out more.
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