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The Hellmouth is a Bang!

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Summary: Another YAHF, yet this time, Ethan gives Xander a costume that causes a Sunnydale. (On Hold)

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Anime > NarutoTheHarlequinFR1844,36411911,92710 Jan 1111 Sep 11No

Halloween Goes Out With A Bang

A*N*- Once again, I own neither Naruto nor BTVS.

Xander watched his little group of hellions go up to the door of the first house of the night. The little goblin in the front of the pack rung the doorbell and the group of fairies and demons chorused a off-key ‘Trick or Treat!’ The door swung open and Mrs. Patinaski came out, beaming at the group.

“Oh my, what a scary group of monster’s we have hear. Here you go.”

She started handing out candy when the little green goblin grabbed her wrist and snarled. The loose mask morphed into a slimy bumpy skin and the goblin showed off impressive sized yellow fangs. Xander tried to go help, but a sharp pain in his chest and hands stopped him. He looked down at his hands and saw the palms split open, revealing teeth and a small mouth.

‘What the hell…’ Xander though before he suddenly blacked out, hitting the pavement with a sharp thump.

Ice blue eyes blinked open and stared at the night sky. Deidara sat up, and looked around curiously.

“Where the hell am I now, un?”

He stood up and watched the little oni run around chasing people. The thing that stood out most was there wasn’t a trace of chakra anywhere, not even residual. Instead there was a strange ambient energy that gave him the creeps, but that was the only thing his eye was picking up.


Deidara turned his head at the yell and saw a red-headed foreigner running towards him. She stopped in front of him.

“Xander, why didn’t you answer me, mister?”

Deidara just lifted a blonde eyebrow at the girl’s audacity. Normally civilians treated the Akatsuki members very warily. Obviously, wherever he was, the Akatsuki was not well known at all. The redhead continued to talk to him in another language until Deidara got fed up and walked away from her. Normally, he would’ve blown her to bits, but there was no use in announcing his presence to unknown enemies.

Deidara continued his pace down the paved street, using his left eye to study the strange energy that permeated this weird land. From what he had observed so far, there was an ambient energy that was sort of natural to this place. It had been there so long, that the buildings and the plants were seeped in it. There was a second type of energy, that just floated around the walkways and clung to the little oni that were running around. Deidara started to track this second energy curiously, thinking that there might be some sort of power he could harness to finally beat the Sharingan.

The blonde smirked deviously as he followed the trail. A man stepped into his path, followed by a small group of oni. The man reminded Deidara of Hidan, with the short light-blond and slicked back hair. The man pulled a cigarette out of his mouth and exhaled, narrowing kohl-ringed blue eyes at Deidara.

“If it ain’t the Slayer’s little minion. What the hell are you supposed to be?”

Spike watched the blonde Scooby stare at him blankly. The boy finally blinked and tried to walk off.

“Oi! Don’t you try an’ walk off when I’m talkin’ to you! It’s bleedin’ rude, and I’ll rip your bloody throat out, boy!”

The blonde turned, narrowing blue-green eyes at the vampire.

Deidara was about done with this guy screaming at him. It was annoying, almost worse than a hyper Tobi. His mouth twisted in disgust and he reached into the pouch at his hip.

Spike tensed when the kid reached for something, but his mouth twisted up into a smirk when all he pulled out was a little white sculpture. He snorted.

“Not one for little toys, pet”

The other blonde just smirked and tossed the little sculpture. One of Spike’s minions caught the little thing and stared at it stupidly. Spike got a bad feeling when the thing started to glow and started backing away. The little kids-turned demon seemed to sense something, trotting away from the fledge. Deidara formed the familiar handseal and smirked.


The little sculpture exploded loudly, incinerating the minion and tossing the little demons around. Spike hit the ground hard with the force of the explosion but was already back on his feet, putting more distance between him and the other man. Deidara smirked at him, and Spike snarled before running off. He was more interested in the Slayer, he’d deal with the little upstart later when he was back to being the bumbling nerd.

Deidara watched the Hidan-clone run away, snickering to himself. He turned back to the strange energy and continued following it. It eventually led him to a small shop, which was radiating the energy like mad. Deidara went inside and stepped out of the way in time for a middle-aged man to crash to the floor. He looked like he’d been worked over pretty good. He heard footsteps and looked up to see another man, with glasses cleaning his knuckles with a handkerchief.

He looked surprised to see Deidara.


Deidara sneered.

“I don’t know who you’re talking about old-man, but I’m not this Xander guy.”

The man’s eyebrows rose and he threw the man on the ground a scowl.

“My mistake, you look a lot like a friend of mine.” Giles said after recognizing Deidara’s language as a strange dialect of Japanese.

“Finally, someone who doesn’t speak gibberish. What the hell is going on here?”

The man pulled off his glasses and polished them, a wicket gleam twinkling evilly in his eye.

“That man pulled your soul and the souls of others to possess the local children.”

Deidara’s head swiveled around to study the man on the floor, and blue-green eyes narrowed murderously.

“Ethan, I would suggest you tell me how to stop the spell before our friend here decides to relieve the world of another chaos mage.”

Deidara didn’t understand what he said the to the beat up man, but it made him pale considerably, so he guessed it was a threat.

“B-break the statue, Ripper.”

Deidara narrowed his eyes, unsure of what the man was saying, and looked up when the other man walked over to a bust in the center of the room. It was an interesting piece, but not as good as anything Deidara came up with. The glasses wearing man shoved the bust, and it shattered as soon as it hit the floor. The energy that Deidara had tracked started to disappear quickly and he started to feel very strange. There was a pulling sensation and he blacked out, unconscious before he even hit the floor.

Giles turned when he heard the thump and saw Xander unconscious on the floor and Ethan had vanished. He pursed his lips and sighed, wondering how he was going to get Xander back to the library.
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