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The Hellmouth is a Bang!

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Summary: Another YAHF, yet this time, Ethan gives Xander a costume that causes a Sunnydale. (On Hold)

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Anime > NarutoTheHarlequinFR1844,36411911,92810 Jan 1111 Sep 11No

Revelations are a Bang!

*A.N- Once again, I no own, so no one better sue. I said I was going to at least get one chapter out today, and I have so enjoy and as always I enjoy constructive criticism.

Giles ended up having to half drag Xander back to the library, but it hadn’t been as much of a chore as he had thought. Something about the boy had changed, he was no longer gangly and heavy, but slender, almost androgynous. He set the boy down on one of the couches and went to make tea on the hotplate in his office. A few moments later he heard Xander shuffling on the couch.


Giles sighed and poured the boiling water over the tea bags and carried the two cups back out to where the boy was sitting. He was leaned over, staring straight down at the floor, his fingers tangled in the blonde wig on his head.

“I take it you’ve remembered.”

Blue-green eyes pierced him with a flat stare, making Giles stop in his tracks. Xander’s eyes were brown, something had changed if the spell still had a hold of him.


The looked softened a little and the young man on the couch sighed, rubbing his eyes.

“It’s me, G-man.”

Giles let out the breath he was holding and sat a cup in front of Xander before taking the seat across from him.

“Who did you go as, Xander?”

Xander’s forehead wrinkled and he stopped massaging his temples to pick up the cup of tea. To Giles’ surprise, he drank it plain, instead of dumping a pound of sugar in it as was his norm.

“A ninja….a bad ninja. But I didn’t know he was bad. I didn’t know anything. That Ethan guy, he just said it was a ninja costume no one wanted,un.”

Giles silently cursed Ethan to a very fiery demise in his head.

“Is there something special about this ninja, Xander? Something powerful perhaps? There has to be a reason you haven’t changed back to your normal form.”

“It was the chakra..”

Giles glanced at him confusedly.


“Chakra, an energy the ninja like Deidara use. Abilities fueled by the natural power your body makes. Once you open chakra pathways, you can’t close them.”

Giles nodded.Xander sighed, his thumb brushing over the mouth in his hand and he glanced through his lashes at the Watcher.

“That’s not the only thing. The ninja I went as…Deidara, was special, he had what the ninja call a bloodline limit. An ability that was unique to him and those in his bloodline…he was able to manipulate chakra into clay to make it explode. The way he did it….I think is the reason I didn’t change back,un.”

Giles scooted to the edge of his seat as Xander sat his cup down. Xander held his hands out, balled into fists , wrist up, towards him. He slowly opened his fists and the mouths in his hands opened, one spitting out a small clay spider.

“Dear lord!”

Giles was out of his seat, holding Xander’s hand by the wrist studying the mouth.

“Is it connected…?”

Giles let the question trail off. Xander shook his head.

“No, there’s no throat connected to them, just a mouth. But that’s not all, Giles.”

Xander stood, and Giles backed up a little bit. The boy unzipped the black and red cloak and pulled the tank top and the fishnet shirt over his head. Directly over his heart was a stitched up line surrounded by a black ink tattoo.

“Is that?”

“Another mouth? Yes, it’s connected directly to my heart, where chakra can accumulate the quickest. Deidara had a suicide technique, he called C0 or Kyukyoku Geijutsu. He put his clay in the mouth and blew himself up…the technique has the power equivalent to a large H-bomb, Giles,un.”

Giles paled a little bit and took his glasses off, polishing them. Xander pulled the tank top over his head, folding the fishnet shirt neatly on top of his cloak. He gave Giles a very serious look.

“You can’t tell the girls about this. I know I can’t keep the hands from them, but this thing connected to my heart stays between you and me,un.”

Giles nodded understandably.

Aside from being grossed out, the girls took to Xander's new form easily. Buffy teased him about the long girly hair, and Willow hugged her long time best friend and they settled down for a bit, chatting about the night before everyone headed home.

Xander walked through the front door with the Akatsuki cloak and the fishnet shirt over one arm. He could hear the T.V. blaring loudly from the living room. He headed for the stairs but his father came around the corner out of the kitchen, bottle of Johnnie Walker Red in hand.

“The fuck you think your doin’ gettin’ in this late. Wakin’ the whole fuckin’ house up with your noise.”

Some of Deidara’s personality had obviously stayed behind and mixed in with Xander’s.

“I could hear the T.V. two houses away from here Dad, you wouldn’t have even known I came in if you hadn’t seen me first, un. “

Tony Harris swung, hitting Xander in the side of the face. A blow that would have once sent him into the wall, only slid him back an inch or so. Xander’s tongue snaked out and lapped at the small trickle of blood at the corner of his mouth. Xander grinned at his father and started cracking his knuckles.

“Huge mistake, asshole”

Tony swung again, ready to punish Xander’s insolence, but the blonde caught the punch and sent him into the wall.

“You every fucking touch me again, Father, and I’ll kill you. Got it, un?”

Tony just nodded, blinking warily. He lumbered into the living room, back to his chair. Xander watched him go with a shake of his head, and headed up to his room. He hung the Akatsuki cloak up and left the fishnet shirt on his desk. He undid the belt and put the pouch of clay on the bedside table and the hitai-ate was left next to it. He kicked off the sandals and crashed onto the bed. He gave a long suffering sigh, school was going to be hell the next day.
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