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The Hellmouth is a Bang!

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Summary: Another YAHF, yet this time, Ethan gives Xander a costume that causes a Sunnydale. (On Hold)

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Anime > NarutoTheHarlequinFR1844,36411911,92710 Jan 1111 Sep 11No

Finding a BANGin' Costume

A*N* - I own neither Naruto nor BTVS, they have their respective owners, I'm just playing in the toybox for a little bit. :3

Chapter 1 - Finding A BANGin' Costume

Xander watched as Willow and Buffy went deeper into Ethan's Costume Shop. He stood by the door until they were completely out of sight and headed straight for the Accessories section. He had an old set of fatigues he had found at the Thrift Store at home. With an addition of a prop gun, he'd be a non-descript soldier at little to no expense to his road-trip fund. Xander looked around the aisle's looking for the guns, and saw the last plastic machine gun sitting on the shelf. Before he could get to it, some little blonde brat grabbed it and disapeared. Xander moved closer in hopes of finding another gun miraculously hidden somewhere, and muttered a few explicatives under his breath when nothing turned up.

"Something wrong young man?"

Xander had to suppress the urge to jump and squeak and turned to see the shop owner standing a few feet away from him.

"Don't do that!"

The man grinned unapologetically at him.

"Something I can help you find?"

"Not unless you have any more prop guns in the back."

Ethan glanced at the empty shelf and back to Xander.

"No I'm afraid that was my entire stock, I assure you I have plenty of other costumes to choose from. A pirate perhaps? I have a few Comic Book character's left in stock."

Xander shook his head.

"Not really in my price range, see, I had some old fatigues at home, just needed a gun."

Ethan inclined his head.

"Ah, I see. Perhaps, I can make you a deal, come with me."

Ethan led Xander over to a stand near the cash register, where a mannequin stood in a black cloak with red clouds on it.

"A friend of mind gave me this when he went on a trip to Japan. Some sort of ninja outfit of some kind. Unfortunately, no one seems to be showing an interest in it, and as tonight is Halloween, I'm very keen to sell everything. I'm willing to let the entire costume go for 10 dollars, if you're interested."

Xander studied the costume for a few moments; it was well made and very interesting. He looked at Ethan.

"You've got a deal."

The older man smiled and started removing the costume from the mannequin, folding the cloak and the clothes under it neatly. He put it in a bag and put three boxes in with it, explaining to Xander that it was included with the costume but he hadn't been comfortable leaving it out in the open on the mannequin.


Xander handed over the money, and Ethan handed him the bag, the receipt and his change.

"Happy Halloween"

Xander nodded and headed over to the girls, telling Willow he'd meet them later. He jogged home, excited to put the costume on. He unlocked the front door quietly and crept up the stairs, as to not awaken the sleeping drunk lump of lard that was snoring heavily on the couch. He shut his door with a click and dumped the bag out on his bed. He stripped down to his boxers and looked through the contents of the bag, trying to remember how Ethan had had it on the mannequin. He pulled the fishnet shirt over his head first, then the black tank top. The pants, he tried to pull on over his boxers, but they bunched weirdly overtop the material. Xander blushed, pulled the pants off and stripped off his boxers. He pulled the pants up and buttoned them, pulling at the material so Little Xander wouldn't get squashed. The next thing was a medium sized pouch that was attached to a belt, and then the weird sandals. The black and red cloak was next and that zipped up past half of his face.

Xander turned to the bed and saw that all that was left were the three boxes. The largest one was revealed to contain a blonde wig and a cheap plastic comb. He flipped it onto his head in what he figured was the correct direction and combed the tangles out of it. The bangs were short on the right side, but the left side hung down way past his chin and the rest was pulled into a ponytail at the top of his head. Xander threw the comb back in the box and pulled open the second box. It had a weird looking headband in it. The band was made of a black material with a metal plate attached to it. The plate had a weird symbol engraved into it that vaguely resembled a rock, or a mountain-thing. He put the plate over his forehead, and tied it over the wig in the back.

The last, and smallest box had a ring in it. The stone was a blue-ish green and had a Chinese character painted in black on it. Xander tried it on various fingers and found that it fit his right index finger the best.

Xander smoothed the cloak and looked at himself in the mirror and grinned. He thought the costume looked really cool. He scratched his scalp through the wig, and fixed it when it moved then headed back out of the house, heading for Buffy's.
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