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Lost Files: Golden Threads

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Golden Threads". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Deleted scenes/outtakes from my completed works, Golden Threads, Tales from Atlantis, and A City is Not a Home.

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Golden Threads: Martha Visits Torchwood 3

Author: Jaded
Story: The Lost Files
Disclaimer: I own the idea only. Joss owns Buffy, Torchwood is owned by, um...someone not me? No suing please!
Summary: Deleted scenes/outtakes from my completed works, Golden Threads, Tales from Atlantis, and A City is Not a Home.
Fic: Golden Threads
Scene: Martha Visits Torchwood 3
Splainy: If I hadn't ended it before the Martha episode, this is how the chapter of GT would have started. I never finished it though, as I realized quickly I wouldn't be going that far.
Acknowledgment(s): Thanks to Cailet, eriktheviking, earelen, Innogen, iuveniachick, zephyrRS, Duchess, & Angelskuuipo for the reviews!
A/N 1: I will be doing a Tales from Atlantis deleted scene next, so you know, this isn't just Golden Threads. *sheepish smile*
A/N 2: Pretty much everyone got the significance of Jenny and Ten so...Cyber cookies for all!

“No obvious signs of violence,” Owen was saying as he started the autopsy on the body he and Tosh had found on weevil patrol. Dawn was standing next to Jack and Tosh, going through some of the evidence bags. The doctor looked up at her. “If this turns out to be one of yours, I'm going to be very disgruntled.”

“It is so not my fault the last three were vampires!” she exclaimed. “Cardiff is supposed to be neutral territory, you know that!”

“Just because you say that doesn't mean its true!”

“Children,” Gwen drawled and Dawn looked over to find her smirking. “Do I have to send you to time-out?”

“He started it!” “She started it!”

Jack was chuckling when Ianto's voice came through the speakers, cutting into Dawn and Owen's glaring match. “Jack, your VIP visitor is here.”

Dawn and Jack exchanged excited looks and ran out of the autopsy room. Dawn knew they were leaving the three Torchwood employees confused but she didn't care; she'd been looking forward to this ever since she heard the news.

“Suddenly, in an underground mortuary, on a wet night in Cardiff, I hear the song of a nightingale,” Jack intoned, grinning as they neared the door.

“I wouldn't call her a nightingale,” Dawn muttered under her breath and Jack looked at her. She shrugged as Gwen, Owen, and Tosh came up behind them. “You've never actually heard her sing, have you?”

Before Jack could answer, the door rolled open to reveal Martha coming inside with Ianto. She had bags and was looking around in curiosity but when she saw Jack and Dawn, she squealed, lost all sense of professionalism and dropped her bags just as Dawn lurched forward to hug her.

“Miss Martha Jones,” Jack said as Dawn and Martha embraced and started talking over one another about everything they'd been up to since they'd last spoken, which, naturally, had been that morning. “Where's my hug?”

“Go on, Mar, don't want to keep the impatient little four year old waiting,” Dawn teased, letting go so Martha could go and hug Jack. Over the woman's shoulder, Jack winked at Dawn.

“I resemble that remark!”

Martha laughed, leaning back. “Oh, it's good to see you, Jack,” she told him. “How have you been?”
Jack laughed, but instead of answering her, he motioned to each of the team.

“Toshiko. Owen, Gwen, and you remember Ianto,” Jack said and Dawn, bouncing slightly, grinned as Ianto waved at Martha. “Meet Martha.”

“Uh, just a casual visit or...?” Owen asked as Martha picked up her things again.

“I'm here to complete your postmortem,” she said simply, heading further inside. Dawn snickered as Owen looked after her fellow companion in confusion.

“Dr. Jones is from UNIT,” Jack explained as they moved back to the autopsy pit.

“Aw, no time to meet-n-greet?” Dawn pouted, not really surprised. Martha looked over at her.

“Fraid not, responsibilities and whatnot, you remember,” she teased and Dawn grinned.

“Ah, responsibilities, I think I had those once upon a time,” she joked. Martha smirked.

“I think you lost them right around the time you met him,” she said, motioning at Jack. The two girls snickered as the captain pouted. Tosh, Gwen, Ianto, and Owen just watched them in bemusement.

“Ah, I remember this teasing,” Jack said, grinning. “I missed it. Does that make me a masochist?” the last was said to Ianto who opened his mouth to answer and then abruptly snapped it shut, apparently thinking better of it. Dawn smirked.

“No, the fact you're a masochist makes you a masochist,” Dawn told the captain seriously.

“I'm not touching that one with a ten foot pole,” Martha muttered, unlocking her cases and putting on her jacket and gloves. Dawn stuck her tongue out at the fellow companion.

“I identified a pattern from UNIT's data on sudden deaths. Toxic shock,” Martha explained. “Nothing to link the victims. Different ages, sexes, ethnic origins, occupations. But there was a statistically significant concentration in South Wales.”

“Come on, Martha, be honest. You just came all this way to see me,” Jack said.

“Ha!” Dawn exclaimed. “If she's coming to see anyone, it would be me—we did travel together for seven months!”

“Still struggling to conquer your shyness, you two?” Martha asked, smirking. Dawn pouted as Jack laughed and Ianto snickered.


“How's the family?” Jack asked. Dawn had agreed, through silent communication, to try and answer some of the questions the group had but to keep the particulars to herself—none of the team needed to know just how close they all came to certain death.

“Getting better, thanks to having a Slayer to help raise,” she agreed. “They send their love.”

“Give them mine,” he told her. He sat up, arms on his desk and watching the other woman. “So ... End of the World Survivors Club.”

Martha sat down. Or rather, flopped down, in the chair across from him. “God, I am so glad to see you, Jack!”

“See, you did come all this way just to see me,” Jack joked. “It's the jaw line. Once seen, always yearned for.”

They both laughed but then it went quiet and tense. It wasn't uncomfortable, exactly, just...things unsaid and all that.

“Do you miss him?” he asked, wondering. “I know you saw him when Rose came back but...”

“No. I made my choice,” Martha told him. He looked at her doubtfully and she smiled wryly. “Maybe sometimes.”


“Tiny bit! Tiny, tiny,” she held out her hands less than an inch apart and he laughed. “Then I come to my senses again. Anyway, I've got plenty to occupy me, and I can call Dawn whenever I need someone to convince me that missing the danger and running is not a good thing.”

“Oh, yeah, Miss Highfalutin',” Jack agreed. “What is it? Medical officer?”

Martha sat back, looking smug. “Oh, yes.”

“So do I have to call you ma'am?” He asked, only half joking as he stood up and moved to the edge of his desk.

“No,” Martha said and then slowly smirked. “Just follow my orders to the letter.”

Jack laughed, thinking absently that this Martha was a marked difference to her after he'd said goodbye on the Plass and even the Martha he had to deal with when Dawn brought Rose home. She was more like before, when they'd met on the planet at the end of the universe. Less shadows to contend with.

“You should have called me if you were looking for a job,” he told her, getting more serious.

“I wasn't,” she insisted, straightening. “This woman from UNIT rang out of the blue, said I was just what they needed, that I'd come highly recommended by an impeccable source. I thought it might have been Dawn but she insisted it wasn't anyone in the Council. Of course, she also said that if I ever get bored, I just have to call her up.”

“It was Doc,” Dawn said in the doorway. She came inside, leaning against Jack. He grinned at the way Martha's eyes widened when he wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed the top of Dawn's head. “He figured he owed you one—we all did.”

“Very true,” Jack agreed. “And I'm giving my offer of employment too—you get bored, you know where to find us.”

“I'll keep that in mind,” Martha said, shaking her head. Dawn smirked.

“Oooh, can you imagine all the trouble we'd get ourselves into?” she asked. Jack thought on it and frowned.

“You think it'd be worse than when we were with the Doctor?” Martha asked skeptically. Dawn nodded and Jack started rethinking bringing Martha in to work in Cardiff.

“You remember the King Kong planet?” Dawn reminded her dryly.

The young doctor giggled, leading Jack to wonder what had happened. “Me and the Doctor stopped laughing eventually!” Martha reminded her, eyes twinkling. Now Jack really wanted to know what had happened, because it sounded like Dawn had gotten herself into trouble. He pushed that to the side, and looked at Martha hopefully.

“So, do you think you could get me one of those red caps for personal use?” he asked and then gave Dawn a look. “I’m thinking Ianto might look good in it.”

Dawn tilted her head, thoughtful as Martha stood up, shaking her own.

“You want uniforms, get your own,” she ordered with a smile. “Now, am I going to get the guided tour?”

Jack stood up and saluted her. “Yes, ma'am, whatever you say, ma'am! Huah!”

“Leave it!” Martha ordered as she and Dawn exchanged exasperated looks.

Jack grinned. The band was back together!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Lost Files: Golden Threads" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Feb 11.

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