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Split Love

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Summary: With Apocalypses all around, a love triangle between mortals and angels was not expected. Scoobies and Team Free Will collide

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Supernatural > GeneralXanderLuvsAllFR1521,672042,33212 Jan 1126 Jan 11No


Gabriel was just about to go pay a visit to his favorite little mortals and his littlest brother. Though to be sure, it was more Deano and Castiel then the Sasquatch. As the two of them were quite...lovely in bed. Having gained entrance into it after it was revealed who he was, after he had fun in TV Land. Messing with mortals was very easy and very fun even if the results were not what he had intended. Though sleeping with Dean and Castiel was hardly a bad thing. Sleeping with his Brother's Vessel might be a bit..odd but it was still lovely. Dean was completely unlike Michael or anyone he had ever met. The Righteous Man was intriguing on a whole new level.

Ever since he had lost Lucifer then abandoned Heaven, Gabriel had been searching for what he had had. Mortals had failed though he had loved a few of them. Some of them became quite famous and some had been ordinary people who had caught his attention somehow. 'Gods' had failed as well though Kali had come close than almost all before her. With the two of them though, he felt almost peaceful. Dean was hilarious to be around and ..sweet to be with.

Castiel was his brother, a piece of his home long lost to him and Gabriel was impressed with him. Castiel had sacrificed his all, including his life for what he had believed in. For Dean. That amount of dedication, loyalty and stubbornness was odd in an angel of the Host. So it was something to admire and in Gabriel's case, love. Castiel may have been the last of the angels born but he was by far the best. Gabriel would allow nothing to come between them ever. He may have lost his first flock but he would not lose his second. Ever!!!!

In mid motion to snapping his fingers and flying to the motel where he felt his mark on Dean and the Grace he was sharing with Castiel to keep him going, he was startled by the sudden presence of others. Whipping around, preparing to attack with his powers Gabriel was stunned to discover his brothers were before him. Lucifer and Michael. Together. Not fighting. Together. How? Why? What in Father's name was going on here. They used his distraction to write some words on the walls, effortlessly trapping him. Despite that, all he could was prevent himself from going to them and just emerging himself with them. Merging their Graces into one for the first time in milenia. He couldn't.

Having gained control of his desire and preparing to trick his way out of this situation as always, Gabriel sought to distract his brothers. "So, how've you been, Bros. It's been a long time. Meant to write but you know how it goes. You get distracted and one thing leads to another and you just plum forget.Time just flew by until it got to a point where there was so much to write about I just didn't know where to even begin. I mean so much can happen in a few..centuries or milenia that I couldn't even dream of where to start. I mean I got a new job, met some lovely people, went to some awesome places, saw great parts of history. Where would I even begin?"Having managed to leak some of his Grace out during the babble, he erased one of the words. Thus breaking the spell and he was away with a smug wave. Or so he thought.

Yanked painfully back by his wings, Gabriel landed on his back and watched as Michael ixed the bindings that sealed the room. Making it impossible for him to leave. While Lucifer kept a tight hold of him, even soothing his wings from where he had pulled.It was lovely, the sensation of his wings being caressed, groomed so perfectly but such expert hands. He hadn't felt it since his Rebellion. Castiel just wasn't as good as Lucifer. No one was. Not Michael or Raphael. Or....Azrael. Only Lucifer could touch his wings and make them feel..blissful.

"Where did you think you were going, Brother?"Lucifer's voice purred in his ear,sending a shiver down his entire physical and Grace body. Still there was a hint of danger in that voice, Lucifer was not at all happy with his escape attempt. He may be using his sensual voice and touch but he was angry and looking at Michael, Gabriel could see he was as well. Great. Trapped in a room with his two unhappy older brothers. Just great. And it wasn't like he could expect rescue as he hadn't informed Dean or Cas that he was coming so they wouldn't worry for a while.

Not that he wanted Dean anywhere near Michael. Oh, no. That ship had sailed when he took Dean as his lover. He loved Michael more than anything else, hated him with the same intensity but loved him all the same but he wasn't getting Dean. Wasn't destroying him. The fact that Dean had come so close to saying yes terrified Gabriel and he was glad Castiel had been there to 'beat' some sense into him. Course if anyone else had so badly beat Dean up then he'd now being learning why you didn't mess with an Archangel's-Tricksters flock.No way though was he going to risk Dean going back and saying Yes. Michael had Adam and while that upset Dean, it was better than the alternative. Dean's never ending sacrifice for his family was vastly annoying.

Michael stalked over to Gabriel and he could feel the anger radiating off him, Michael's Grace was practically coming off him in waves. Michael touched his face while Lucifer kissed his neck. Michael spoke for the first time softly."Why?"

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Split Love" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Jan 11.

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