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Exchange of Family

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Exchange". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander thinks of his family and his Slayers, old and new.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Heroic XanderCaliadragonFR1312,134253,69115 Jan 1115 Jan 11Yes
Title: Exchange of Family

Author: CaliaDragon

Fandom: BtVS, AtS, NCIS, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, The Losers, SPN

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Part: 1/1

Warnings: Angst, Character Deaths, Humor, Slash, Unbeta’d

Series: Exchange

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me; they belong to their various portrayers and creators.  None of which I am.

Summary: Xander thinks of his family and his slayers new and old.


Xander looked around him and smiled at the sounds of happiness and excitement that echoed through the yard.  Everywhere he looked people were celebrating, children were laughing and playing.  It was a wonderful day and he was happy to be here to see it happen. 

When Kendra had come to him and asked him to come to this new world with its slayers he had been ready to die.  Even after he came here, there were times when his head and his heart would drag down in sorrow.  However, time and exposure to his new slayers and their families helped to ease the pain of his last life.

Slayers were different here, not just, because they were men, but also because they were more settled.  There was competition among the slayers, but the four longest called slayers were married among themselves.  Dean and Ryan had met as children and became Slayers a year apart. 

Horatio Caine, the oldest slayer at 47, was called at fifteen and experienced his first death at thirty-seven, which called Timothy ‘Speed’ Speedle, also at fifteen.  Their relationship started out as mentoring and later developed into love and a deep commitment. 

Speed died at nineteen, which called Dean who was also nineteen.  A year later Dean died battling a demon and was revived by his younger brother Sam, which called Ryan.  Ryan and Dean were already dating when he was called and Ryan knew what a slayer’s life was like. 

For a time the four were the only slayers called, however, when Willow preformed the spell to call their slayers all of the slayers in this realm and any other realm that had slayers was called.  This realm was the only one to lose all of the Watchers and any information to stop the demonic entities that put the world at danger.

That was when the Powers sent Kendra to Xander and Xander to the Powers of his new world.  He loved his new world and his new slayers.  While there were demons to battle, this world didn’t seem as dark and violent as his own reality was.  Perhaps it was because several of the worse demonic lords and threats were killed out centuries before by Slayers and Watchers joined together to do battle and defeat the threat.  Perhaps it was because in this reality the Watchers and the Slayers were truly a unit.   Watchers fought at their Slayers sides.

The fact that men could marry if they chose was also something different from his reality.  That wasn’t to say there was no prejudices, but politically and socially his world was centuries behind his new one.  HIV had been eradicated just ten years earlier and the United States was in a time of peace instead of war. 

Yet, it was not these things that gave Xander his sense of peace what gave him those feelings was his slayers and watching them play.  Watching the children they had and the way that the youngest slayers were still treated like children.  The new council had tried, but as the demonic wars got worse and the world became darker, they could not allow the little slayers to wait to fight until they were in their twenties and usually the rest of the council overrode Xander and Faith’s protests. 

Xander missed his friends and family and always would, but he was relieved that he would not be around to see the council turn the slayers back into tools. 

“Xander!” A voice called and he turned looking at the green-eyed slayer making his way over to him.  Tony Dinozzo was one of the older slayers, though he had been called in the Awakening, his mate and watcher had come with him, taking Xander’s teachings to heart.  Xander was surprised to see Tony without Gibbs, as the man was always with him.

“Gibbs asked me to come get you, a glowing young woman just appeared in the court yard and begged us to find you.”  Tony said urgently.  He took off after Xander as the young man took off running.  When they saw Xander running, the older slayers followed wondering what was happening and followed behind him and Tony.

When Xander reached the court yard he was stunned by who was there.  “Faith?” Xander asked stunned, wondering what she was doing there.

Faith turned to look at Xander and smiled tearfully.  “Hey boytoy,” she said as he swept her off her feet into a tight hug. 

“What? How?” he asked confused. 

“The Powers decided I wasn’t needed in the other realm any longer.  They brought me here and they took Dawnie and Distructo Boy with them, they’re supposed to arrive soon.”  Faith told him softly. 

Xander let out a whoop of joy and began to swing her around in his arms laughing.  Faith chuckled and wrapped her legs around his waist.  “Are you still a slayer?” Xander asked happily, as he finally set her back on her feet.

“Yep, they can’t un-make me a slayer without permanently killing me.  Though the cargo is a boy and a slayer.” She said patting her belly. 

“You’re pregnant?” Xander asked wide-eyed and then blinked as he realized she looked as young as he did.

“Yeah, Woody walked when he found out I was preggers with a baby boy slayer.    Couldn’t handle it, so fuck ‘im, I’d like you to be my baby Daddy, even if you and I won’t go at like minks.” Faith said bluntly, causing several of the slayers and watchers to snicker and a few to blush.

“I’d be honoured.” Xander said reverently.  “Do you know why the Powers took Dawn and Connor?” Xander asked a bit worried.

“They had to make a change so that they could survive in this world since they were both made from magick.  Connor is a male slayer/dhamphyre and Dawnie is Glow Girl.”  Faith said with a shrug.  “As to why they brought them here? Willow found a prophecy that said if Dawn were to give birth to Connor’s child it could be used in a sacrifice to destroy all evil in the old realm and if a slayer gave birth to a boy slayer it could be raised to destroy all good.  Since Dawn and I are pregnant, Willow panicked and begged the Powers to save the babies.  She wasn’t sure someone wouldn’t kidnap Dawn or the baby and perform the spell.  You saw how the Council was going.   Thing is to come here someone had to die there.  Willow, Buffy, and Giles sacrificed their lives so that we would be safe and alive.”  Faith said quietly.

Xander’s eyes widened in horror and sorrow at the news, tears beginning to gather in his eyes, how could this have happened. “One of the reasons that B, G-Man, and Red didn’t visit you often was that they were trying to protect the slayers and you from members of the Council.  We saw them while we were in the higher realms and they are happy, they were reunited with the people that we lost and that was when the Powers told us what happened to you.  They said the three of us would be sent to you since we had no counter parts in this realm.”  Faith was quick to explain at the pain in his eyes.  

Xander closed his eyes and then pulled her back into his arms.  “I’m sorry boytoy.”  Faith whispered.

“Don’t be, I love that you are here and there are babies coming and Dawn and Connor.  I was just missing my family and now here you are.” Xander said kissing her cheek. 

Faith sniffled and kissed him.  “You always did know when to say the right thing.  It was why everyone wanted to bang you or hug you.” 

Xander went beat red and scuffed a toe, looking very much like a little boy.  His slayers grinned and a few laughed.  Faith snickered and patted him on the ass. 

A few minutes later another set of teens arrived and Xander was rushing to them, hugging them and laughing in joy.  Both were treated with a gentleness that touched those watching.  “We missed you.”  Connor said hugging him tightly. 

“I missed you too.”  Xander admitted. 

Dawn kissed him and hugged him tightly.  “We got to see Mommy and the others.  They said when we pass from this world we’ll be reunited with them.”  Dawn told him in a soft voice.  Xander relaxed and nodded thankful for that knowledge.  “Sam and Dean were there with their parents and Castiel said that he would come and visit us now that he knew where you were and his guardian duties were done to us.  The Council won’t be going the way of the old Guard now that Willow’s spell worked.”

Xander nodded and took a deep breath.  “Okay, it’s time you come meet a few people.  They are all slayers or Watchers.  I’m sure the PTB told you that in this world all of the Slayers are men, well all but Faith anyway.”

Dawn nodded.  “Yep they even told us you had a version of Sam and Dean here and that Dean was one of the Senior Slayers and married to a man.”

Xander nodded.  “You’ll like my slayers I promise.”

Connor grinned at him, “Have any tried to carry you off like a war bride?”

Xander pouted, making the Senior Slayers laugh.  “That only happened a few times.”

“A week.” Connor, Dawn, and Faith said in unison.

Dean and Sam shared a look and stepped forward with Ryan, Horatio, Speed, Tony, Gibbs, Danny Messer, Don Flack, and their watcher Mac Taylor.

“Hey guys, this is Dawn, Faith, and Connor their family from back home.  Dawnie, Connor, Faith these are my slayers.  Ryan Wolfe is the one to the left of Dean.  Then down the line there’s Tony Dinozzo, Jethro Gibbs, Danny Messer, Don Flack, and Mac Taylor.  Behind them are Franklin Clay, William Roque, Jake Jensen, Linwood and Jolene Porteous, and Carlos Alvarez.  Horatio, Speed, Tony, Danny, Dean, Ryan, Danny, Don, Jake, Linwood, and Carlos are all slayers.  They are the top ones so far that I have trained.  I would put them in the same category as you and Buffy.  A few like Horatio’s nephew Ray and Tim McGee I would definitely put in Connor’s category, while Sam, Gibbs, and Mac are like a cross between Giles and Dawn at their meanest, while Clay, Roque, Jolene, and Abby Squito are this world’s version of our Sam and Dean.  Abby’s the brunette coming this way.”  Xander said grinning at the three.

Faith, Connor, and Dawn all looked very impressed.  “When I’m not knocked up we’ll spar.  I don’t know if you’ve caught this from X yet, but he just gave you all top honors.  In the years he’s worked with slayers, hunters, and watchers only a few made it to top level in his eyes.  All those people he named were some of the deadliest fighters and demon hunters of our time.  Most of them were family too.”  Faith told them to let them know just how much of a compliment Xander had given them.

Dean raised an eyebrow and then grinned impishly.  “So do you have any good stories on Xan?”

“You can’t tell the Vegas Story!” Xander yelped before the three could open their mouths. 

“But Xan, that’s the best one.  There were naked wrestlers, demons, and jello.”  Connor protested grinning wickedly. 

“Don’t forget the Bikini carwash boys and the game of naked twister.”  Dawn added with a laugh.

Xander moaned and did a face palm, while everyone else laughed.  Faith grinned.  “Oh I don’t know the contest in Miami was pretty fun.”  Xander looked at her in object horror, making the people gathered burst into laughter.

“You can’t tell that story, ever! We took vows of silence and did body shots to cement that.  If you tell that story I’m telling the one about polo for you and the one about the rabbits and the pigmy goat on the other two.”  Xander threatened.

They looked at him in just as much horror and Faith actually whimpered.  “Damn X that’s just mean.”  Xander cackled and nodded. 

Dean grinned, happy to see that Xander was given family in his new world and looking forward to seeing what these three new arrivals would bring to their lives.


The End For Now




The End

You have reached the end of "Exchange of Family". This story is complete.

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