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This story is No. 2 in the series "Running away". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: She had run away from her life with the Council, wanting a normal life for herself. But her meeting with the Winchester had changed everything. Now, she's running away again.

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Supernatural > Dawn-CenteredSabrynaFR1331,804072,89616 Jan 1121 Jan 11No


Disclaimer : Supernatural and Buffy are not mine.


Dawn zipped her bag and looked at the room. It was completely clean and tidy. She made sure she had left nothing behind. She threw the bag on her shoulder and locked the door behind her. She gave back the key at the reception and walked to her car on the parking lot. Behind her, the hotel was waking up. She hadn’t slept much but she was used to move. She was never staying long in one place. It was unsafe. She had to keep moving. She couldn’t explain it. Like she couldn’t explain how her life had crushed down.

She put her bag in the trunk and get behind the wheel. She breathed in deeply and glanced at the glove compartment. Her old cell was there. Her old life just at the other side of the line. She hadn’t turned it on for four years. Hadn’t talked to her sister or anyone of her family for four years. One day, she had simply disappeared. They should be so mad at her, so worried.

Her meeting with the Winchester brothers had been decisive. She had tried to go back to her life but it was never the same. She had spent a summer with her family and it had been awkward. She had explained her strange attitude by telling them that it had been hard on the campus after the suicide of two girls and she had stayed distant, lost in her thoughts. She had finally realized that she couldn’t go back to her “normal” life in the middle of the summer. But she couldn’t bring them to her new life. They had suffered enough.

So, at the end of the holidays, she had said goodbye to the Scoobies. They had thought that she was going back to college. If only they had known... She had disconnected her cell, emptied her bank account and sold her car before vanishing. Maybe one day, when she would be out of options, she would call them and tell them everything and most of all, she would tell them how much she missed them and how deeply sorry she was.

She had spent the last four years on the road, working case after case, learning how to deal with this new and frightening world. She had learnt how to shot a gun, the signs of possession and how to exorcise demons. She knew runes, Latin and spells before and it had been a great asset for her new life. She had met hunters who had laughed at her, the stupid little Californian girl who wanted to hunt the big bad monsters. Never once had she backed down. She had kept her head high and proud, swearing, spitting or fighting if it was needed. And she had learnt. Most of the hunters had been impressed enough to teach her something, so the foolish girl could stay alive a little longer. She had met only one female hunter. Most of them were men, dragged into the supernatural war by the need of revenge for a death of a beloved one. Most of their stories were strikingly similar to the Winchester’s. Stories of love, pain, blood and death. She had made her hole. Sometimes, she had run into a hunter who had known about her because it was not every day that you run into a twenty year old girl hunting demons.

She laughed at the irony of the situation. She had craved for a normal life and in the end she had cut every tie with normal human beings. How could she had been fool enough to believe that she could be normal? Come on, she wasn’t even human! She was just a ball of energy forged into a human girl. She had always known that but she had tried to do like it meant nothing. She had wanted to cut all her ties to the supernatural, to go to the university. Stupid girl.

She made the engine roar, blinking the tears away. She couldn’t cry. She had to be strong to survive. Pushing the gas pedal, she left the parking lot and went south. She had heard of strange deaths in a little town. She could be there in a day and had a look at it.
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