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This story is No. 2 in the series "Running away". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: She had run away from her life with the Council, wanting a normal life for herself. But her meeting with the Winchester had changed everything. Now, she's running away again.

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Supernatural > Dawn-CenteredSabrynaFR1331,804072,89616 Jan 1121 Jan 11No

The Scoobies

Disclaimer : Supernatural and Buffy aren't mine.

You need to have read A matter of choice to understand this one. It would be really better. This serie of ficlets will be short. It's just a glimpse of what happened after the previous fic, from different points of view, and introduced the next big part.

This hasn't been beta'ed and English is not my first language, so I'm sorry for the mistakes.


Buffy had been staring at her cell for over two hours now. She hadn’t even tried to call. She knew it would have been for nothing. She had tried so many times already! She couldn’t take it anymore. The pain, the loss, the worry. Most of the time, she was angry. Anger was keeping her sane. Because if she stopped being angry, she would feel the aching pain inside of her and it would made her mad with worry and sadness. It had been whispered… What if she… But the Slayer had denied it. No, she refused to think of it. It couldn’t have happened.


She looked up at Willow. The witch’s eyes were sad and tormented.

“It’s her birthday today Wills.”

“I know.”

The redhead sat on the bed and took her best friend in her arms. Oh, how she wished she could do her mojo and made her pain go away!

“What happened to her Wills?”

“If only I knew…”

She let Buffy cried in her arms, her cheeks soaked with her own tears. She looked up to see Xander in the doorframe with the same look of sadness. She knew that Giles was somewhere in the house, waiting for that day to end. As for Faith, she had left to lose herself into the fight. It was their way of coping.

After high school, Dawn had wanted to live a normal life. She had left for university, cutting her link with the supernatural. It had been a relief for them, not because they didn’t think she could handle it, but because one of them would have a real chance to have a normal life. But when she came back for the summer holydays after her second year, something had changed. She was somber and quieter than usual. They had tried to talk to her but she had only said that it had been a rough year. Two girls had killed themselves and it had been hard on all the students. They had known that she wasn’t telling them everything but what could they have done more? After two months, she had said goodbye and went back to the college. Or so they had thought… because she never arrived.

The doyen had called, the cops had been warned, all the Slayers in the country had received a picture of Dawn. Willow had tried a hundredth time to localize her with every spell she knew, without any success. Her cell had been disconnected. Her things had disappeared. Her bank account had been emptied. The cops had said that she had run away, like countless of people every day and had closed the case.

It was four years ago. And still no news.

It had been a tragedy. Every day, they wondered what happened, where she was, why she had left. The only thing they didn’t talk about, refuse to even begin to envisage, was the possibility of her death. There were times when it was harder to stay optimism. Times like today, when they were supposed to celebrate one more year, when her absence was so strong that nothing could make the ache go way. It was times like today that they couldn’t stop the little voice in their head from whispering that maybe, just maybe, there was a possibility that there was nothing to celebrate...
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