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The Girl With the Lightcrown

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Summary: St. Lucia's Day is here, and Dawn has researched the traditions.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenteredNorwegianneFR131796071,53712 Dec 0312 Dec 03Yes
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Buffy or Harry Potter.

A/N: This was originally written to be posted tomorrow, the 13th of December, which is St. Lucia’s day. I’m impatient, and decided to post it now. *blushes* But enjoy.

St. Lucia was originally Italian, which is why the song is in Italian, instead of Swedish or Norwegian. The tradition of celebrating it like this, is original Swedish, I believe (feel free to correct me.) but it is also celebrated all over Norway.

The girl with the lightcrown.

“Sul mare luccica

L'astro d'argento

Placida e' l'onda

Prospero e' il vento”

Dawn was in a Christmas mood. She had searched the net for different customs for the weeks leading up to Christmas, and had come up with one special thing to do for the inhabitants of 1630 Revello Drive on December 13th.

Buffy had been out patrolling last night.

Dawn had baked at home.

She’d aired out afterwards. It was a shame to let the nice smell of baked goods out of the house, but it was supposed to be a surprise, at least until the next morning, which was just about now.

She had everything else ready, had put on the light crown, and the white dress. She’d even enlisted Spike and Draco to be her pages.

Draco would carry the hot cocoa. Spike could carry the cups.

Just to make sure that there was enough cocoa left to the female upstairs

She had finished decorating their hats with stars last night, but getting Spike into white clothes was probably going to be a problem.


There they were. Spike had made an effort, so she supposed the event wasn’t totally screwed. So, gray wasn’t white, but it was closer than black.

Draco, who had just appeared in Sunnydale high one day, wore gray as well. But he always did that. Well, except for some days… then he mixed it with green.

But their clothes sort of matched the silver she had used to make the stars on the blue hats.

“Here Spike,” she took the hat and put it on his head. “You’re supposed to wear this.”

“I know, Bit. I was in Norway on this day once. And very delicious it was too…” Dawn stopped him before he could embellish more on that story.

“I’ve got the basket with the buns.”

“What?” Draco asked, in his usual bratty voice that would’ve annoyed her to no end, if he hadn’t stood up for her one of his first days in town. “We’re not getting to hear a story filled with blood and gore and pretty virgins?”

“No,” Spike said loftily, ignoring Draco. “They’re not mere buns, every single one of them is a lussekatt.”

“Whatever,” she put the hat on Draco’s head. “Just grab the mugs, Spike and Draco bring the cocoa. We start the singing when we’re walking up the stairs. Are you ready?”

“Sure,” Draco rolled his eyes. “Because this is what evil guys do at Saturdays when they have free time. They do charity work.”


“Well, I’m as I’ll ever be, Bit, making a fool of myself, once again. I do get cocoa, with marshmallows afterwards. Right?”

“Venite all'agile

Barchetta mia

Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia... “

A little clarification, for the reviewer who asked:
Scandinavian-St. Lucia Day, December 13

St. Lucia Day is a festival of lights celebrated in Scandinavia.  Lucia means "light" as well as "Lucina," "Lucy," and "Lucinda."  The Scandinavian countries are close to the North Pole where there is no sun at all for several days in December. 

St. Lucia Day is celebrated in Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands. The family's oldest daughter wears a crown of candles set on a wreath. She wears a white dress with a red sash. On the morning of St. Lucia Day, she wakes up with the family just before dawn and serves them special yellow buns and coffee/cocoa. They sing an Italian song about St. Lucia, a martyr was killed for her beliefs in 304 BC.

Every class in school has a Lucia, who precides over a court of "princesses" and star-boys.

The song, I don't speak Italian, but the song all Norwegian/Swedish/Danish children sing goes like this: (translated to English.)
Nightly, go heavy hearts
Round farm and steading
On earth, where sun departs,
shadows are spreading.
Then on our darkest night,
Comes with her shining light
Sankta Lucia! Sankta Lucia!
Then on our darkest night,
Comes with her shining light
Sankta Lucia, Sankta Lucia.

Night-darkling, huge and still.
Hark, something's stirring!
In all our silent rooms,
Wingbeats are whisp'ring!
Stands on our threshold there,
White clad, lights in her hair,
Sankta Lucia! Sankta Lucia!
Stands on our threshold there,
White clad, lights in her hair,
Sankta Lucia! Sankta Lucia!

Darkness shall fly away
Through earthly portals.
She brings such wonderful
words to us mortals!
Daylight, again renewed
will rise, all rosy-hued!
Sankta Lucia! Sankta Lucia!
Daylight, again renewed,
will rise, all rosy-hued.
Sankta Lucia! Sankta Lucia!

The End

You have reached the end of "The Girl With the Lightcrown". This story is complete.

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