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The New Director

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Summary: Post season 5 NCIS and post season 7 BTVS** Years ago, a baby girl was given up for adoption; now she is going to find out more about where she came from, and maybe help some along the way.

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NCIS > Buffy-CenteredKindredsHeartFR1816970183,32117 Jan 1117 Jan 11No
Disclaimers: I don’t own anything except the trials and tribulations that I am putting the characters created by Joss and Donald Bellisario and Don McGill(creators of NCIS) through. If I owned them, I would be rich and not have to worry about those pesky things called bills. This is for my pleasure and yours….


May 8, 1982

The nervous red head stood on the steps of the Children of Aurelius orphanage in Los Angeles, California, Jenny Shepard wondered if she was doing the right thing by giving up her 2 day old baby girl. She knew that she stood a chance of never seeing the man she loved who fathered the child while on a Black Ops mission in hostile territory; and she was a young officer in the US Navy who had a broad future in front of her.

When she discovered she was pregnant, her Commander pulled her aside and explained that if she kept the child after giving birth, she could say good bye to her Naval career. Jenny gave it much thought and decided that it would be in the best interest of her little girl to give her a family that could be what she needed.

As she walked up the stairs she thought one final time about keeping her little girl, but came to the conclusion that she could not give Annabelle Elizabeth the life she deserved. When she walked in to the building, it proved to be rather dark. No sunlight seemed to permeate the drapery in any way. Sitting behind the desk was a blond that seemed rather young to be out of school.

“Welcome to the Children of Aurelius Orphanage. My name is Darla, how can I be of service to you?” came the blonds greeting as she sized the red head in front of her up ~~ Looks military, I wonder what this child will be like once she is grown and we add her to the family~~ Darla thought thinking of how much her Angelus loved blonds.

“I am here because due to the nature of my job, I am unable to care for my baby girl. I need to make sure that she will go to a home where she will get all the love and care that she deserves that I am unable to do. Her name is Annabella Elizabeth Shepard.” Jenny stated as she handed the bundle of her baby girl to the blond woman. “This necklace has the key to a safe deposit my lawyer from Wolfram and Hart helped me set up that has a letter for her explaining why I did what I did for when she is old enough to understand and here is the letter the lawyer helped me write explaining to her adoptive parents as well as a plea that they keep me updated on her as she grows… Those letters can be routed through the law firm since I never know where I will be at any given time… I am sorry, but I need to go before I change my mind…” she continued as her eyes started to get glassy and she turned to leave.

If Jenny had been more aware of her surroundings she would have noticed that the blond woman never once took a breath and how cool her skin felt when Jenny brushed it while handing the baby over. As she turned and made her way to the door, she saw a brunette woman with a glazed look to her eyes watching her and gazing at her daughter.

“The stars sing to me and they say that you will be so very proud of all she accomplishes, and you will meet her father again with you more in control of everything than you are now… For her she will know great love and pain and have a large family, she will be a great leader and troublesome to wrongdoers.” Drusilla predicted and seemed to float towards Darla while holding a dark haired porcelain doll “Come Miss Edith, let us look at our new baby…”

Please read and Review.... let me know what you think... Should I Continue on or just make it a shortie story?

The End?

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You have reached the end of "The New Director" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Jan 11.

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