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Summary: No one knows Bella's past before she moved too Forks. Not even Edward, so what happens when the world is about to end and Bella is needed to stop it? The Cullens are in for a big surprise; they shouldn't have left Bella Swan, because Bella isn't weak!

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Chapter 4: Past to Present IV


Chapter 4: Past to Present IV

Sunnydale, California

November 1998:

Bella sat patiently in the mansion on Crawford street. A bowl in front of her filled with luke warm water and a rag in hand. She had been coming here almost every night since Buffy had told her Angel had somehow returned. She was grateful her friend had trusted her enough but then again she figured it was because Angelus had hurt her just as much as he had hurt Buffy, if not more psychically speaking. She cared for Angel as well, for weeks she had nightmares of his death, being able to see him, touch him again had been a weight off her shoulders.

Bella smiled softly and ran the wet rag over Angels brow. He was still chained to the wall, but then coming from a hell dimension has to effect your psyche somehow. He was a lot better since then, with visits from Buffy and her. They both cared for him as best they could, Bella had a bit easier time of getting Angel not to thrash against her or try and attack her then Buffy did. She didn't take it personal when he did snap at her.

"Why...why are helping me?" Angels weak voice asked. Bella looked at him, removing the rag and gripped it in her hands.

"Because I care, and it's the right thing to do," she replied. Angel stared at her through haunted eyes. He remembered everything he had done as Angelus. To Buffy, to Giles and the other scoobies but the most haunting and fresh was what Angelus had wanted to do to Bella. He remembered the taste of her blood and the thrill of the fight she gave. The pleasure he got from hearing her cry out in pain, it made him sick. Of course Bella was beautiful, just like her name but he suspected it ran deeper then that for Angelus. Something he wouldn't think about, but lock away until another time.

"After everything I did? I nearly killed you...turned you." Bella smiled slightly, almost a sheepish look before shrugging.

"You didn't, Angelus did. I forgave you before the dust settled Angel. I'm a Slayer and if it one thing I've learned it's Death waits for no one. Even the undead can't escape it. Your a good man Angel , none of that was your fault." Angel stared at the young girl, no woman in amazement. He knew she was smart but not this wise. Then he reminded himself, she had been the Slayer for three years now, over three year last October. She may only be fourteen but she was the oldest Slayer alive today. Even he knew Angelus had mostly won fights with her on luck and cunning distraction. Not to mention his two hundred years of experience.

"Thank you, for everything," he replied, leaning back against the stone wall and closing his eyes. Bella smiled and continued to run the rag over his forehead before placing it down and going to sit on his left side, leaning back against the wall as well.

"You Welcome."

~ 0 ~

Sunnydale, California

December 1998:

Bella couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her mother was always so careful, which if you think about it was odd. Renee Higgenbothem was a immature woman, with the heart of gold but she was naive and trusting as well. She was rarely responsible for anything, being forgetful and in the now. Before her gran had died over three years ago it had been her grandmother who raised her with any form of mother adult authority. But that was only for the first five years and then her mother moved them to Arizona from San Francisco. She gritted, she wished more then anything she could throttle Ethan.

"I'm sorry, your what? When, how, who?" Bella asked, finally coming out of her shock. Her mother looked down. Renee felt slightly ashamed this was never supposed to happen. Once was enough for her but now that she was it went against everything she believed to get rid of it. Even if it wasn't against her parents catholic religion which she was raised by she still couldn't have gone through with killing a innocent little baby. Bella watched her mother and sighed. She knew this must be hard on her mother. If there was anything Renee was responsible with it was protection. It was almost like the woman was made of condoms – in case her partner of the month or year didn't have any – and took birth control religiously.

Renee hadn't always been that way though. Before Bella was born she was a bit of a wild child, but even then she knew protection well. Bella herself had been conceived with both a condom and birth control in use. It was a miracle and fate, which is what Renee always told Bella. When it came to her teenage daughter the honey haired woman had no regrets. It simply wasn't her fault that before the band candy went into effect reverting her into a seventeen year old version of herself she had been on antibiotics for a bad infection.

"I'm pregnant. The doctor said I was about five weeks along." Bella looked into her mother wide doe like blue eyes and smiled, but it was a tight smile. Almost forced. Part of her was exited to have a sibling but she knew her mother was much to young at heart for another child. She could only hope she could handle this, maybe another baby would do what she herself couldn't. Make the child like Renee grow up. Looking at her though she knew she would need to help her mother as much as possible. She wouldn't be surprised if she ended up mothering both Renee and her new sibling.

"I won't say I am not disappointed a bit, but what is done is done. Do you plan to keep it?" she asked. Bella knew her mother was but she had to ask. It was no secret Renee never planed to have another child. Even if she ever remarried she had always said Bella was enough and that if it hadn't been for Bella she wouldn't even have children. Bella never felt hurt over this when she was younger because truthfully Renee just was not the maternal type. Not that she didn't love Bella but she liked to pretend Bella was her best friend, her sister rather then her daughter. Or so it seemed to Bella.

Renee blinked and blushed slightly. Sometimes Bella made her feel like a teenager again being scolded by her mother, Marie.

"Yes, and I don't know. I was drunk and I woke up alone," she answered truthfully. Bella sighed again but then offered her mother a real smile and moved to sit closer and hug her. Renee smiled as her middle aged child hugged her. Maybe this wasn't so bad, but she couldn't fool herself into believing she wouldn't need help.

"Bella I am going to need help though. I can't do this alone," she said, her eyes tearing over. Bella looked up and smiled, her own brown eyes lighting up.

"I know, don't worry mom. I'll be here," she said. She pulled back and looked down at the sofa hoping that wasn't a promise made in vane. Being a Slayer she could day any day but looking at her mother she knew she had to fight to live. Not only did her mother need her but so did her baby sibling.

~ 0 ~

Sunnydale, California

December 1998:

Bella and Buffy had gone to Giles Apartment after leaving Buffy's house. It was only a few houses up from her own and she had told her mother she was spending the night with Buffy anyways. They had plans first thing in the morning to spend Christmas together so Renee wasn't cut up about not spending Christmas Eve night with her daughter. Bella looks through one book while Buffy reads aloud from a book. Behind her Giles sits on the stairs and reads to himself from another.

"'A child shall be born of man and goat and have two heads, and The First shall speak only in riddles...' No wonder you like this stuff." she closes the book swiftly. "It's like reading The Sun," Buffy says, finishing her thought.

"Yes. Ah," Giles says, finding something. Bell and Buffy both look up at him as he stands and comes to stand beside Buffy.

"Priests?" Buffy asks looking down at the book from one side and Bella looks at it from the other side.

"Um... Yes, but, uh, more, more posturing, I'm afraid. Um, 'For they are the Harbingers of death. Nothing shall grow above or below them. No seed shall flower, neither in man nor...'" Giles sighs and gestures that it goes on and on. "They're rebels and they'll never ever be any good. Nothing specific about their haunts," he finishes.

"Let me see that." Buffy says and Giles hands her the book.

"'...the Harbingers of death. Nothing shall grow above or below...'" Buffy reads and Bella is suddenly hit by a thought.

"The Christmas lot!" she exclaims.

"What?" Giles asks confused by the younger Slayers outburst.

"The Christmas lot were mom and I got our tree with Renee and Bella. There was a area where nothing would grow, they have to be there!" Buffy says closing the book. Bella nods, agreeing with her thoughts. Giles nods.

"It's the best bet, you should get over there and see what you find," he suggested. Buffy and Bella nod and Bella grabs her leather jacket as Buffy grabs her blue coat and they head for the door when Buffy stops and turns suddenly.

"Angel! The first is after him he could be in danger." Bella bit her lip and nodded.

"You go after the bringers and I'll go to Angels. Make sure he is okay," Bella said. Buffy nodded after a moment of hesitation and they leave. After a few moment they break apart and head in different directions. Bella only took around ten minutes to arrive at the mansion on a run. She runs in breathing heavily.

"Angel!" she calls out. She looks around, but he's nowhere to be seen. She walks toward the doorway to the atrium and looks out. She sees the steps leading up and runs toward them. She looks up at the hills behind the mansion and seeing a silhouette of Angel she gasps to herself. Bella runs through the bushes, frantically looking for Angel. She climbs further up the hill and finds him standing at the top looking out over a peaceful residential area of town.

"Angel," she breaths out, panting from her run. She had run to the mansion at full speed, and up the hill just the same. She might be the Slayer but she could still get tired. He hears her say his name and briefly glances in her direction before looking back out over the rooftops. Bella slowly walks over to him, cautiously wondering why he would be here so close to sunrise.

"I bet half the kids down there are already awake. Lying in their beds... sneaking downstairs... waiting for day," Angel said. Bella could almost hear a wishful tone to his deep voice. Angel took a quick glance at the youngest Slayer. She was dressed as she would usually, but fit more for the Christmas season. She had on red legging like tights and a red and black plaid skirt. Her shirt was a gold & black short sleeved top which fit to her body beautifully. She had on suede boots which were not her usual type, they had a three inch skinny heel making her usually short 5'3 appear 5'6. around her neck was a white gold snowflake pendent with diamonds encrusted into them. To keep her warm she had a a burgundy leather trench coat on her mahogany hair was pulled back into a tight french braid.

"Angel, please. I need for you to get inside. Th-there's only a few minutes left," Bella said, out of breath.

"I know. I can smell the sunrise long before it comes."

"I don't have time to explain this. You just have to trust me. That thing that was haunting you..."

"It wasn't haunting me. It was showing me," Angels interrupts, turning to face her.

"Showing you?" Bella asks, confused.

"What I am," he replied.

"Were." Angel shook his head gritting his teeth.

"And ever shall be. I wanted to know why I was back. Now I do."

"You don't know. Some great evil takes credit for bringing you back and you buy it? You just give up? You never give up, it doesn't work like that!" Bella told him, her voice stern and wise.

"I can't do it again, Bella. I can't become a killer!" he exclaimed, harshly. Bella shook her head.

"Then fight it."

"It's too hard." he said, shaking his head, as he looked back over at the town.

"Angel, please, you have to get inside," Bella said desperately. She couldn't let him die, she cared too much for him. Buffy would never forgive her or Angel if he died.

"It told me to kill you. You were in the first dream along with Buffy. You know! It told me to lose my soul in you and become a monster again." Bella looked at him taken aback and angry. She didn't understand what he was saying but she had to put a stop to his suicidal thoughts.

"I know what it told you. What does it matter?" she asked.

"Because I wanted to! Because I want you so badly! I want to take comfort in you, and I know it'll cost me my soul, and a part of me doesn't care!" Angel yelled, raising his voice. Bella gaped at him, staring in sadness and confusion. He wasn't making much sense. He sobs and Bella stares on at a loss for words.

"No! Your not making any sense but I'm not Buffy. I won't let you do this, your strong!" she yelled back.

"Look, I'm weak. I've never been anything else. It's not the demon in me that needs killing, Bella. It's the man," he told her. He loved Buffy, but he had feelings for Bella as well. Even his demon was fond of the girl, he had a inkling what Angelus saw and why he wanted to turn her when she reached a appropriate age but he never wanted to think of that. He couldn't give Bella a life she deserved, just as he couldn't give it to Buffy.

"You're weak. Everybody is. Everybody fails. Maybe this evil did bring you back, but if it did, it's because it needs you. And that means that you can hurt it." Angel doesn't want to believe her, even though he knows she is right. He just stares on and wonders when the young Slayer – yet at the same time older then her successors – became so wise.

"Angel, you have the power to do real good, to make amends." Bella stops and raises her voice as she continues. "But if you die now, then all that you ever were was a monster." She looks out at the sky as it begins to lighten.

"Angel, please, the sun is coming up!" she exclaims panicked.

"Just go," Angel tells her.

"I won't! I can't let you die, I care too much for you to let this happen!" she yells.

"What, do you think this is simple? You think there's an easy answer? You can never understand what I've done! Now go!" he yells back. Bella shakes her head.

"You are not staying here." she grabs his arm. "I won't let you!" she says, as she begins to pull him away.

"I said LEAVE!" He jerks his arm free of her grasp. In her anger and desperation Bella punches him. He reacts by shoving her away from him roughly, making her fall face forward, hard to the ground.

Angel stares at the brunette and mutters quietly to himself. "Oh, my God..." He goes to her and crouches over her, grabbing her by the shoulders and turning her around to face him. Bella fearing his intentions cries

"No! No!" He grabs her roughly by the arms and holds her firmly.

"Am I a thing worth saving, huh?" he yells and shakes her.

"Am I a righteous man? The world wants me gone!" Angel yells, shaking her with each new sentence. Bella stares up at him with tears falling down her face, her doe brown eyes staring into his own brown ones.

"What about me? I love you so much, Buffy loves you so so much. I tried to make you go away to forget you. I helped kill you and it didn't help." She shoves him off of her and gets up. She was honestly admitting to things she had kept to herself since she'd found out Angel had lost his soul last January. She knew though nothing could happen, Angel loves Buffy and Buffy loved Angel. Her age was another thing playing against her and she didn't give much stock to love anyways. She was a Slayer, she'd be lucky if she lived to see seventeen.

"And I hate it! I hate that it's so hard... and that you can hurt me so much." She sobs, then harshly continues. "I know everything that you did, because you did it to me. Oh, God! I wish that I wished you dead. I don't. I won't. I can't," she finishes, whispering the last part. Angel gets up now, too. He stares at the girl and wishes he could do something to take what he did back. Not only then but when he was Angelus. It had almost been Bella who he had put his priorities in but Buffy had made his demon feel human so she was the one he wished to break first. Then again, Angelus had never wished Bella dead. The thought of the girl soulless and evil was almost a fate worse then anything else for Angel.

"Bella, please. Just this once... let me be strong."

"Strong is fighting! It's hard, and it's painful, and it's every day. It's what we have to do. And we can do it together. We're warriors Angel, we don't get to decide when its over." Angel looks at her and struggles with himself, knowing she's right.

"But if you're too much of a coward for that, then burn. If I can't convince you, if Buffy can't convince you that you belong in this world, then I don't know what can. But do not expect me to watch. And don't expect me to mourn for you, because..." She stops in mid-sentence because it has inexplicably begun to snow. She and Angel both look up at it coming down, lightly at first and gradually heavier. They are standing there with the snowflakes swirling around them in the gentle morning breeze, and the ground around them starting to become white. She turns to Angel, and they look at each other, stunned by this apparent miracle.

"Oh thank god! I thought I was too late," Buffy says as she appears on the hill, out of breath. Angel and Bella turn to look at the blonde and notice while she is shocked as well she is more interested in Angel. She runs into his arms and hugs him.

"I thought I'd lost you, I love you so much." Angel sighs and kisses the top of Buffy's head. Breathing in her vanilla and strawberry scent. It was similar to Bella's only instead of vanilla hers was freesia and hints of lilies along with strawberries.

"I love you too," he replies. After a few moments Angel looks over at Bella who is alternating between looking and smiling at Angel and Buffy, to observing the snow. He figured this was the very first time she'd ever seen any. He pulls away from Buffy and walks over to Bella and pulls her into a hug. He sighs and oddly enough his demon begin to purr as she relaxes into his chest.

"Thank you, Bell," he whispers. She smiles and looks up at him her eyes light and happy.

"Your welcome."

~ 0 ~

Sunnydale, California
March 1999:

Buffy slowly walked up to Faith's hotel room. She needed to talk to the darker Slayer, what had happened the night before couldn't be ignored. She felt bad for Faith, what happened it could have happened to anyone, to her even. It was a hazard she'd never really though about but then she didn't regularly get humans sneaky up on her. Though there was the one time with Cordelia the difference was she knew who the girl was and had stopped herself from staking her. Shaking her head she knocks. Bella didn't know about this, or even that she was here. It wasn't something the girl needed right now, with Renee now four months pregnant. Bella hadn't been patrolling as much lately but she and Faith had been happy to take the reigns from the oldest Slayer. Faith is in her bathroom. She is scrubbing at her shirt in the sink when she hears the knock on the door and looks up. She doesn't move to answer it figuring if it is Buffy she'll simply come in.

"Faith, it's me," Buffy calls. Faith leaves the shirt in the sink and goes to answer it. Buffy breaks a
long moment of silence as she stares at the taller girl.


"Hey," Faith returned, nodding her head slightly. She walks back to the bathroom and continues scrubbing the shirt. Buffy comes in, closes the door behind her and follows Faith to the bathroom.

"So, I, uh..." She freezes as she sees Faith scrubbing the bloody shirt. "How are ya doin'?" she asks.

"I'm alright. You know me," Faith replies, still scrubbing.

Buffy sighs, and bits her lip, a reflex she picked up from Bella. "Faith, we need to talk about what we're gonna do."

Faith looks at Buffy and with hollow eyes she answers. "There's nothing to talk about. I was doing my

"Being a Slayer is not the same as being a killer!" Buffy argues. Faith has nothing to say as she finishes scrubbing. She looks into the mirror in front of her and shrugs. Why should she care, she was doing her job. It wasn't her fault that man jumped out behind them and brought it upon himself.

"Faith, please don't shut me out here. Look, sooner or later, we're both gonna have to deal," Buffy says.

"Wrong," she says, forcefully as she looks over the shirt.

"We can help each other. Look Bella is going to realize something is wrong we should at least tell her! She can help us, you," Buffy proclaims, her voice almost pleading.

"I don't need it." She pulls the plug from the sink, walks into the room and pulls open a drawer on which to hang the shirt to dry.

"Yeah? Who's wrong now? Faith, you can shut off all the emotions that you want. But eventually, they're gonna find a body." Faith turns to face Buffy, her face hard, and slightly amused with dark humor.

"Okay, this is the last time we're gonna have this conversation, and we're not even having it now, you understand me? There is no body. I took it, weighted it, and dumped it. The body doesn't
exist," Faith states as she turns away.

"Getting rid of the evidence doesn't make the problem go away," Buffy replies, shocked at what she had heard.
Faith turns back around, her arms crossed. She shrugs before speaking.

"It does for me."

"Faith, you don't get it. You killed a man," Buffy answers, concerned for her friend.

"No, you don't get it." Faith smiles daringly, shrugging once more. "I don't care!" She turns away again to tend to her things. Buffy is left speechless with disbelief and is unaware when the door opens again and a smaller yet taller then her body slips inside beside her.

"Well I do care." The two other Slayers turn at once and see the stern face of their predecessor. Her brown eyes are dark and slightly cold and her arms over crossed over her chest, her face stern like she is about to give a scolding to a child.

"Bella," Faith croaks.

"Hello Faith, I think we need to talk."

~ 0 ~

Sunnydale, California
May 1999:

"Faith. Angel," Joyce said as she opened the door. Angel and Faith smiled at the older woman and Faith walked over to the staircase while Angel lingered in the doorway.

"Hi, Joyce, nice to see you. Is Buffy home?" Faith asked.

"Upstairs, she and Bella are getting ready for something. Please tell me it's not some vampire thing," Joyce said, worry a bit apparent on her face. Angel blanched slightly, wondering how upset it would make Joyce to know what they had planed to do to get information. He simply smirked though.

"The only vampire here is me, Joyce. Say, you change your hair?" he asked.

Joyce shrugs. "Highlights."

"Nice." Joyce smiles and shuts the door behind him. He and faith go up to the room and he isn't surprised to see Buffy was slightly nervous and Bella sitting on the bed a mask of indifference on her face. She was wearing a pair of slim legged jeans and a black band t-shirt. A band he recognized vaguely, written over her chest in yellow was 'NIRVANA' and a smiley face below it. Over this she wore a odd sweater, something he vaguely heard Buffy call a preen cropped polo neck. It was also in black and he also recognized a cross pendent on a long chain – long enough to make it fall in between the valley of her breast and a beautiful heart locket in ruby and gold with a cross encrusted in diamonds on its face. He knew the cross as he had given it to her on Christmas along with the locket as a late birthday gift.

"Knock knock." Bella looked up from her spot and saw Faith and Angel. She smiled and stood up as Buffy turned around in a black pair of pants and a black long sleeved shirt with a American flag on the chest.

"Where have you guys been?" Buffy asked.

"Been looking for you two. Good thing we found you before we left." Angel kisses the top of Buffy's head and smiles over at Bella, placing a hand on her shoulder before stepping back.

"We got the books," Faith told them, smiling eternally at how easily they were falling into their trap.

"They're at the mansion," Angel continued for the dark Slayer. On the outside he was calm and pretending to pretend to be himself while on the inside he wanted to shake the dark Slayer. Demand she see reason to stop this stupidity.

"We'd take 'em to Giles ourselves, but I think strength in numbers is the way to go. Come on." Bella and Buffy looked at each other and nodded. Bella went to get the bag but Angel stood in front of her and held out a hand. Smiling charmingly he took a hold the straps.

"Let me get those for you," he said and Bella sighed and nodded.

~ 0 ~

Ten minutes latter:

"Okay, let's get the books someplace safe. Where are they?" Buffy asked as they all entered. Angel smirked, walking over to the fire and tilting his head down. Inside he was battling against his desire to stop this stupid charade but he knew it was the only way. Buffy knew, as did Bella, this was what they wanted him to do. For them, for everyone.

"Actually, there's been a slight change in plan, Buff." Buffy blinks, her eyes confused and slightly edgy.

"Buff?" Bella watches as her friend laughs nervously before continuing. "- You just called ... What's the matter with you?" Buffy asks. Faith stands back and watches the show with a little smile.

"Nothing." Angel looks up his face has vamped out and he chuckles bitterly as Bella gasps slightly and comes forward some. "Matter of fact, I haven't felt this good in a long time," he finishes. Looking at Bella and the fear and dread that the girl had conjured into her deep chocolate eyes he wishes he didn't have to do this.

"Why so shaky Little Red? Are you afraid of the wolf?" Bella glares and backs up to Buffy's side and grabs her friends arm.

"Angel?" Buffy asks.

"You know, I never properly thanked you for sending me to hell," he says.

"No," Bella says. Buffy is backing up away from even her now, shaking her head. Bella has to give praise to them all for their acting abilities.

"Yeah, and I'm just wondering where do I start? Card? Fruit basket? Evisceration?" Angel asks as he grasps Bella's arms and looks into her eyes.

"Don't think I have forgotten about you Isa, we're going to have fun I'm sure." He hits himself for saying these things too them. He loves them both, in different yet similar ways. Its wrong he knows but he can't help it. Letting Bella go he walks closer to Buffy.

"No," she whimpers.

"Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Maybe there's still some good deep down inside of me that remembers and loves you. If only you could reach me. Then again, we have reality." he says as he grabs her arm. Glaring Buffy breaks away from him.

"I will kill you before I let you touch me. Faith, we need to get out of here, now," she says, not even turning to look at the girl.

"Speak for yourself, B. Me, I like it here," Faith says, smirking from behind both the older and more experienced Slayers. Both look at her and Angel growls and Buffy and Bella turns to him. He knocks Buffy out with a roundhouse blow and and backhands Bella into a wall.

"One thing I learned about Buffy and Bella, their so cute when their sleeping," he mutters as Faith comes to his side. Angel chains both girls to the wall and smiles as Buffy begins to wake up follow by Bella.

"Morning, sleepyhead. You know what I just can't believe? All of our time together and we never tried chains. Well, can't dwell on the past, especially with the future we have ahead," he taunts, smirking and silently asking forgiveness from both his girls. He shakes his head, Bella wasn't his, neither was Buffy in reality.

"Bondage looks good on you, B, Lil' B. The outfit's are all wrong, but, hey!" Faith says, cheerfully.

"You don't know what you're doing," Bella says, looking over at the newest Slayer. She felt bad for her, she knew how easy it could be to taste that blurry line between good and Evil. She had come close to staking a human or two in Phoenix, homeless people who had snuck up on her. She had always been fast with her reflexes though, a natural born Slayer Peter had called her.

"Really? Weird, because something about all this just feels so right. Maybe it's one of those unhappy childhood things. See, when I was a kid I used to beg my mom for a dog. Didn't matter what kind.I just wanted, you know, something to love -" Faith turns and kisses Angel before turning back to Buffy who has looked away and smirking she continues. " - A dog's all I wanted. Well, that and toys." She lifts a blanket to reveal torture instruments and Bella blanches, she has always had a fear of sharp medical like objects. Like scalpels for instance. " - But mom was so busy, you know, enjoying the drinking and passing out parts of life, that I never really got what I wanted, until now," she finishes, smiling.

"Faith, listen to me very closely. Angel's a killer. When he's done with me, he'll turn on you," Buffy told her, her face serious.

"She's right. I probably will," Angel says, playing with a sharp blade and looking at Faith, and then Bella and Buffy.

"Yeah?" Faith asks, looking from Angel back to the chained up Slayer, she shrugs.

"Hunh. Guess we'll just have to keep you around for a while then. Before we get started, I just want you to know, if you're a screamer, feel free." Bella shakes her head and looks at the girl in pity. She wishes she could help her but even then she knows she is angry with the Slayer. Their job was to protect the humans not kill them. Accidents happen but this was no accident, she had crossed a line and unless she realized this she'd never be able to cross back over.

"Why, Faith? What's in it for you?" Bella asked.

"What isn't? You know, I come to Sunnydale. I'm the Slayer. I do my job kicking ass better than anyone. What do I hear about everywhere I go? Buffy and Bella. So I slay, I behave, I do the good little girl routine. And who's everybody thank? Buffy and Bella."

"It's not our fault," Buffy snaps. Faith shrugs, chuckling a bit.

"Everybody always asks, why can't you be more like Buffy or Bella? But did anyone ever ask if you could be more like me?" she demanded.

"I know I didn't," Angel muttered from his place behind the dark Slayer, playing with a sharp implement.

"You get the Watcher. Buffy get the mom. Bella the sister. You get the little Scooby gang. What do I get? Jack squat. This is supposed to be my town!" Faith yelled.

"Faith, listen to me!" Bella demanded, her voice raising. Faith looks at her with wide brown eyes and tilts her head.

"Why? So you can impart some special Bella wisdom, that it? So you've been the Slayer for almost four years! Do you think you're better than me? Do you? Say it, you think you're better than me," she yelled.

"I am. Always have been, but then so has Buffy," Bella replied, smugly.

"Um, maybe you didn't notice. Angel's with me."

"And how did you get him, Faith? Magic? Cast some sort of spell? Cause in the real world, Angel would never touch you and we both know it," Buffy spat. Faith backhands Buffy. Bella chuckles and Faith turns and backhands her as well before punching her in the gut. Bella fly forward her breath knocked out and possibly with a big bruise forming. Her vision is blurry and she leans her head back as the pain recedes. Angel fills his eyes widen marginally as Faith hits them, but barely stops himself from going to their aid as Bella recovers.

"You had to tie me up to beat me. There's a word for people like you, Faith. Loser," Bella says, looking at Faith with only a ounce of pity and regret. Otherwise her emotions were under lock and key, her brown eyes stone cold.

"Uh huh. You're just trying to make me mad so I'll kill you. I'm too smart for that. Stick around."

"For what? Your boss's lame Ascension. Like I couldn't stop it," Buffy said confidently but inside she had her doubts.

"You can't."

"I will." Faith laughed and shook her head at the blonde slayer.

"Keep dreaming. No one can stop the Ascension. Mayor's got it wired, B. He built this town for demons to feed on and come graduation day, he's getting paid. And I'll be sitting at his right hand. Assuming he has hands after the transformation. I'm not too clear on that part. And all your little lame ass friends are going to be kibbles'n'bits. Think about that when your boyfriends cutting into you," Faith announced a smug yet satisfied smile on her face. Buffy shook her head, amazed at how much she and Bella had missed when it came to Faith. She wished they could help her but they tried and it didn't work out to well.

"I never knew you had so much rage in you,"she said. Faith shrugs, and replies.

"What can I say? I'm the world's best actor."

"Second best." Angel says from behind her, a smug look on his face. Bella smirks as she looks into the older vampires eyes. Faith turns to Angel in surprise.

"Graduation day. You think we missed anything?" Bella asked, her voice smug and cheerful. Angel shakes his head and steps forward some.

"I think we know everything she knows," he answers.

"May I say something?" Buffy pulls her hands free, and Bella follows her example and in unison they speak.


"You played me. You played me!" Faith yells as she looks between her sister Slayers and Angel. The Scooby gang bursts in the front door. Faith throws Angel into the gang's path. Faith and Buffy begin to fight. The gang wards off Angelus with crosses and stakes and Bella rolls her eyes and stops them by stepping in front of him. Buffy and Faith end in up a standoff, each holding a knife to the other's throat.

"What are you gonna do, B, kill me? You become me. You're not ready for that, yet." Faith grabs Buffy's neck and kisses her on the forehead. Faith runs away and Bella kneels down beside the blonde who is in shock.

"Are you okay?" she asks. Buffy looks at Angel. Angel avoids her gaze. Bella sighs and helps her stand.

"Come one I'll stay with your tonight If my mom is okay on her own," Bella said, placing her arms around the girls shoulder. Considering Bella was a inch taller then Buffy's 5'2 was easily accomplished. Buffy smiled and nodded.

"Thanks Bella."

"Your welcome."

~ 0 ~

A/N: Well, here is chapter four. It took me longer to complete because I was only like one scene from being done with the chapter when my computer died and I lost the whole chapter except for the beginning. sometimes open office does that though. I didn't make the same mistake twice. Anyways we are getting closer to Bella's move back to Phoenix and then to Forks. Then back well...that's a surprise. As you can see lots of drama between everyone. Bells is fast approaching fifteen and Renee is pregnant. The baby is OC which belongs to me! The band Candy episode gone bad for her, I always wondered how it would have gone if Joyce had gotten pregnant because we all know sometimes teenagers are idiots. With personalities like Joyce and Giles at seventeen I wouldn't be surprised. But alas that was never the case but It certainly is a plot bunny to think about. lol.

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