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Summary: No one knows Bella's past before she moved too Forks. Not even Edward, so what happens when the world is about to end and Bella is needed to stop it? The Cullens are in for a big surprise; they shouldn't have left Bella Swan, because Bella isn't weak!

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Chapter One: Past to Present I

AN: Hi, well this story seems to be getting good feedback on Fanfiction so I decided to try it here. I am still on the hunt for a Beta reader for it so bare with me for now. The pairings are a bit iffy for some of the characters, but the main pairings are as such. Buffy/Spike, Bella/Angel(us). Faith will either be with Edward or Robin in the end, but I am leaning towards Robin. As for Edward he will either be with Dawn - who I am thinking of putting with Connor, Faith, or a OC who is Bella and Angel's daughter. I haven't decided yet.

In the beginning the paring are canon - Buffy/Angel, and Bella/Edward.

On another note, I do not own anything except plot bunnies responsible for this and the few OC's that may pop up in the story. The Buffyverse belongs to Joss and Twilight belongs to Stephanie and I am neither of these people.


Chapter 1: Past to Present I

Phoenix, Arizona

October 1994:

"Bella can you run too the store and grab some milk?" Renee asked. She was rather tall, 5'6 with a petite build like her own daughter and shoulder blade length wavy chestnut colored hair which was much lighter then Bella's; almost blonde in color. Her eyes were wide and child like, a bright sky blue opposed to her daughter deep chocolate brown. Bella looked up from her book and raised a eyebrow at her childlike mother. She sighed and stood up, her light pink dress and white leggings were a contrast to her ivory skin and dark hair and eyes.

"Of course, is milk all we need?" she asked. Renee bit her lip and winced, shaking her head.

"No, we need something fast to make for dinner as well. I burnt the meatloaf." Bella winced, but inside she did a jump for joy. Renee couldn't cook but at times she couldn't take a hint and today happened to be one of those days. She hated to hurt her mothers feelings but she really didn't want to eat the meatloaf. Who knew what would happen after, or if it was even eatable.

"I'll stop at the pizza place next to that seven-eleven," Bella said as she put on her pink ballet flats. They were cheaply made and years old but they were her favorite shoes.

"Oh, and pick up some tampons!" her mother called as she closed the door to their two bedroom apartment. She sighed again, maybe one day Renee would grow up and mature but at the moment she was happy just as things were. Bella couldn't remember a time when she hadn't taken care of her mother. Renee wasn't the mothering kind, she was always the one who needed mothering.

The whole way too the store she felt like she was being followed. She would look behind her only to see nothing. She shook her head, of course there was nothing there, what could possibly be following her. She was only ten years old, nothing worth following. She let out a huge sigh when she walked into the small convenience store and she was fast to grab her things. Thankfully the pizza place was almost exactly right across the street from the seven-eleven. That was sort of surprising in Phoenix but the part of Phoenix she lived in it was expected.

"That's ten seventy, please." Bella looked at the clerk and nodded, wrestling out the money and handing it to him. She grabbed her bags and headed out. she was about the cross the street a few blocks down when a hand came out and grabbed her on the shoulder. She reacted on instinct, she dropped her two bags and turned grabbing the hand and twisting it forcing her knee into the persons stomach. Well it would have been their stomach but they were so tall, it landed in their groin instead and the man went down hard.

"Why are you following me?" Bella asked, placing her hands on her hip. She was rather tall for a ten year old, 5'1 ½ but in retrospect to the mans 6'2 she was super short. She only had a moment to wounder how she had been able to fight the man. She had no experience in fighting, and though she had ballet when she was younger she had never been very good. On a another point she was only ten and she shouldn't have been very strong and to put the cherry on top she had always been rather clumsy.

The man recovered quickly. Holding his head up her chuckled, grinning at the girl. Isabella he thought her name was, as it was the name they gave him at the watchers council. Bella crossed her arms at the man as he stood up. He was tall like she had thought and younger, possibly her mothers age. Maybe a little older, with black hair and angular features. His eyes were a beautiful green.

"Who are you?" Bella asked once more.

"I'm sorry. My name is Peter Mason, I'm your watcher," he said and Bella looked at him in shock.

"What? I'm sorry sir but your mistaken, I don't need a watcher and I don't even know what that means." Peter sighed, running a hand through his hair. Trust the watcher's council to place him with the youngest slayer in the history of the Watchers Council.

"Your Isabella Swan?" he asked and after she nodded he sighed, so this was the right girl.

"Then I have the right person. You are the slayer, in every generation there is the slayer, one girl in all the world with the strength and skill to fight the vampires and the forces of darkness!" he said as he walked after her. She had grabbed her things and begun to walk away in the middle of the speech.

"I don't know what your talking about but vampires don't..." Bella was cut off by a scream. For being only nine at night the streets were oddly deserted. She looked to her left and then at the man and sighed. She dropped her things and took off running, thinking of all the things this was stupid and would end up getting her killed. She skidded too a stop in at the beginning of the alleyway and froze. A girl was being held by some kind of monster, a man with a deformed face. He was biting her. She looked up to see Peter who was staring with wide eyes. He looked down at his young charge, could he really send this ten year old girl to kill a full grown vampire?

"That's a vampire?" Bella asked, swallowing as she stared at the man in fear. She didn't want him to confirm her suspicions but his solemn look told her all she needed to know.


"Stake though the heart?" she asked, knowing he would understand. Not to her surprise he pulled out a stake and held it out to her. She sighed, taking it and stepping deeper into the dark alley. She knew she was far to late to save the girl but she wouldn't let it be in vain. Hopefully she wouldn't die herself in the process.

"didn't anyone tell you it's not nice to eat in front of guest?" Bella asked, placing a hand on her hip. The vampire looked up and she saw his golden eyes widen when he saw her. She supposed it was because of her age or maybe because she was there talking to him instead of running.

"How sweet, desert," the vampire said. Bella rolled her eyes and as the vampire darted forward she side stepped him and on instinct swiftly roundhouse kicked him. Because of her small stature it only landed a few inches above his groin, in his gut but it had the desired effect. She watched with wide eyes as the vampire flew back into the alley. She smirked, maybe Peter wasn't crazy after all.

"I guess I'm a bit sour," Bella said and ducked out of his way again, ending up behind him she swept his legs out from under him and as he landed on his stomach she drove her stake into his heart from the back. She watched in amazement as he turned to dust.

"Congratulations Isabella," Peter said, clapping.

"It's Bella, please." She stood up slowly, dusting off her dress. She was amazed she had been able to do anything in her dress but she had done just that.

"So I'm the slayer? Does this come with health insurance?" Bella asked and Peter chuckled. He could tell by looking at the young girl he would have his hands full. He also knew that the day his slayer died in battle would be a truly sad day, because with her age it would surely be before she was eighteen, maybe even fifteen.

~ 0 ~

Phoenix, Arizona

July 1995:

"So, it's the end of the world?" Bella asked, as she propped her feet on the coffee table. Her mother was at work, and she had hopped a bus over to her watcher's house not long after. Peter and her mother had begun to date so it wasn't weird to see her with him anymore.

"Pretty much. This demon is very dangerous Bella. If he succeeds in awakening the vampire Krone all is lost," Peter told the young girl. Bella nodded, a serious look on her elfin face.

"Well, I'll just have to kill Dermis before he awakens Krone." She nodded, it sounded like a full proof plan to her.

"And if you are too late?" he asks his slayer. Bella winces, well she just had to be on time.

"Then I fight him and try my best to take him with me," Bella replied.

"I'd rather you not be so pessimistic about this but we have little choice at this point." Bella nodded, and stood up. She walked towards the weapons chest and pulled out a lethal looking sword. She was small, but the sword wasn't much bigger but it still look strange on a nearly eleven year old girl.

"I won't loose," Bella answered and Peter sighed. He watched as his slayer left the apartment and prayed to any god willing to listen to let her come home safe.

"You can't win little slayer," Krone growled as they circles each other. He was probably the oldest and most disgusting vampire Bella had ever seen. She had come too late to stop Dermis but she had been quick to chop the demons head off as he recovered from the ritual. She had never thought Krone would be so ugly and big. She glared, her lip was split and her left arm felt almost broken. She gripped her sword in bloody hands and shrugged.

"Were have I heard that before?" Bella said almost sarcastically. She charged, spinning and bringing her sword down only to be met by his own. She jumped as he tried to sweep her feet and she blocked a few more swings of his sword with her own. She kicked him in the left side and as he bent forward planting the hilt of her sword into his face making him stumble back.

"You know they have a saying. The bigger they are..." She stopped, running and jumping on the couch and then table right beside it and as he began to fall back onto the stone floor she raised her sword and drove it into his heart.

"The harder they fall," she finished and watched as he fell onto the floor. She jumped down and pulling her sword free she sliced off his head in his shock. He turned to dust and she rolled her eyes.

"Metal swords through he heart wont kill a vampire dumb-ass. But they sure do hurt like hell," she muttered out loud shaking her head. She fell onto the ground, throwing her head back against the couch behind her. Her whole body hurt. Her hands were covered in her own blood from busted knuckles and her lip, and her head hurt like hell. She figured she had a concussion.

Bella sighed and stood up her limbs limp as she began to trek back to her watchers house...or maybe the hospital which ever was closer.

~ 0 ~

Phoenix, Arizona

April 10th 1996:

"Your dead slayer!" the demon snarled as it attacked. Bella dodged, rolling her eyes at the beast.

"Really, like I haven't heard that one before." She rolled out of the way of its clawed hand and swept its feet from under it. She jumped to her feet and round housed it – it had avoided her leg sweep - before grabbing it by the arm and throwing it into a headstone. The headstone broke and she pulled out her dagger from her black boots.

"You know this is really beginning to bore me," Bella said as the demon ran at her again. She spun out of the way, using her petite and short stature to be more agile, and praising the lord she never had klutz attacks while slaying. She kicked it low and threw and punch into its chest. It went down hard and she raised her dagger to thrust into its chest. To her surprise a scaly hand caught her and twisted the dagger into her own gut.

Bella gasped as the hand released her and she rolled onto her side and away from the two demons. They approached her and she pulled her dagger out and rose to her feet. She gasped as a hand gripped her around the neck and threw her. She landed with a crack against the headstone and she cried out in pain as she hit the grass below. She stood up, backing away from the two demons who grinned widely.

"Time to die slayer!" the new demon taunted and she shook her head. She knew though she was losing blood fast, faster then her slayer healing could heal. She gritted her teeth and charged forward ignoring her pain as she jumped the head stone and landed a flying kick to the new demons head, as she leaned she spun around and kicked the other demon. It jolted her wounds long enough that the other demon behind her recovered and gripped her in a tight hold against its chest. She struggled and screamed at the pain in her gut.

"You'll pay for that girl," the original demon said and thrust it's talon like claws into her gut, making another hole, only bigger. She screamed and felt tears fall at the pain. She was going to die. Shaking her head used what little strength she had to lift her feet and kick the demon in the chest. She through her head back into the one holding her and spun, griping its head and twisting. The crack of a broken neck was her reward and she turned and kicked the now recovered angry demon away. She ran at it then and as it went for her head she ducked and thrust her dagger into its gut, before pulling it out and thrusting it into its heart as it lay on the ground in shock.

Bella didn't know what happened next, she heard someone calling her name and then she felt their arms. She looked up to see her watcher before she fell into black.

Bella didn't wake for a month after her battle with the two clawed demons. Her mother and Peter were by her side almost constantly and even though Peter and her mother had broken up months ago in February they were still on good terms and usually Renee left Bella with Peter when she left for work or to have fun. When she did awake she was told by her sobbing mother Peter had found her after she had been attacked walking back to his place from the park and two men had stabbed her, mugged her and ran off.

She knew that this was simply the cover story. She clearly remembered the two scaly clawed demons making her into a crude impression of a shishkabob. She was shocked to learn that the doctors had lost her twice before she became stable. Peter told her it was only from him finding her in time and her slayer healing that she had lived at all. The damage was done though, she had died. He didn't know for sure but he suspected her death had called another slayer.

Bella was shocked and though in pain asked him to look into it. She wanted to know if she had a sister slayer out there. Maybe she could help the girl or have a normal childhood at least. It was all feeble hoping. Even if there were hundreds of slayers it was in her instincts to slay and patrol. Though after a month long coma and two giant stab wounds Bella wasn't going to be doing much of anything for a few months. Or so her mother said. She knew she'd be fine in a few more weeks with her slayer healing.

~ 0 ~

Phoenix Arizona

July 20th 1996:

"I can't believe this," Renee sobbed. Bella sighed, placing her arms around her mothers shoulders as the older brunette cried. She could hardly believe it either, her watcher was dead. She hated James for doing this to her, for killing her watcher. She had gotten her revenge though.

"I know, but we'll get through this," Bella told her. She had met James on patrol last month. At first she thought he was human, albeit a pale human as she couldn't sense a demon in him. He helped her patrol after this, feeding her some cock and bull story about how vampires had killed his sister, and that his parents had died when he was younger. She should have never trusted him, for one she never saw him during the day, he never touched her unless he had gloves on and that was always and she never saw his eyes.

One night she came upon two vampires feeding but she couldn't sense a demon. They looked human, no game face, no fangs. When she tried to stake the red head the stake shattered into splinters. She was shocked and looked behind her to tell James to run. She trusted him and he turned on her. She remembered clearly the red eyes and smirk. She fought as hard as she could but they beat her, they were even able to break her arm.

"how did this happen?" Renee asked, but Bella knew it technically wasn't for her. Bella wondered the same thing though. For close to a month she battled James and his companions. She trained harder then ever before, they were strong but she was slightly stronger. Peter found a codex on the Cold ones, another breed of vampire the Watchers Council wanted no one to know about. It simply said they were stronger and did not have the weaknesses of a demonic vampire. The only way to kill it was to tare them apart and or burn them.

It was only last week the final show down began, Peter had come against her better wishes. As she battled James, Laurent the dark shined one dragged Victoria away. James had injured her greatly and was able to bite her on the wrist before she kicked him away and jumped him in his confused state and tore his head off. It was hard and she almost felt like her arms were going to break from the force needed but the deed was done. It was not until she had finished burning the body that she saw Peter had been hurt, and was bleeding excessively.

"Peter, what happened?" Bella asked, kneeling beside him in the old abandoned ballet studio. Peter chocked on some blood but look up at his young charge.

"I tried to stop the others...I'm sorry Bells," Peter croaked out. He inspected his young charge, the girl he saw as a daughter and Bella let tears fall. It looked as if his arm had been broken and someone had punched a hole through his lower chest. Close to his heart, much too close.

"I told you not too come, why didn't you listen to me?" Bella asked, sobbing. He sighed, his eyes blurring as he tried to breath.

"I had to protect you, as your watcher..." Bella sobbed harder and tried to put pressure on his wound only for him to grab her hands.

"Leave Bella, I am proud of you," he said and she bit her lip as she felt him die, his heart stopped and his eyes stared up at nothing. She looked behind her to see the flames coming closer and she pulled him out of the studio. As they exited the studio the flames shot up inside and Bella had no choice but to run away and get help. Her bite had been cleaned and thankfully James has not been attached to it long and what little venom was their she sucked out herself before they cleaned it at the hospital.

Bella looked over at her mother as she came out of her thoughts. People were beginning too leave and Renee was pulling on her hand. She looked up at her mother, who was only a inch taller now at 5'3 and shook her head.

"I want to say my last goodbyes. Go on ahead." Renee looked at her daughter once and with hesitance she nodded. Bella sighed and knelt beside the gravestone. Peter did not have any living relatives left and his last wish was to be buried in America, in Arizona closest to herself. She felt a tear fall, he had been like a father, a brother to her. Now he was gone and it was partly her fault. If she had never trusted James he wouldn't be dead.

He had left her everything in his apartment, the books the notes. Her mother was fine with her going there as long as she was careful and also the fact the apartment belonged to Peter and was fully paid off for the next fifty years meant Renee did not have to pay for her daughter to keep the place. Included in his notes was all she would need to know about the newest slayer. He had found out she lived in LA and went to Harmony high. She was happy to see the girl was older then her when she was called; Bella knew from experience being ten and a slayer was not easy.

Peter Edward Mason

March 19th 1965 – July 16th 1996

Son, Brother and Lover.

He helped save the world.

"I'm sorry I couldn't save you Peter," Bella spoke, and then stood up. Before she left she pulled out a wooden cross and a stake and placed them on his grave. She didn't look back as she walked away.

~ 0 ~

Phoenix, Arizona

September 19th 1996:

Bella sighed as she cleaned out the last of her watchers clutter. She had kept almost everything and for the last month or so she had almost been living in his apartment a few streets from her mothers place. Renee had offered to move into the apartment with Bella and if the law found out she was pretty much living alone it could turn out bad, she had only turned twelve.

"Hmm...what's this," Bella asked herself as she picked up the thick paper. She opened it slowly after recognizing Peters handwriting and her name on the front.

Dearest Bella,

If you are reading this then I have died. I do not know how or when, it could be years from now, but I do know eventually I will pass. Be it before your final battle or after, this letter will fall into the hands of yourself or the watchers council. In either case I write now to you Bella. When I first learned of my new charge, my slayer I was never expecting a ten year old girl who had hardly lived her life. I was terrified, what if you died? The thought was silly because all watchers learn from day one eventually their slayer will die. Be it today or tomorrow they won't win every battle. I was terrified, the thought that I would get you kill before you even turned eleven scared me beyond anything.

After the first year though, I saw how great you were. You fought like a pro, sure when you were not in battle you tended to fall down at times but I knew this was simply a quirk that would someday define you. The day you were put into the hospital, when you flat-lined it was the scariest moment of my life. All slayers have a death wish Bella, the fact that yours might have come already scared me beyond recognition. I had lost my slayer. You'll never believe how happy I was when they told us they had revived you.

It was that night I knew I had to write this letter. Either I would die or you would but when your section of the Slayers diaries was placed in the books this letter would as well. On a more personal note, I want you to know I am proud of you. I am proud to call you my Slayer. I know you'll live long, no matter how long know you have been the best pupil and slayer could ask for.

My best regards,

Peter E. Mason

~ 0 ~

Sunnydale, California

November 1997:

"Bella! It's time to get up dear," Renee called up the stairs of their new home. Bella rolled over and sighed before groaning at the light filtering into her room from the window. It had taken her forever to get her mother to move them out to California and the fact she did not want to go to LA – Renee's first choice – made it all the more difficult. Renee had changed her tune when she realized how pretty it was and the fact it was always sunny. Bella had been most impressed with Renee when she procured a job at a local art gallery. She didn't know what as but none the less it was a big step for the otherwise hair-brained woman.

"I'm up!" Bella called back and then slowly got up. She would start her first year as a freshmen but then only because she was skipping a grade. Part of the reason she wanted to go ahead and skip the eighth grade wasn't because she was cocky or arrogant but because she wished to meet Buffy. She had worried about the new slayer the last year and she had went so far as to check in with the Watchers Council just to find out if she was still in LA. She had wondered if Trevors – the little toad that he was – had informed Buffy's watcher of her arrival. Knowing him he probably didn't.

Walking over to her closet she grabbed a outfit for the day. Five minutes latter she returned with a light blue pull over ribbed sweater on and fitted blue wash jeans. Her favorite pair of black knee high boots. They were almost completely heelless. Before heading down stairs Bella pulled on an swan pendent in gold; it had been a gift from her watcher for her last birthday. She also placed on her right ring finger a sterling silver white gold blue opal ring another gift but from her mother. It had taken her mother three pay rolls to afford it.

The school wasn't hard to find, for her, but for her mother it was a different story. She had to tell her mother she needed to turn around a half a dozen times. Classes were tiresome, once Bella finally got there at least. It was challenging at least math was, she had never really been great with numbers. They tended to give her a headache. It was during lunch that she went on too the library. She noticed almost instantly the librarian held the same posture her own watcher had once held.

"Can I help you?" he asked, looking up from his book. Bella smiled and shifted her bag onto her shoulder more.

"I think so. Are you Rupert Giles?" she asked. He smiled, nodding.

"Well, yes I am."

"Hi. I'm new, my name is Isabella Swan. You might have heard of me..." Bella was cut off by Giles taking his glasses off. His face was showing only shock.

"Dear Lord. Your alive?" he asked. Bella smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, I didn't stay dead, I was revived. You don't look all that surprised though," Bella replied.

Giles shook his head and placed his glasses back on.

"No, well yes I am, but Buffy had a similar incident last year. She died and it called Kendra," Giles explained and Bella's eyes widened. She had no idea another slayer had been called. She chuckled after a moment and shrugged.

"Figures. The Council must be burning with anger. Three Slayers at one time." she shook her head.

"It's amazing. I really thought you were dead as well. I read about you in the Watchers Diaries. Your the youngest called slayer in the history. At least for what is recorded," Giles said, smiling as he came around the counter. Bella shrugged, blushing softly.

"I guess I am."
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