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Immortal White Knight

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Summary: The Initiative has captured an Immortal and its up to the Scooby and AI gang to save her, and after an accident find that one of their own are Immortal too. (On Hold)

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Highlander > Xander-Centered > Theme: Immortal XanderTheHarlequinFR181993031,77319 Jan 1119 Jan 11No
A*N* - I dont own either BTVS, Angel, or Highlander. They all have their respective owners. I do however stake claim on Shen Hua, my OC. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 - Lost Immortal

"Angel Investigations, we helpt the hopeless, this is Cordelia speaking."

"I need to speak to Angel"

Cordelia blinked at the reciever. The man on the other end of the line was very British and very pissed off.

"Hold on one second and I'll transfer you, may I ask who's calling?"

"Tell him it's Methos."

Cordelia put the man on hold and pushed the button on the intercom.

"Angel, a Methos is on Line 1 for you, he sounds pissed."

" it, thanks Cordelia."

Cordelia glanced at the intercom. Angel sounded a little nervous. She shrugged and went back to filing her nails, ignoring Doyle who was staring a little stunned at the phone.

"Didja' say Methos, princess?"

Cordelia didn't bother to look up from her nails.

"That's what I said, why's Angel so nervous about this guy?"

Doyle whistled.

"You'd be a bit nervous too, if you had one of the bloody Four horseman callin' you pissed off."

"What, like the Apocalyptic kind of Four Horsemen?"

Doyle nodded.

"What would he be calling Angel for?"

Doyle sat back down in his usual chair.

"Rumor goes, Methos' only student used to run with the Scourge of Europe when Angel was still Angelus. She's usually been seen with Drusilla and that Spike guy. Methos must be lookin' for her."

"So he's asking Angel about some demon chick?"

"Not demon's princess, Immortal's. They're basically human, they just can't die. Methos is supposedly one of the oldest, and his student, well, she's up there in years too."

Cordelia nodded and looked thoughtfully at the office door.

"Angel, speaking"

"Where is she Angelus?" growled the voice on the phone.

"Methos, I haven't seen Shen Hua in decades."

"Don't bullshit me vampire, she told me she was going to the bloody Hellmouth to see you're idiotic grandchilde and then to L.A. to see you. The Watcher's lost track of her two days after she arrived in Sunnydale and I have yet to hear from her."

"She hasn't been here, who's her assigned Watcher?"

"Rupert Giles"

Angel blinked in surprise.

"I'll see what I can dig up. i'll ask Spike if he's seen her. We'll find her." he assured the older man.

"Thanks, Liam. Let me know what you find out."

Angel hung up the phone and immediately dialed the Magic Box.

" Magic Box, this is Willow"

"Willow, I need to speak to Giles."

"Sure, hold on a sec Angel."

There was a click and a few moments went by. The phone was picked back up and he heard the door close.


"It's Angel, has Shen Hua contacted you?"

", how did you know about that?"

"Methos just called me looking for her, the Watchers lost track of her two days after she came to Sunnydale."

"Bloody hell...I'll get ahold of one of them and see where she was last."

"I'm on my way down, I have to find Spike and see if he's seen her."

Angel paused when he heard Giles sigh.

"Spike is here, in the Magic Box."


"He came to us for pretection, a military group called the Initiative put a chip in his head rendering him incapable of harming humans."

Angel scowled and stifled a growl, wondering why the name sounded familiar.

"Ask him then, I'll be there a few hours after sundown."

Giles got off the phone with Angel and went into the main area of the Magic Box where everyone was researching. Spike was up on the stairs with a sulky look on his face.

"Spike, a world if you would."

The blonde scowled at him but got up and followed him into the back. Giles shut his office door after glancing around making sure his Slayer wasn't being nosy.

"What do you want, Watcher."

"Before you were captured by the Initiative, did Shen hua contact you?"

Spike gave him a surprised look then noticed the heavy bound leather books sitting on his desk with the familiar name on them.

"Haven't seen Shen since Prague, she helped me an' Dru get away from mob. Why?"

"Angel called, Methos is looking for her, it seems that she lost the Wathcher's two days after she came here and no one has seen her since. She hasn't contacted me nor Methos. These were delivered over a week ago."

Spike frowned.

"S'not like Shen, she's pretty good at keepin' in contact with the Watcher's and that bloody teacher of hers."

"Which is why Methos is on the verge of going on a warpath to find her. Angel is on his way down to help look for her. I expect Methos won't be far behind."

Spike rolled his eyes but the worried look on his faced outwon his annoyance for his grand-sire. Giles had heard and read about the vampire's affection for the Immortal and her's for him. He felt a little sympathy for the blonde.

"I'll keep you apprised of the situation. We'll find her."

Spike glanced at him from the corner of his eye and nodded.

Giles turned back to the phone and called the Watcher's Council.

"Yes, I need the number for the last Watcher trailing the Immortal named Shen Hua. Transfer? Yes, thankyou.....Yes, this is Ruper Giles. Yes, about Shen Hua, where did you lose her?"

Giles pulled out a pad of paper and started jotting notes down.

"Kingman's Bluff?" Oh , so it was a challenge. You saw her walk away? Oh, you picked up the challenger's body.....I understand. She never came back to her hotel? Allright, yes, I'll let you know when we find her...Thankyou...bye."

Giles underlinded Kingman's Bluff, frowning at the notes. He turned around and Spike was leaving the room. The vampire wouldn't be able to go anywhere until sundown but would probably pace the floors until he could leave.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Immortal White Knight" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Jan 11.

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