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Of Bedtimes and Rat Love

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Triplet Manifesto". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Fun little story, even though I have strong feelings of dislike for both characters

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Harry Potter > Amy-CenteredJmariaFR151558081,89012 Dec 0312 Dec 03Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing - Joss owns all things Buffy, J.K. owns all things Harry Potter

Set: Season five and six of Buffy, books two and three of Harry



Of Bedtimes and Rat Love

Amy was a rat. Well, duh. The tail kinda gave it away. Willow watched the rat run around in her cage. She felt bad. Poor Amy. She really hoped to cure her one day. The door to the Magic Box opened. Willow turned to see a redheaded man in the doorway. He had a cage in his hand. Inside it was a rat.

“Hi. Welcome to the Magic Box. You looking for something special?” She asked. He placed the cage next to Amy’s.

“Yes, I’m looking for Draken Weed. Would you happen to carry it?”

“Let me just check. Hey Anya!”


“Do we have Draken Weed?”

“You aren’t going to steal again? Because Giles put me in charge and you can’t go around stealing - again.”

“I’m was not stealing - I was borrowing without paying or asking. No, you have a customer.”

“Oh, coming.”

Willow smiled at the man. He smiled back.

“Charlie Weasley.”

“Willow Rosenburg.”

“I have your Draken weed. That’ll be forty-five seventy-three.”

“Muggle money is so hard to figure out. Can you help me figure it out?”

“You mean American money?”

“Yeah. That.”

“Here you go.” Willow counted out his money and handed it to Anya.

“Thanks. Well, I should be on my way.”

“Have a great day, and please feel free to give us your money anytime.”


“What? I like money. He has money. He should spend it here.”

“Where’s Scabbers?”

Willow looked over to see Scabbers in Amy’s cage. Doing something very inappropriate.

“Oh my, rat sex.”


Five Months Later

Willow had finally turned Amy back. And she was noticeably pregnant. Time to start freaking out.

“Willow, what if they’re like rat babies. I cannot give birth to rat babies.”

“Amy, calm down. We’ll take you to the doctor and see if everything is okay. I’m so sorry Amy.”

“Don’t be sorry, I’m the one who turned myself into a rat and then had sex with another rat.”


“Well, Amy I have some good news. Your babies are healthy. And normal.”

“Wait, babies, as in plural?”

“Yes. Triplets.”

“Oh. Human triplets?”


“Thanks Doc.”


Four Months and Eight Days Later

“Why did Willow choose to go all evil on me now?” Amy screamed

“Breathe Amy.”

“Thanks for being here, Buffy.”

“It’s the least I could do.”


Amy gave birth to three beautiful babies. Two girls and a boy. And no tails, so that was a plus. The phone rang beside her bed.


“Amy, this is Giles.”

“Hey Giles. You hear the good news?”

“Yes. Congratulations. I have some news for you.”


“It seems the rat - the father of your children, was a human.”


“Yes, the young man who brought him into the shop came to me and told me that they just figured out who he was.”

“And who is he?”

“Peter Petigrew.”


Amy named her son James Peter, after her father and the rat. Her daughters she named Tara Anne, after Buffy and in memory of Tara who was Willow’s girlfriend, and Joy Lily, partially for Buffy’s mom, who had died as well. She wondered if Peter would ever find out that he had children. And if he would even care.

The End

You have reached the end of "Of Bedtimes and Rat Love". This story is complete.

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