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Life's Unexpected Revelations

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Life's Unexpected Changes". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander travels to connect Atlantis with his island and finds unexpected revelations while there.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Slash
Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Xander's Real Family
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Title: Life's Unexpected Revelations

Author: CaliaDragon

Fandom: BtVS, AtS, SPN, Stargate, CSI, Mag 7, NCIS, Stargate, Addams Family, Highlander, HP, Charmed, Due South, TS, Hercules-Xena

Warnings: Swearing, Slash, Het, Gender Switch, Pregnancy, Angst, AU, Unbeta’d

Disclaimer: None of the characters and fandoms in the fic belongs to me. I have no claim on any of them, though it would be fun if I did.

AN: This whole story and universe is a hard AU. Don't expect canon in any way whatsoever. There won't be any Scoobie bashing either. This was inspired by Toots a wonderful author who gave me a great deal of inspiration, also from Voracity, who added to it.  Some of the pairings were also inspired by Keira Marcos. All three authors are fantastic and have given me many fantastic things to read.  There is a definite love of Rodney McKay in this series, so if you don’t like him don’t read.

Feedback: Any feedback would be appreciated. You can reach me at

Archive: Any list I send it to, anyone with prior permission, BC, WWOMB, TTH

Part: 1/1

Spoilers: None, most of the shows are so AU they don't follow canon.

Summary: Xander travels to unite Atlantis and their allies with his Island and more revelations are made.


Within six days of being turned into a female, finding out he was a) pregnant and b) a slayer, Xander Harris found himself transported to Atlantis with Faith, Methos, Graham, Jack O’Neill, a visiting John Sheppard, and Daniel Jackson by a completely freaked out Whistler.   Whistler had not relished taking Xander to another galaxy where space Nazis, the Genii, and space vampires, the Wraith, ran amok. 

However, because of the Powers that Be Xander as the owner and recipient of the Island had to go to the Pegasus Galaxy and to Atlantis for the city to be joined with his new sanctuary.

Neither the Council nor the fathers of Xander’s litter took the news with good cheer.  His own reaction had been elation and then anger that everyone was fighting over who would get to stay and who would go.  Only those that had not started fighting or trying to boss Xander around got to go with him, which was why Faith, Methos, and Graham were the only members of the Council’s warriors that got to go with him.  Jack O’Neill, Daniel Jackson, and John Sheppard got to come so that the people of Atlantis would not freak out the minute the others arrived and shoot at them.

What Xander did not expect, what none of them expected, was for Atlantis to wake up fully when Xander and his group arrived.  The city went to full capacity and the AI actually appeared before the Council group, bowing to Methos and greeting both Xander and Faith with solemn dignity. 

Whistler had groaned in fear as the city took Methos, Faith, and Xander away.  “This isn’t supposed to happen! The Council is gonna find a way to kill me!” Whistler yelped, as Rodney McKay demanded to know who they were and what was going on. 

Before Jack, Sheppard, or Daniel could answer, the group reappeared, Faith looked freaked out, Methos looked pissed and Xander was asleep.  “Oh I am so dead!” Whistler and Jack said in unison.

“Chill ain’t no one killing anyone.  Atlantis needed me and boytoy to help her, I mean Xan, fuck you know what I meant.”  Faith gripped, as she pulled at her hair. 

“What the hell happened?” McKay demanded walking around Faith, Methos, and Xander mumbling about power outputs, opened databases and gene carriers. 

“Mmmm… sounds like McKay.”  Xander said slowly opening his eyes and looking at the irate scientist.

“Are you alright, do you need a doctor?” A man asked stepping forward with a small woman at his side.  Xander blinked when he recognized one of his slayers. 

“Jenny!” He chirped as he forced Methos to put him on his feet.  He blew a kiss at Graham when the older man put a hand on Xander’s back. 

Jennifer Keller stared in disbelief at the senior slayer and the woman at her side.  “Xander? How did you become a woman?” She blurted out, blushing when Xander and Faith grinned at her.

“The PTB’s changed me into a girl after I was kidnapped by members of the NID and the Initiative and made pregnant.  I’m having a litter and since they are all magickal in nature the PTB’s had to change me into a girl to keep me and the litter alive.  Then they decided that I needed a place that was safe so they gave me my very own Island and then they decided to connect us to the Jaffa Nation, Atlantis, and the SGC.  You guys are our first stop.  The good thing about all of this is that Atlantis will have constant connection to Earth and a place for everyone to go for R&R because we’re just off Miami, it’ll be like a huge doorway to earth. On top of that you’ll get supplies; no one with hostile intent will be able to come to Atlantis and by extension this planet.  When we hook up to the Jaffa and the SGC the same will happen, except we can’t provide the same security for Earth because of the demons, but the Council mostly does that job anyway and none of the Powers would ever let an alien threat take Earth.”  Xander babbled happily, as he went over and hugged Jennifer, who grinned at him in affection, no matter how shocked she was that he was now a woman and a slayer. 

Then his being pregnant rolled through her mind, “Pregnant? Litter?” She asked stunned again. 

“Ten! Methos and Graham are two of my baby Daddies and some of the few that seem to have remained sane in the announcement of becoming Daddies.  At least they’re the only two who aren’t telling me what to do and acting all possessive and weird.”  Xander said with a grin for the two men who preened under his attention.  Faith just grinned in response; the fights had been fun to watch, even if they had been annoying as hell.  Giles had actually ended up hexing over half of the screaming group with laryngitis.  Faith had just rolled on the couch laughing with Joyce who had tried to make everyone quiet down and understand that they were only upsetting Xander.  It was when Xander had thrown his hands up in the air and stormed out of the battlefield that Giles had lost his temper and hexed everyone. 

Those that hadn’t been hexed had been trying to calm down the ones that had been hexed.  Among those not hexed were, surprisingly, all of Xander’s kids, Riley, Willow, Buffy, Chris Larabee, Dean and Sam Winchester, Blair Sandburg, Jethro Gibbs, Vin Tanner, Ezra Standish, and Jim Ellison.  The only reason that none of them were among the group coming on this trip was because Cordy had had a vision and they were needed by the Council to stop a situation.  Those not needed for the battle, were too young, or were needed to protect the children left behind.

Xander was distracted from his thoughts by the arrival of another of his Slayers.  “Laura Cadman!” He chirped and bounced over to the Marine, smiling in happiness at seeing one of his Explosion Buddies. 

Laura blinked in confusion.  “Xan? Faith?”

Xander nodded and explained why they were there yet again to Laura, and by extension, the people that had followed her down to the Gate room.  John Sheppard wasn’t the only man freaking out about magickal sex changes nor was he the only one wondering about how Xander knew Keller and Cadman.  Rodney was the one to demand to know how the two women from the expedition knew the unknown newcomers.

“Exactly how is it that you two know the boy-girl?” Rodney demanded causing Faith to snicker and Xander to grin, they really liked the snarky Astrophysicist. 

“We were trained by Xander to handle our Slayer gifts and he was the one to tell us what we were after the Awakening.”  Jennifer Keller answered calmly.

“Wait you two are slayers?” Jack asked dumbfounded.  “How could we not know this?”

“The President was talked into suggesting no one ask if there were slayers on the bases and we never offered up the information.”  Laura answered.

“Why not?” John asked confused.

“NID, sir.”  Laura answered in return.

“They pick on another one of my girls and I’m gutting them.”  Xander grumped, “Either that or I’m sicking Willow onto them the next time she gets PMS.”

“Ooo… way to bring out your inner bitch Xan.”  Faith said with a cackle.

“Can I watch?” Jack, John, Rodney, and Daniel asked in unison, making Xander and Faith laugh like loons and Graham actually crack up laughing.  Laura grinned at Xander and hugged him. 

“So what else happened, because I can tell you aren’t sharing everything?”  Laura said gently, she was one of the few slayers to get accepted into the inner core of the Council.  Xander sighed sadly and looked to Whistler, who nodded grimly.

“We found out that all of the core members of the Council, including you, have had immortality forced onto them.”  Faith told her bluntly.  Laura blanched and she wasn’t the only one. 

“Dr. Keller is as well.”  Whistler said softly.

“Neither of you are leaving the city, ever again, without at least two teams to guard.”  Elizabeth Weir said quickly, causing them all to look at the pale woman.

“Why?” Ronon asked, confused.

“If they are immortal that means that if they are captured by the Wraith they are an unending food supply.”  Rodney said in a painful, yet disbelieving tone.  Rodney wasn’t the only scientist to have a mental melt down when the existence of the supernatural came out as real. 

“No one is touching my woman.”  Ronon growled, pulling Jennifer into his arms.  Xander lit up with unholy glee and Jennifer whimpered.

“If you ever purposely hurt Jenny in a way that doesn’t involve consensual sex games I will shove a stick of dynamite up your ass and blow you to hell after I’ve castrated you and beat you with a shovel.”  Xander said cheerfully.  Every man in the room flinched and Ronon blinked.

“Do you always threaten people you have just met?” Rodney asked curiously.

“Only if they are dating someone I consider my little sister.”  Xander answered honestly.

Rodney nodded in understanding.  “I promised to blow up my sister’s husband.”

“Cool you like things that go boom?” Xander asked, liking McKay even more.

“He’s one of the people I get to blow things up with now Xan.”  Laura told him cheerfully.

“Awesome.”  Xander breathed, “Explosions are so much fun.”  He then pouted, “Giles said while I’m pregnant I can’t play with C4.”

“That sucks, I’m so sorry Xan.”  Laura commiserated, patting him on the shoulder.

“So back to the reason you are here, are you saying we have a stable portal to earth?” Elizabeth Weir asked. 

“Yep, to my Island, come to the dark side we have chocolate!”  Xander trilled, and then gave them a lopsided grin.

John and Jack snickered when McKay stepped into Xander’s personal space.  “I’d kiss you for chocolate!” McKay snapped.

Xander shocked the Stargate group, minus his slayers, by kissing McKay breathless.  When they pulled apart, Xander grinned over at Methos, “Can I keep him?”

John Sheppard stiffened and stepped forward pulling a dazed McKay back to his side, “My scientist.”  He said mildly.

“Oops sorry, he’s just you know… awesome! Plus, he’s a great kisser.  I like smart, snarky, and mean people they’re hot you know.”  Xander said with an eyebrow wiggle.  Faith buried her face in Graham’s chest as she cackled.  “I nearly married a woman just like him!”  Graham coughed at that bit of truth and both he and Faith looked over at Methos who just smirked.

Jack snickered and looked at Daniel who was already fascinated by Atlantis and being there.  “Right so where do we put the door?” Jack asked trying to get everyone back on track, it wasn’t that he wasn’t amused by the Council group; it was that he wanted to get them connected back to the Island and the scary people that Xander Harris called friends, family, and were the daddies to his kids.  Because if something else unexpected happened to Xander, Jack was sure he would have a stroke.

“How about putting the portal on the other side of the Stargate?” Teyla offered she was drawn to the one called Xander, feeling the need to protect her from the dangers of the world.  She walked forward and smiled to her in greeting.  Faith hid a snicker at the look on Teyla’s face.  Xander’s draw hit another powerful woman, at least this one wanted to protect him, not have sex and kill him. 

“Sounds like a plan.”  Rodney said looking at John in question, he was wondering if this meant that John was finally going to stop claiming they were just friends and enter into a relationship with him.  If so, that would be brilliant.

Whistler gave Xander the four crystals and watched as Faith took two of them.  Together the pair anchored the four crystals to make a large door.  Within seconds, it opened and people bounced through the door, chattering happily to the members of the Council and looking around the gate room with open curiosity.

“Xan are you okay?” Riley asked as he came through the portal with Sam Winchester.

“I’m fine, having fun, getting to snog someone delightfully snarky and see Jenny and Laura again.”  Xander said cheerfully.  Harry grinned and walked over to stand by him with Ron, who wrapped an arm around Xander.  “I like the city, I think I’m going to visit more often, anyway, it’s time to go see the Jaffa.”

They all blinked and Dawn squealed, rushing over to hug both Laura and Jennifer.  Buffy and Willow joined her and the kids following to greet the two slayers.  Ron hugged Xander again and let him go back over to Whistler, Jack, Daniel, Methos, Faith, and Graham. 

“How was the battle?” Faith asked.

“Quick, they were stopped between Tara and Willow.  The rest of us only mopped up the few fighters they had.”  Dean said calmly going to stand beside Xander, who grinned at him.  “I’m coming with you guys.”

“Okay.”  Xander said with a shrug looking around and noticing that Sam Winchester and Vin Tanner were joining the traveling group.  He wasn’t surprised as Sam, Dean, and Vin had always stayed at his side if possible.

“We’re coming too.”  Cordy said, she drug Spike and Dawn over to them.  Dawn just shrugged when Xander looked at her and Spike gave him a cocky grin.  It wasn’t like he was going to let his Whelp or his Bit go anywhere without him now that the battle was over.  Xander grinned at them and watched as the others babbled and asked to explore Atlantis.    

Buffy looked at Faith and the Dark Slayer nodded, she wasn’t surprised when Kendra and Wednesday came to stand beside her.  The pair would have traveled with them to begin with, but the battle was to have been especially bad.  The fact that Willow was needed in her condition was proof of that.  Thankfully that had ended up not being the case.  Buffy was one of the groups left behind to guard the youngest of the Council family.

Whistler made sure everyone else was ready to go, but stopped when a vision hit Cordelia.  She blinked and took the last four crystals from Faith, going to the new doorway and placing the crystals where they were needed.  A new doorway opened up beside the first one and they were faced with Teal’c and Bra’tac with many Jaffa warriors behind them.

“Teal’c old buddy, how are you?” Jack O’Neill said quickly, really not wanting to see a new war started with the Jaffa because they made the mistake of attacking members of the Council.

“O’Neill, what is the meaning of this?” Bra’tac demanded as R’yac came to stand at his father’s side.

“This is the Council and the leaders of Atlantis.  The Powers over the Council asked that we set up a way for the Jaffa and for Atlantis to be connected to earth through a special portal to Xander Harris’s island.  They provided a way to make stable portals and they also wanted the Earth Slayers to be taught by the female Jaffa.”  Jack explained as the three men came through the portal. 

“Yep, what he said, also because you are connected to Atlantis and Atlantis is connected to Xander, your planet is free of any hostile attack.  Plus you have a lot of hotheaded warriors who are looking for a battle and Atlantis needs help with the space Vampires.”  Cordelia said with a smirk from where she was standing.  She turned her back on them and went to stand at Xander’s side.  Faith moved over and made room for her.  The other two slayers didn’t say a word, because while others might be intimidated by them, they were intimidated by the Seer.  Xander thought it was funny, but kept that to himself.

Teal’c raised an eyebrow when Daniel came to stand at Jack’s side along with Cameron and Vala, who startled Jack.  Apparently while Jack was explaining things, Dawn and Willow opened the portal to Stargate command long enough for the pair to arrive.  Vala smirked at him and looked over her shoulder at the group that was gathered around Xander.  Xander for his part was staring back at her, his eyes wide with shock.  Vala’s smirk left her face and the pair stared at one another in wonder.  Xander broke away from his friends and walked to where she was standing.  Vala stepped away from the others and Xander pulled her into a hug, making the woman choke on a sob. 

“Can someone explain what just happened?” Connor Angel asked confused.  The others shrugged; they had no idea what was happening either.

When Vala and Xander pulled apart Vala placed a hand on Xander’s stomach, smiling happily.  “Vala?” Daniel asked confused.

Vala turned to look at Daniel and sighed as she realized that his memory had not awakened upon meeting Xander.  She walked over to him and put a hand to his forehead, breaking the barrier that the Ancients had put on his mind to cover who he truly was.  Daniel gasped in shock as both memories and power flowed through him.  He pulled Vala into his arms, hugging her tightly.  When they broke apart, he pulled Xander into a hug. 

Ares appeared and smirked at the trio.  “It’s about time you two woke up.  It was bad enough you wanted to be reborn because your son was human, but with the Ancients interference we couldn’t find you two or do anything to protect Alexander.” 

“Ares.”  Daniel, who was in fact Chronos, nodded.  The god smirked at his Brother and Sister and then disappeared once he was sure they were back to their immortality and power as the Goddess of Chaos and the God of Time.

“Someone please explain what the hell is going on?” Jack demanded.

“Daniel and I are actual a god and goddess.  I am Discord, Goddess of Chaos and Daniel is Chronos, the God of Time.  This reality reset after a cataclysmic event.  It was so bad that the only thing left in this reality was the Gods and the Ascended beings.  When it reset Alexander was born, but I was given a vision of the future by the Fates.  They showed us what went wrong and how it would happen again if Xander were not allowed to be raised on the mortal plane.  As much as it pained us to do so, we had to give our son up.  However, the Fates, they told us that if we allowed ourselves to be reborn as mortals, we would someday be reunited with our son and would have our godhood’s returned to us.  Daniel and I agreed, though we would have no knowledge of who we were until we all three of us were reunited.  Unfortunately the Powers and the Ancients interfered, blocking Daniel’s memories and changing our son into a daughter.”  Vala explained, shocking the hell out of everyone present.

“Wait, so Xander is a child god, Daniel is a god, and you are a goddess?” Jack demanded.

“Yes.” Vala nodded, a smile crossing her face.

“Oh for crying out loud!” Jack grumped.

“Look at it this way; I can give you better knees.”  Daniel said with a slight grin.

“Not helping Space Monkey.”  Jack said with a grin at the weirdness that Daniel constantly brought to his life.

“You aren’t going to take Xander away are you?” Dawn asked worried.  This made the rest of the Council surround Xander and pull him back to the group.  He let them do so, so that they would calm down.

“No of course not, you are the family he has forged.  We can only hope that he will allow us into his life.”  Daniel said gently, reassuring the group that had taken their son in and made him their family.

“I agree, though I too would like the chance to visit with our son.” Vala said, her voice carrying the same gentleness. 

“I can see that.  With the connection to Atlantis and the Jaffa nation you will have more time to work together and forge a relationship.”  Giles said from where he stood beside Joyce and Xander.  He didn’t like the thought of loosing his child to these two, Gods or not.

Vala and Daniel agreed.  “So that is taken care of we just need to link Atlantis to Stargate command.”  Whistler said.  The group nodded and went back into the portal into Xander’s greeting room where the Whistler pulled out a different set of crystals and handed them to Dawn and Wednesday, who went to a different wall and opened the portal to the Command center, in to their gate room. 

General Landry was the first person to walk through the portal, but to the surprise of everyone in the area, he was thrown backwards by the wards on Atlantis.  “Uh oh, so that’s what that meant.”  Xander mumbled to himself. 

Everyone turned to look at him.  “What are you talkin’ about whelp?” Spike asked, eyeing the General who was glaring at everyone since he was also frozen in place and couldn’t move from where he had been thrown.

“My senses of danger went off the minute I met him, I think he’s a demon or possessed.”  Xander answered, breaking away from the group and starting over to Landry. He had barely taken two steps when Dean grabbed him and pulled him back into the group.  “What?” Xander asked confused.

“Let’s not go near the enemy with you pregnant, too many bad things could happen, including you becoming possessed.”  Dean admonished.

Xander huffed and shook his head, “The wards won’t let that happen.”

“Don’t care, no going near the dangerous person who may be a demon or possessed.”  Sam added.  Xander rolled his eyes, but he did stay with the group of overprotective family.

Vala walked over to where Landry was being held and groaned, “He’s possessed.” 

Daniel went to stand beside her and between the two of them they forced the demonic spirit out of the General.  The spirit wailed and disappeared. Landry looked at them in confusion, but allowed the pair to help him stand up.  Jack O’Neill was surprised when his clone, Jon O’Neill, and Cassie Fraser wandering through the portal. 

“What are you two doing here?” Jack asked.

“Some skinny ascended in leather showed up and told us that we were to come here and that we would be joining the Council as a way to use our skills and as a way to be protected from the NID.”  Jon drawled out.  Wondering what was going on and how the portals had been created into the walls.

“Welcome, don’t worry we hardly ever drive people crazy, it’s not a hobby or anything, just a side affect of prolonged exposure to us if you are uptight.”  Xander chirped, which made the two look at him in confusion, while his friends burst into laughter.

Jack O’Neill burst into laughter and looked over at Vala, Teal’c, and Daniel, who Cameron was looking at in amusement and affection.  Vala was holding Cam’s hand and Daniel was leaning against Teal’c.  Jack had a feeling something was going on between Teal’c and Daniel, but would wait for his Space Monkey to tell him one way or the other.  He knew that Cam and Vala were involved and wondered how her being a Goddess and immortal was going to go between the pair.  Samantha Carter walked through the portal and went to stand at his side.  He calmly took her hand.  Sam had turned in her resignation the day before and was waiting in the mountain for the portal to be finished so that she could join Jack on the Island. 

Cam was still deciding if he wanted to join the Council verses staying with Stargate Command.  Caroline Lam came through the portal as well, but it was the woman with her that shocked the hell out of everyone that worked with the Stargate program.  Cassie Fraser ran across the room, throwing herself into the red-haired woman’s arms.  “MOM!”  She cried.  Jack, Sam, Jon, Teal’c, Rodney, Carson, Evan Lorne, and Daniel all rushed over to the woman to take turns hugging her.

The rest of the group looked at Whistler, who nodded that the Powers had returned her.  “She’s gonna be the Doc for the Council.  The Knight, The Slayer and the Witch will need one.  Especially Xander, while none of you are going to have mood swings, because that scared the Powers to death, you are going to have the other side affects of pregnancy.  The Pregnancy is gonna be hard on Xander because he will have more babies to carry and the Powers have decreed they will be carried to full term.  He’s gonna have a lot of pressure on his body and after the fifth month won’t be able to walk on his own, at all.”  Whistler’s words caused fear to go through the group; none of them liked hearing that Xander was going to have a hard pregnancy.  None of them had even thought about what it meant to carry that many children. 

John Sheppard raised an eyebrow when he heard that and the other two doctors frowned in concentration.  Jennifer Keller tapped her foot.  “Xan I want you to come to the infirmary so I can do a scan on you.  You too Willow, Buffy.  I want to make sure you three are okay.”

Xander nodded, he was a little pale and wide eyed, even he hadn’t thought about the future of his pregnancy and in all honestly he didn’t want to think about it.  Xander kept secret the fact that he was a slayer and pregnant still freaked him out a bit more than he wanted to admit. 

Xander, Willow, and Buffy followed Jenny and Carson Beckett to the infirmary, making all but Jenny Callender, Tara, and Joyce stay behind.  None of the group was happy with it, but they also didn’t want to upset the three pregnant women either.

When they reached the infirmary several tables came out of the wall along with three diagnostic pads.  Carson and Keller each grabbed one of the pads while they motioned for the three pregnant women to get onto the tables.  A few minutes later Rodney McKay came in muttering about power inputs, he grunted at the group nodded to himself and left the room.  Xander couldn’t help it he laughed softly.  “He reminds me so much of Giles, Anya, and Cordy mixed into one person.”  The others that knew the trio burst into laughter. 

Jenny held Xander’s hand as Janet Fraser came in and took the third pad.  She went to Xander and lifted his shirt up over his stomach putting a sensor just above his bell button.  She read the pad and raised any eyebrow.  “Well it says that all ten of your little ones are perfectly healthy and almost four months along.  I would say that you are going to have expansion pains soon from what this is saying.  You have a month left before you won’t be able to walk from the weight on your body.  I would recommend a lot of lukewarm baths when you get to that point.  Do you know the sex of the babies?” She asked looking up at him.

“Yeah Whistler told me when he told me I was carrying a litter and who the baby daddies were.”  Xander told her grinning weakly.  Jenny reached down and took his hand in hers.  Xander smiled up at her, still freaked out about the whole process.

Janet nodded in understanding.  Willow and Tara were looking at the readout showing their babies and Buffy was sniffling as she held her Mother’s hand and stared at her babies.

“How am I going to give birth?” Xander blurted out suddenly, causing the people in the room to look at him in bafflement.  “I mean am I going naturally, magickally, or by caesarian?”

“Crap, I don’t know.  We’ll have to ask Whistler that one.”  Buffy huffed out, not really looking forward to Xander having to have all ten the natural way.  That would really suck for him.

Whistler meanwhile had that thought as well and the answer didn’t make him happy.  That Knight was going to find someway to kill the Powers if they kept doing things like this.  “What’s wrong Whistler, you look like someone pissed in your Cheerios.”  Dawn said grinning at him.

“Xander’s gonna find a way to go kill the Powers.”  Whistler said grimly.

The group all turned to face him.  “Why?” Vin Tanner growled.

“The Powers are gonna make him go through natural childbirth, they say it will be safer for the babies.”  Whistler said on a whine. 

Cordy snorted, “Yeah he’s gonna kill them for that.  So are a few of us, that’s more along the line of the Dark Powers, especially since he figured out that the Powers let him be captured and impregnated against his will.”

Whistler’s knees went weak and only Dean and Faith kept him from hitting the ground.  “This is gonna be so bad.”  Whistler whimpered.

“Don’t worry demon, we’ll take care of the Powers, they pissed us off anyway.  They were supposed to keep their hands off our son.  Now the Powers that Are get to play with them.”  Vala smirked, sharing a look with Daniel, who laughed evilly.

“We’ll be back, Jack explain to the guys what is going on with us.”  Daniel said before he and Vala disappeared to have some fun with the Powers and the Ascended.

“Since when can Danny and Vala disappear?” Cam asked as his lover disappeared.

Jack sighed and explained what he had learned, with a little input from the rest of the group.  By the time he was done Xander and the others had returned.  Cam, Sam Carter, Jon, Cassie, Caroline, and Landry all looked dumbfounded.  “So their immortal?” Cam asked devastated, wondering what this meant for him and Vala.

“Yeah, but they have you and the big guy their marked as mates, which means you will be turned immortal too since Zeus passed the laws after Alexander was born that we couldn’t have idle relationships with Mortals.  It doesn’t matter that they didn’t remember, what matters is that you two have been with them for over a year.”  A voice said.  Everyone turned to look at the beautiful man with fluffy white wings. 

“Hello Salty Goodness.”  Xander said, making ninety percent of the people in the room nod in agreement.  The other ten percent were thinking it.

The God, Cupid, grinned at him.  “Hello Cousin.  Your Mom and Dad are destroying the Powers for deciding you should go through natural childbirth, they were going to use it as a way to do away with your immortality.  Pops and Strife are helping with the majority of the House of Aggression and the House of Intellect.”

“I don’t understand, I thought the Powers wanted Xander and the rest of us to be immortal so that we were around in the future.”  Buffy said with a frown.

“They do, but the Powers are made up of three factions.  The Powers that Are, the Powers that Be, and the Powers that Will Be.  The Powers that Will Be are the ones that made you all immortal, it was the Powers that Are that returned your dead.  The Powers that Be are the ones who want to kill Xander.  They are the ones that used to be over the Council, the Slayers, and the Champions of this dimension.  They are the ones that set him up to be impregnated and sent Whistler to you, only they were expecting Buffy to kill him.  Whistler was no longer useful to them because he had befriended Cordelia and because he was trying to keep the balance, but still help Angel and the rest of you.  They were also going to use the children to control the rest of you.  Now that won’t happen.”  Cupid told her. 

“Where do the Ascended fall on that scope?” Rodney asked.

“Where do the Angels fall?” Dean asked at the same time.

“The Angels are actually on the same level that I am.  They are a modern elemental spirit.  The All Father, or God as he is called, is over all of us.  They have already faced punishment for trying to use the Winchester family to bring on the Apocalypse, as for the Ascended think of them as Q, though they are not as malicious, just lazy.”  Cupid answered.

“And Assholes, don’t forget that part.”  Rodney said, shrugging when everyone turned to look at him.  “What they are, you’ll think so to the first time you meet a Wraith.”

Xander snickered, “I so want to keep you.”

Rodney preened at that, while most of the members of Atlantis frowned at that.  The Council had a lot to give Rodney and could steal their Astrophysicist from them.  Evan Lorne was glaring at John Sheppard for not claiming McKay as his when DADT fell.

“So if The Powers that Are, are destroying the Powers that Be, does that mean Xan won’t have to go through natural childbirth?” Sam Winchester asked.

Cupid nodded, “Yeah, he’ll go full term, but he won’t have near the difficulty he would otherwise.  Plus once he’s had the babies he’ll instantly transform back into a guy.”

“Woo Hoo! I’m getting my penis back!” Xander cheered.

The women in the room snickered; the men agreed with him for the cheer, they wouldn’t like losing their penis either.

Cupid grinned at his cousin and then cocked his head to the side.  “I have to go; Strife is calling for me to come help them make people cry.  Laters people.” Cupid waved and disappeared.

“Huh, you know what this means?” Xander said with a grin for Buffy.

“What?” Buffy asked.

“It means all of those times I was causing Chaos, Lust, and Disorder I was getting my family high!” Xander said proudly.

Buffy burst into laughter.  “You’re impossible.”

“No I’m not just ask Methos and Anya, they’ll tell you I am very possible.”  Xander teased, causing her to laugh when the pair agreed.

Xander then turned his attention to Rodney McKay.  “Hey want to stay on the island for dinner; we’re having chocolate cake for dessert.”

Rodney lit up, “Of course.”

“Cool.”  Xander said and broke away from his friends to go over and grab Rodney’s hand.  Before John Sheppard could get upset, Xander grabbed him as well.  “Can’t go to dinner without your hot pilot.”  He told Rodney who blushed and laughed awkwardly.  John just smirked, pleased that Xander hadn’t forgot his claim.

The heads of the Jaffa, Stargate, and Atlantis were invited to stay on the island and have dinner with the Council members so that they could begin to plan a safe exodus for their personnel to begin their free time on the island.  They also agreed to take the members of the Atlantis Expedition to the Neutral Demon Shopping Realm.  Rodney was interested in seeing the Realm and the things that the Council had gathered that they had found in different places.  After being on Atlantis, Willow and Andrew were convinced that they had to be Ancient in origin.

Later as Xander was sitting in the garden watching the groups talk and plan he began to relax.  He knew that he was safe now his family, both earthly and godly, was making sure of it.  They wouldn’t let anyone hurt him or his litter.  He knew some day soon his relationships with the babies fathers was going to come to a head, but right now he was content to let things go as they were. 

He slid down on the lounger and decided to take a nap, he grinned when Methos was suddenly beside him and turned so that he was cuddled against the older immortals chest.  He sighed happily and slowly fell asleep.


The End For Now






The End

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