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“The Spectres Of Spite And Slander”

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Summary: The reunion of certain Scoobies in a Wraeththu-dominated world. Relationships: Buffy/Willow/Faith, Tara/Dawn. Genre: Fantasy & Hurt/Comfort.

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Literature > FantasyRebeccaAshlingFR183410,229023,00821 Jan 1121 Jan 11Yes

Chapter 2... Shahar

A/N: { } indicates telepathic communication.




 Ara and I got our robbery victim up the stairs and into the bathroom. Considering how small she was, she was surprisingly heavy. I froze, suddenly, as I felt Kerith's spirit briefly touch mine.


 {Shar, I'm back from Immanion. Tell Aravah I want a long and detailed discussion with him}


 The tone of cold rage in her mind voice chilled me.


 Ara looked at me. "Was that Kerith?" he asked.


 "Yuh-huh. You get our guest in distress clean and dry. Tend her wounds and put her to bed. I'll run interference with Kez."


 Ara looked down distastefully at the rescued stranger. Blood and ordure covered her. "Oh, whoo-hoo. Good for me," he said flatly.


 "Kerith is so utterly beyond pissed at you. You really would much rather do clean-up, I think."


 "But, Shahar-" he whined.


 "Aravah! Kez hasn't forgotten what you did to her and she has never forgiven you. If you weren't the only other family I have left, she'd have gutted you by now."


 "Kerith isn't the only one with a grievance," he said darkly. "I thought she'd died in my arms, for Aghama's* sake!" Ara hugged himself. Tears shone in his green eyes.


 To be honest, I had questions, too. But my chesnari** was kind of intimidating so I hadn't forced the issue, yet. I remembered too well all those long, bitter hours in the dark, standing watch over her supposed corpse. Teen Dawn was still inside me, somewhere, as Mom Tara was in Kerith. One day, I would loose a full scale guilt assault on her and get my answers. I embraced Ara, then went downstairs to await Kerith's arrival.


 * The Aghama is the progenitor of Wraeththu and also their chief dehara (god).

 ** 'Chesnari' is a close lover or significant other.
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