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“The Spectres Of Spite And Slander”

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Summary: The reunion of certain Scoobies in a Wraeththu-dominated world. Relationships: Buffy/Willow/Faith, Tara/Dawn. Genre: Fantasy & Hurt/Comfort.

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Literature > FantasyRebeccaAshlingFR183410,229023,00821 Jan 1121 Jan 11Yes

Chapter 34... Kerith

A/N: The last chapter! The story will be continued in "Bringing Blessed Balm".




 Shahar and I were in a desert, one I had visited, long ago. Then, it had been sunlit but now it was dark. Stars swarmed and danced in the sky, the moon waxing and waning so swiftly that it seemed to pulsate.


 "Where the hell are we?" asked Shar in wonder. "Certainly not Kansas."


 I smiled. "Judging by the plant life, I'd say somewhere in southwestern Megalithica. But it's not, of course."


 "Well, duh! I've never seen this realm before but it feels familiar." Shahar's eyes widened. "It feels like Buffy."


 "That's because I dreamt this once." came Bethany's voice from behind us. "I thought I'd lost this place for ever."


 Both of us turned and saw Beth, Ara and Emmy. Then a har with a shaven head walked by us, stopping to announce sadly "No more milk. No more cheese." before leaving.


 Bethany grinned wryly. "The Cheese Man is now a Cheese Har. Figures." She frowned. "He didn't have any cheese."


 "I think this was always a real place." I said to her. "But now we can see it more clearly."


 "We're all still in aruna , aren't we?" she said.


 "Yes." I replied."I think this is your Cauldron of Creation*."


 "She doesn't dwell here any more." Beth's face became distant. "Her duty has been ceded."


 "She?" Emunah queried.


 "Sineya. The First Slayer."


 Shar pointed with her hand. "There's a building over there." We followed her gaze. A wooden, white painted house appeared out of the shifting light.


 "It's, it's home." said Bethany and suddenly we were outside her old bedroom. Tara was there peering through the half-open door. Buffy and Willow were sitting close together on the bed. The room was poorly lit. Tara looked so desolate. I felt rage and sadness. I wanted to confront Buffy and Willow, I wanted to save my younger self from her folly. Desire became intention, intention became reality. Now we were there in truth.


 Tara jumped with apprehension. She opened her mouth, to scream I thought, but instead she addressed me. Her eyes were full of tears. "Momma?"


 * The part of the Wraeththu where conception takes place and souls and other energies can enter and leave the world. Also acts as a poorly understood means of physical transportation.


The End.

The End

You have reached the end of "“The Spectres Of Spite And Slander”". This story is complete.

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