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“The Spectres Of Spite And Slander”

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Summary: The reunion of certain Scoobies in a Wraeththu-dominated world. Relationships: Buffy/Willow/Faith, Tara/Dawn. Genre: Fantasy & Hurt/Comfort.

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Literature > FantasyRebeccaAshlingFR183410,229023,00921 Jan 1121 Jan 11Yes

Chapter 1... Bethany

DISCLAIMER: Joss Whedon and his corporate affiliates own "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Storm Constantine owns the "Wraeththu Mythos". I own neither of these and have written this story for fun, not profit.


 A/N: This is a crossover with the Wraeththu novels by Storm Constantine. The Wraeththu are a race of magical hermaphroditic posthumans. There are two main variants: the majority hara (singular "har")and the minority parazha (singular "parage") who represent the masculine and feminine aspects respectively. Hara and parazha cannot take aruna (sex) together as this has detrimental effects on the local continuum. For BtVS, this story happens about 50 or 60 years after the events of "Chosen". For the WM, a few years after "The Ghosts Of Blood And Innocence". Season Eight of BtVS is to be considered to be canonical but never happened in this universe.




 The hara who live in Vizantio are not nice people. They don't like parazha, that's for sure. I'm a lot taller since inception* but still pretty tiny. And the essence of the Slayer, and my humanity, were burned away long ago and... Oh, stop making excuses, Bethany! Cut to the chase! They beat me senseless and took my stuff. Bastards! So I was lying in a filthy alley, almost as gross as the ones in LA that was, going from semiconsciousness to 'Ow! They broke my fucking ribs!' when I felt somehar gently open one of my swollen-shut eyes. Couldn't see much, all blurry. They had red hair whoever they were. Couldn't miss that.


 "Wow, harsh!" they exclaimed, "Shar, get the wagon to the head of the alley and I'll put him in back."


 "I think that's a parage, Ara. So it's she**." said somehar else. Shar, presumably.


 "You're the expert! Seems silly to use gendered pronouns when we're all hermaphrodites." mused Ara, "Why don't we use Spivak pronouns? It would make much more-"


 "Shut up, Aravah! I'll get the wagon. Back in a sec."


 Right, I thought, sorting this all out. Shar is possibly parage and Ara, Aravah could be har. As soon as this went through my mind, Aravah gingerly started to gather me in his arms. He had a half-familiar scent. Then my much abused head made its presence known. I puked all over him. Bethany and concussion are unmixy things. At this point, my brief period of lucidity ended. I started to lose consciousness, with the unexpected memory of strawberries lulling me into darkness. About time, too! I hurt.


 * Inception is the act of transforming a human into Wraeththu.

 ** The convention used in the Wraeththu novels are that hara are referred to by 'he' and parazha by 'she' although all Wraeththu are both female and male.



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