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Getting to Know You

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Summary: Dawn and Connor switch bodies.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Dawn-CenteredzeppoJanezFR1535,594051,64922 Jan 1122 Jan 11Yes

Chapter Three

Title: Getting to Know You
Author: zeppoJane
Disclaimer: I own neither Btvs or Ats.
Summary: Dawn and Connor switch bodies between season 6 and 7 of Buffy and season 3 and 4 of Angel.

"I can't believe I agreed to do this," Connor groaned as Dawn adjusted the dress she was making him wear. He looked at the flat shoes she had picked out for him and was glad Dawn wasn't making him wear the kind of high heels that Cordy was so fond of.

"You agreed to it cause you're sweet," Dawn informed him as she began rearranging his hair to make sure it was just right for the party tonight.

He frowned up at her, "I'm really not."

She paused in pulling out a tube of mascara, "yes, you are.... Whoever's said otherwise was an idiot."

Connor paused her hand on its way to his lashes, "thank you for that but you really don't know me Dawn."

Dawn smiled a bit as she started on his makeup, thinking doing makeup like this certainly made things a lot easier. "I'd like to," she concluded thinking that Connor had to be the nicest boy in her age group she'd ever met, who so far hadn't tried to eat her.

"So we're having Dawn's birthday party here?" Xander was asking Cordelia as they moved to hang her sweet sixteen banner for her.

"Yep," she answered affixing her end to the baluster.

"And Connor is still in Dawn's body and she's in his, but he's pretending to be her?" Xander nodded climbing down from the ladder he was standing on. "Why?"

Cordy rolled her eyes and headed back into the office area behind the counter, "because Dawn is a teenage girl and wants a social life in her future."

"I see," he answered still somewhat confused by the concept of it all.

Angel stood with Lorne on the balcony above watching as the hotel lobby was transformed into any sixteen year old girls dream. "I can't believe I'm doing this," he moaned.

Lorne chuckled and took a sip of his sea breeze, "I know what you mean Angel-cakes, I never would have guessed you'd be doing this."

"Yeah," Buffy agreed as she walked up to join the two men, "you opening you're home to a bunch of teenagers for a party, I think the world really might end."

"Ha- Ha-," he deadpanned. He looked his ex over carefully she had her hair curled lightly, and was wearing a pale cream dress that blended with her skin tone perfectly. "You look great," he sighed knowing he and Buffy could never be together again.

"Thanks," she nodded. "You're gonna try to ditch the party and hang up here in the shadows aren't you?" Angel nodded, "have fun, then."

Connor was standing with a silly looking tiara on his head, Dawn was standing next to him in the lobby as the guests started to arrive. Janice and Marci were amongst the first in. "That's my best friend Janice," Dawn pointed out in a whisper, "and my second best friend Marci."

"Anything else I should know?" Connor whispered.

"Yeah, you got talk, be energetic, and happy... Oh and smile," she told him in a rush.

Connor grinned, "okay, I'll just think of you naked then." Dawn choked on her breath as she watched Connor walk away and greet her friends with a smile and a hug.

Connor was jerked over by Buffy to a table filled with colorfully wrapped boxes that people kept bringing in. "It's time to open your presents Dawnie," the slayer announced. Dawn hung off to the back anxious to see what she got.

"Yes, open your presents so we can eat cake and go home," Anya insisted.

Connor began opening one gift after another, getting more and more clothes, jewelry, books, cds, and shoes. He doubted there was room for it back in Dawn's already crowded bedroom but he was sure she'd manage somehow.

Once he had opened all the presents he was given a cake topped with candles and told to blow them out. “Make a wish, but don‘t tell us what it is or it won‘t come true” Buffy told him with a grin. Connor looked up at Dawn and realized his wish from a few nights before had come true. “It already did,” he whispered blowing out the candles.

“Oh!” Anya let out in an outburst and shook her head when everyone looked at her. “I’ll tell you later,” she nodded and smiled at a very confused Buffy.

Once the party was over and everyone had departed Anya filled in the blanks for them, “he was an unhappy child. Earlier he said his wish had already come true...” she waved a hand as though that solved the whole of their problems.

“A vengeance demon,” Buffy groaned, “its that Halley woman again.”

“How do we reverse it?” Angel asked.

Anya shrugged, “I know Halley, she won’t just reverse it. You could try breaking her amulet, but good luck finding her or getting to it.”

“Great, and while we’re doing that we can all have a sex changes to match Dawn and Connors,” Xander fumed.

“Hey, I didn’t make the rules Xander,” Anya pointed out angrily. “Trust me there are a few I would definitely change if I could.”

Dawn walked out of the room wondering where Connor had slipped off to, leaving the old couple to bicker, again. She found Connor sitting on his bed upstairs crying profusely and cursing the sting of the mascara he wore. “You okay?” she asked coming in and closing the door behind her.

“Yeah,” he nodded profusely, “can’t a girl cry without being stared at!”

Dawn chuckled and brought him a cool wash cloth to wipe away the make up. “Sure you can, as long as you tell me why you were crying.”

“Everyone was so nice, they all love you so much, and I want that,” he pointed out tiredly.

“Oh,” Dawn cooed pulling Connor into her arms and brushing his dark silky hair back. “Angel loves you, and Cordy, and Gunn, and Fred, and even Lorne.”

“I know,” he cried snuggling into Dawn’s chest and looking up into her eyes.

Dawn looked down and Connor, and noticed just how soft his lips looked, all pouty and swollen. She leaned down and kissed him gently, he melted against her mouth and sighed. Oh, that’s what I kiss like, she thought.

Connor was all fire and passion in her arms as she leaned him back onto the bed, and groaned when she felt that same annoying hardness she’d woken with that morning hit Connor’s hip. “Darn it,” she said pulling back and looking at where Connor lay; the dress he wore pooling to one side of her body, showing the long length of his legs.

“What is it?” Connor asked staring up at the strong masculine figure above him.

“You’re darn... em.. part keeps doing that,” she said motioning to the general area said part resided.

Connor leaned back watching Dawn to see how she’d react, “I could help you with that.”

“How?” she asked curiously.

He sat up and motioned for Dawn to come closer, “lean back against me.” Dawn moved until her back was firmly pressed against Connor’s chest, which only served to make the ache in her pants grow. “Trust me,” Connor whispered to her as he unzipped her pants and pulled her male appendage free. Dawn let out a slow moan as Connor began to slowly stroke her, relieving some of the pressure as he did. “This feel okay?” he asked.

Dawn laughed, “its your body, you know very well what you like.”

Connor chuckled, his warm breath tickling her ear, “I know.” He watched over his shoulder as his or rather Dawn’s hand ghosted over his shaft again and again. He had to admit it was the hottest thing he’d ever seen in all his life.

Dawn took a deep breath through her nose as she relaxed into Connor’s arms, smelling the sweet musky tinge of his arousal on the air. “You smell so good,” she sighed.

“Technically, you smell so good,” he pointed out nipping her ear lobe with his teeth.

She turned to face him and captured his lips with her own again, “let me make you feel good, too.” He nodded and relaxed back onto the bed as Dawn moved to push the dress from his shoulders. Dawn kissed and nibbled along his shoulders and caressed the firm curve of one breast. She couldn’t remember it feeling this good the last time she’d tried this on herself.

Connor moaned and arched up against her, his fingers sliding away from the hardened shaft he’d been stroking. Dawn kissed him as she pushed the dress down to his hips and then moved to free his breast from what he’d deemed to be a torture device. Connor slid his finger’s through her hair as her tongue came out and suckled his nipple into her mouth. “Oh God,” he groaned.

Dawn rolled them until they lay side by side on the bed, their legs tangling as they kissed. She cupped and stroked her breast while he reached between them to work his hand over her taut flesh again. Dawn let out a groan as his small warm hand worked until the pressure inside her exploded.

Connor laughed against her lips at her expression, “glad, you enjoyed that.”

“Heh,” she moaned and snuggled into his arms. She grasped one round breast, rubbing as she did, “now I know why guys are so obsessed with their pen- I mean, parts.” Dawn pressed a gentle kiss to his lips and pulled a blanket up to cover them.

Both awoke in the darkened room a few hours later, Dawn lay with her breast exposed and looked over at where Connor lay. She traced the line of his masculine face in wonder. “Connor,” she whispered in amazement.

He blinked at her and grinned, “hey, you’re you again.”

She nodded slowly, “and you’re you too.”

The next afternoon the two Summers girls and Xander were packing up to go back to Sunnydale. “So how’d they get change back again?” Fred asked confused.

Anya chirped up, “simple, they were happy. Its not vengeance if those the vengeance spell affects are happy. So no more body swap plus Halley won’t get in trouble for this or end up killing any of you.”

“Great,” Buffy drawled.

“Hey, Dawn,” Connor called her over. Dawn followed him away from the crowd of people throwing advert glances at the two joyous teens. “I got you something for you’re birthday,” he told her handing her a long thin package.

Dawn looked at the size and shape of the box and had a strangely dirty thought pop into her head. “Please tell me this isn’t a.... stake?” she finished opening the box.

He nodded with a grin, “I noticed the one you had in your desk was kind of....”

“Bad,” she laughed. “Thank you.”

“Yeah, I, uh, carved it myself,” he said running a hand through his hair. Dawn smiled, lovingly stroking the wood, and reminding him of what had transpired between them the night before. “Anyway, happy birthday,” he whispered leaning down to kiss her.

Buffy and Angel both looked like their jaws were about to fall off and their eyes were going to pop out of their heads. Dawn pulled back blushing slightly, completely aware of their audience. “I’ll see you later,” she whispered and headed out the door, stake in hand.

Connor walked away whistling a bit and headed upstairs. Lorne stared after him aghast, some of the positive aspects in Dawn’s aura had clearly rubbed off and stayed with him, healing the old damage that had been inflicted on him. He patted Angel’s back as he walked off to make himself a drink, “don’t worry broody, she’s the good for him.”

“I have a feeling I’m going to kill your son,” Buffy groaned before turning to leave herself.

The End

You have reached the end of "Getting to Know You". This story is complete.

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